DA’s Heap Of Trouble

WACO – In a sworn affidavit, former lead prosecutor Greg Davis of the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office details item for item the allegations he made as early as 2014 in a federal probe of official misconduct by elected Criminal DA Abel Reyna.

Davis met with FBI Special Agent Dan Burst to outline his concerns of factual allegations regarding favoritism shown political supporters in dropping serious cases; the extensive use of special prosecutors to soft soap cases that demanded their day in court; a pre-trial intervention program that is a transparent wash in serious offenses committed by repeat offenders, many of whom are charged with very serious assaultive or negligent offenses involving children; and the barefaced admission by present lead prosector Michael Jarrett that he and Reyna made the decision to arrest all present at the Twin Peaks gunfight based on their club affiliations with outlaw biker clubs, thereby derailing an investigation of multiple cases of capital murder and aggravated assault then in progress by the Waco Police.

The legal instrument released by the law offices of Robert Callahan and Chris King is relative to the Matthew Clendennen case defended by Dallas attorney F. Clinton Broden. It includes an attached journal of entries regarding the federal investigation noted by Davis during the time of the probe. Clendennen is a commercial lawn care company operator with a background of education at Baylor University and public service as a firefighter.

The subjects covered by the affidavit and others on the agenda will get a thorough airing at a pre-trial hearing to be held on November 20.

Police arrested Clendennen, who was then a member of the Scimitars, a support club for the Cossacks Motorcycle Club, considered an outlaw street gang by the FBI and the Texas DPS, for engaging in organized criminal activity following the deadly gunfight at Twin Peaks Restaurant on May 17, 2015. He faces trial next month in 54th Criminal District Court before a Visiting Judge, retired District Judge Doug Shaver of Harris County, and three special prosecutors from that jurisdiction selected by Judge Shaver following the bitterly disputed disqualification and recusal of Reyna of his volition and the voluntary recusal of 54the District Judge Matt Johnson, his former law partner.

Listen in to Texas Biker Radio at 8 p.m. on Friday, November 10, for a more thorough airing of this subject.

So mote it be.

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