Who are you? Who are you? I Really Want To Know – Who Are You?

“The man in the blue shirt” depicted on video surveillance on 5/17/15

Waco – Prosecutors promised the defense a still photo of a man seen signalling to others outside the restaurant next door to Twin Peaks just moments before shots rang out.

Defense attorney Casie Gotro, who is defending Dallas Bandido Jake Carrizal, alleged in a status conference on Thursday, October 5, in 54th Criminal District Court that he is a police officer, not just a confidential informant, and if he cannot be identified otherwise, she will place his picture on social media.

The public is asked, who is this man?

“All I know is, he’s a witness, and I want to talk to him,” Ms. Gotro told Judge Matt Johnson.

The Legendary received these four still photos late Saturday afternoon from the law office of Casie Gotro.

One may view the YouTube video of the actions of a man believed to be the same person at the moment just before shots rang out at the restaurant on May 17, 2015.

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