Twin Peaks Showdown Nets DA Twin Killing At Home Plate, Fed Trouble

The famous “yellow helmet” allegedly worn by a man with a “Dirty Harry Gun” who drew it and shot first is actually black with a red stripe and yellow flames. However, two police officers said they shot a big bald-headed man who fired his gun first. It was found at the scene. No testimony or evidence connected it to Jake Carrizal, the defendant

Waco – In a pair of motions filed today, Clint Broden called the DA’s bluff about lying on the witness stand at an August, 2016 disqualification hearing, then proved up allegations of corruption through exposing a federal investigation in which the elected top prosecutor’s own staff members have given statements to an FBI Special Agent.

Broden, who represents a former member of the Scimitars, a Cossacks support club, named Matthew Clendennen who was arrested as part of a group of 177 bikers at Twin Peaks on May 17, 2015, said in court papers filed when the DA requested his own recusal in the cases that he can prove his allegations in a hearing scheduled for 9 am on Monday, October 30.

He has also requested the appointment of a special prosecutor pro tem to go forward with the prosecution of his client’s case.

Reyna’s problems were two-fold and began when on the Sunday evening following the massacre at the restaurant which killed 9, wounded 20 and left 177 persons’ lives in limbo now for the past 30 months under at first $1 million bonds, then strict bond conditions under lowered bail that are both costly and restrictive.

Quite simply, he took over the role of an investigator when he persuaded the then Chief of Police, Brent Stroman, in a long distance call that he could convict the persons netted in the mass arrest for a capital murder charge, that of engaging in organized criminal activity which led to either capital murder, or aggravated assault.

It was Broden’s allegation that by doing so, he became a “necessary witness” – a police officer – and not a prosecutor because prosecutors are prohibited from leading a criminal court case after they have taken such a proactive role as an complaining witness.

In the disqualification hearing, Reyna made his second great mistake. He testified after Manuel Chavez, the signator of the 177 affidavits of warrantless arrest had been instructed by himself to fully familiarize himself with the allegations in the narrative, and to make himself aware of the full facts of the investigation that warranted the arrest of everyone wearing a motorcycle club patch as members of a criminal street gang, as defined by the Department of Justice and the State of Texas DPS.

Under Broden’s careful questioning, he asserted, then reasserted this falsehood, when spectators, the judge, and counsel all had heard the previous testimony of the Waco Police Detective Chavez, who said he had been involved in another investigation altogether. When called to the scene at Twin Peaks, he was given the fill-in-the-blanks affidavit written by Assistant District Attorney Mark Parker and told to sign it.

He had been released pending recall, and when he re-took the witness stand, he testified under oath that he never talked to Reyna on that day, or during the evening. The Court Reporter has it all, as quoted in this document, if you care to read it, click here.

Broden alleged that is a third degree felony, aggravated perjury because it is a falsehood uttered by a public official in testimony material to a legal proceeding, thus punishable by no less than 2 and no more than 20 years in the penitentiary.

Here is a list of the people who have been subpoenaed and are willing to testify the following allegations:

“Michael Jarrett: Jarrett is Abelino Reyna’s First Assistant and would testify to his meetings with federal agents regarding allegation that Reyna arranged to have cases dismissed for friends and campaign contributors. Jarrett could also testify that he felt it necessary to obtain a second phone in order to keep lines of communication open with Agent Brust.

“Amanda Dillon: Dillon is an Assistant District Attorney and would testify to having multiple meetings with federal agents regarding allegation that Reyna arranged to have cases dismissed for friends and campaign contributors.

“Greg Davis: Davis is Reyna’s former First Assistant District Attorney and would testify to meetings with federal agents regarding allegations that Reyna arranged to have cases dismissed for friends and campaign contributors. He could also testify to conversations that the District Attorney’s Office “made” the police arrest 177 motorcyclists at Twin Peaks despite the wishes of the police.

“Local Attorney: This person would testify to meetings with federal agents regarding allegations that Reyna arranged to have cases dismissed for friends and campaign contributors and that Reyna was delivered cocaine in the period around his actions in relation to the Twin Peaks case.

“Sterling Harmon: Harmon is the attorney responsible for answering Open Records requests at the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office. He could testify that Reyna’s office had three documents that might be responsive to an open records request indicating that a case (or multiple cases) were dismissed because “defendant contributed to Abel Reyna’s campaign.”

“Sherry Kingrey: Kingrey is a former police officer and can testify to information she and Fred Reha provided to Agent Brust in furtherance of his public corruption investigation related to Abelino Reyna.

And that’s how Abel Reyna hit into a double play and caused his own ouster with the Texas League flyball he swatted short into the infield.

Citizen journalists are responsible for this remarkable development, especially R.S. Gates, a former police officer who ran for Justice of the Peace in his hometown of Moody and won the election in 2006, but was prevented from taking his office because the Commissioners’ Court eliminated his precinct after the election results were canvassed and proclaimed.

This same phenomenon was repeated in a subsequent election, wherein two other Constabulary and Justice of the Peace precincts were eliminated, their remaining places filled by appointment by the County Commissioners.

It was Gates who determined he would get some proof of the political opportunism he detected in the record of dismissed cases he saw disappear from the dockets.

Though the Attorney General ruled that the record of dismissal of a case on a disposition sheet due to the defendant being a political contributor is excepted from the Public Information Act as work product of the DA’s office, Assistant AG Lance Kutnick mentioned the Assistant Prosecutor who lost his job for making such a record in the first place. The proof is there, according to Mr. Harmon.

According to Broden, Reyna still denies there is any such investigation. Showdown is Monday, October 30 in a courtroom yet to be determined with visiting Judge Shaver presiding in the Clendennen Case.

No one will venture an opinion as to the outcome of the Carrizal case now in its third week of trial because of a restraining order prohibiting public discussion of the matter by the attorneys party to the case. Judges may not comment on matters which they may have to rule upon.

All is silent at the Palace of Justice, as we go to bed on Thursday evening, October 26, following an uneventful day in the 54th Criminal District Court in the case of Christopher Jacob Carrizal, a man Reyna told jurors need not have known of the actions of others, or even have participated in murderous behavior himself. He would prove to them that Carrizal is responsible for the deaths and wounding and other culpable acts as the one who directed the criminal activity.

So far, in three weeks of testimony, no evidence has been yet presented that would prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Bandido Jake Carrizal did anything other than ride his hog into an ambush at a political meeting regarding pending  legislation.

I have spoken.

I am sincere.

So mote it be.

— The Legendary

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