Resist Subpoena For Mike McNamara’s Phone In Trial

Susan Istre Is No Longer Under Order To Produce Phone In Trial

Waco – Mike McNamara, brother of the Sheriff of McLennan County and a former investigator for the DA’s Office, died of heart failure outside a local steakhouse.

When he was found in mortal distress, a local woman named Sherre Johnston called 9-1-1 to report the problem when she happened upon him in the parking lot. Somehow, after his death, his cell phone wound up in the hands of another woman named Susan Istre.

Sherre Johnston was a employee of the Vic Feazell Law Firm. He is the former DA of McLennan County who prosecuted the Lake Waco murders. She worked closely with Truman Simon, a one-time investigator at both the Waco PD and the Sheriff’s Office who worked for Feazell for many years at the DA’s office and in his private practice.

When Ms. Johnston and Simons exited the courthouse at the lunch break, she declined any comment. Mr. Simons said, “We’re in a hurry. Goodbye. We’ll no doubt meet again.”

Ms. Istre was at one time under defense subpoena to produce the phone in the trial of Dallas Bandido Jake Carrizal. When the subpoena was served and returned, her ex-husband, a local real estate attorney, showed up in court, according to knowledgeable sources.

That setting of the trial was scrubbed due to procedural uncertainties. Ms. Istre has not been ordered to produce the phone in this setting of the Carrizal trial.


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  1. Waco / McLennan County is setting quite a president on subpoena’s. I am guessing next time ANY of us get one (if we ever) just ignore it, they mean nothing!

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