According to Bernie Feazell, the Congressional Review Act is under attack, though it’s been law since 1996, and may be filed with any Congressman.

A product of the Contract With America program passed during the tenure of Newt Gingrich, “They are trying to repeal it,” said Ms. Feazell.

In remarks on a Texas Biker Radio show sponsored by All for 1 and the Sons of Liberty Riders MC on Monday evening, she said any Congressman must allow the person who makes a request to follow through.

We don’t always win every battle…”

You don’t have to be from Texas to get action from a Texas Congressman. The point is, you could be anywere in the U.S. and request review of the McLennan County DA’s office – and get it!

We have little petty power brokers who won’t give out any information, and do anything they want to do,” she added.

Said Popeye Moss, “There are people trying to circle the wagons for these folks.”

An FBI agent has set up an investigation of the dealings of the Waco DA’s office by establishing a network of informants. This is a story of how a judge suppressed that information in a hearing last week for a Twin Peaks defendant who is seeking exculpatory information about a federal investigation.

In Waco, there are future generations forming reasons for blackmail, Bernie replied.

She mentioned a young man with a problem who has been told that for $15,000, they can make his problems go away. “He is scared to death,” she told Moss.

The target is a virtual Town Hall Meeting to be held by Congressman Bill Flores, podcasting from D.C. through his offices in Bryan.

The idea is that calls and questions are more easily screened.

The technological town hall for Brazos, Bastrop, Burleson, Lee and Travis counties will be from 6:55 to 8 p.m. on Thursday, while the town hall for Falls, Freestone, Leon, Limestone, McLennan, Milam and Robertson counties will be at the same time tomorrow, on Tuesday.

To prepare a question regarding Congressional Review of the FBI investigation of the Abel Reyna DA’s office, one need only use this handy matrix. Send it in, and the screeners in Flores’ office will probably be hard pressed to delete the requests fast enough.

Ms. Feazell recommends cutting and pasting the following into Flores’ Town Hall form, as below. Note the link to a rundown on exactly FBI agents turn citizens into “assets.”

Dear Congressman Flores,
     I am asking you for a full CONGRESSIONAL REVIEW of the Government Act Regarding Confidential Informants as stated in the law.

     In 2013,  FBI agent, Dan Brust,  made members of the staff of the McLennan County District attorney “informants”,  this is proven by the “one symbol number” remark above,  and his instructions to them about “reporting”.  Surely if there was an FBI investigation,  what more does the FBI need to make a case than what they already had four years ago.  If there is NOT a case,  then the people above who have risked their careers being “informants” probably would have acted in different ways durng the four years on the job,  especially with TWIN PEAKS.  Has this FBI agent just left these people on their own?  This is not a matter of Homeland Security,  this is a matter of an FBI agent,  a possible corrupt DA, and several unpaid FBI unformants.  We ask that Congress initiate a full investigation of this matter immediately and its ramifications in Waco with TWIN PEAKS and the questionable,  at best,  activities that day.
     I demand this Congressional Review and ask full Congress to openly investigate an The Act of Informants above.
Yours truly,

It’s a numbers game.

To hear the podcast discussion, click here:

To be added to Flores’ call list, go to

To understand the legal principles that make this body of activism important, read, absorb and thereby understand this brief of Bagley v. United States, regarding exculpation through discovery of certain key facts.

United States v. Bagley

– The Legendary

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