Behind The Black Curtain

NOW, WHAT WOULD YOU PAY? But, wait, there’s more, buy the…

THE CORRIDOR: Behind the black curtain leads to the jury room, the Cat Walk, the clerk’s office, the DA’s Office, and the Grand Jury room…

WACO – Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

Please do not let your doggie into the theater to fiddle with the accoutrements, and do NOT let your children sit on the chopping block. (We might get a little behind in our business.)

Security is tight. There is a great potential for VIOLENCE! Beware, and if you SEE SOMETHING, you should definitely SAY SOMETHING.

“Ms. Sharp,

“I wanted to thank you for all the information you have shared on DeLuna and let you know that it has been shared with the prosecutor and placed in the file for consideration on his cases.

“In refL to Cargill. Our office requested and was able to have his bond held insufficient by Judge Johnson this morning. His two felony cases (that have been indicted, but are still pending) have been increased to $250,000 each. His new cases stemming from yesterday’s assault have had bond set at $10,000 each for Continuous Family Violence and Unlawful Restraint and $1,500 for the misdemeanor Terroristic Threat.”

Abel I just talked to Delinda Cargill, she has seen a plastic surgeon, the Dr’s in Waco said her face is to severe for them to do the surgery so they referred her to the Surgeon from Austin, but my main concern right now is that Clint Cargill is calling g her house from jail, that’s breaking her protective order. I told them to call the SO office and make a report.
The part talking about a Mr De Luna is where my daughter’s ex burned down our house with me and my granddaughter in it about 3 years ago in Waco city limits, with over 300 text messages and phone recordings saying he was going to do it, Of course nothing was done ask Kevin Fisk about this case in very close to him it was all covered up by Waco fire department and Waco PD also because they hate me, Miss Sherry Kingery detective of Ex I should say, is behind alot of that! Anyways another story if the good ole boys club of Waco PD, my son is also in prison on two 10 year sentences that he’s not responsible for because of Sherry Kingery, you can ask Kevin Fisk about that also, I should have a big law suit against The city of Waco myself
Those pictures are the last time he beat Lindy her son was there and witnessed this he is testifying this time, his cousins are all SO officers by the way for MC Lennan county the man that beat her, that’s why he kept getting off,
I had a call at my house and confronted him myself and asked house his wife beating pussy cousin was doing he didn’t like it too much either
She didn’t know who you was I didn’t tell her I was sending it to you I’m sorry I started cleaning my grandkids room out for the holidays I’m so sorry Jim , Ballew is the SO and she thought that’s who you were, she called me wanting to apologise to you that was her phone number, mine is 254-XXX-XXXX
Well he’s in jail fixing to go to trial I pray for life, I’ve raised so much hell and put it all over Facebook book
Even called the news
Her son is 12 and is testifying I want her daughter back from his family the father abuses the mother just as bad that child doesn’t need to be around this
But they have money
Lindy is not on drugs she was bcause he was shooting her up so badly against he will she couldn’t do anything she was a zombie
You mean Ballew, the dog handler?
Yes Ur correct
OK, I get it. He’s hot, in trouble.
Always Been like that for awhile. And was tippi g him off telling him Everytime the cops was coming
These people are coming after me because of the articles I wrote about the Meskin lawyer. You and I both know that. What are they going to do for you? For the girl they’re slowly beating to death? Huh?
Well he’s in jail fixing to go to trial I pray for life, I’ve raised so much hell and put it all over Facebook book

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