Spirits Infest Building Upstairs – Haunt Men


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Gracie, an Alabamian mistress of cuisine and merchandising, reports the unquiet spirits of sporting women occupy the second floor of “The Yellow Rose” in downtown Walnut Springs – Breakfast and Lunch Room

As a crew relay station for the Texas Central Railroad, Walnut Springs saw busy times before the highways took over local freight deliveries.

When Gracie moved in, she adroitly bought up buildings and lots in this sleepy town once boarded up and isolated on Hwy 144 between Meridian and Glen Rose.

Those days are long gone. It’s a great place to see the world – one person at a time, as the people go by on a weekend. No alcohol at this establishment, that’s next door, but the cuisine is country, southern, and real good, boarding house style.

There is an internet cafe in the front room, and a lunch room in the back.

But it’s upstairs that is a constant draw of attention. There are multiple unquiet spirits of sporting women who like to jack with men who visit on missions to plumb, wire and repair the old building.

The like to slap their butts! They don’t bother with women, but they are hell and Jesus on the dudes.

That’s why Gracie believes they are just what they sound like. They see to it the floors are strewn with dimes, dimes that appear when there is really no one there.

Ghost tours are in the offing, following a thorough analysis by several teams of supernaturalists who devote their attention to such matters.

Thanksgiving dinner is from 11-2 on the great national take an Indian to lunch day.

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