Trial By Profiling Halted


Publicity still of Ofcr Doug Pearson, ATF certified gang expert

Waco – After five days at trial, it’s clear that the State’s case in the first Twin Peaks trial, that of Bandido Jake Carrizal for engaging in organized crime and directing the activities of a criminal street gang – is nothing more than an elaborate scheme and courtroom drama in motorcycle profiling.

I sat in court all week, Mon-Fri. So far, all we’ve heard is an eye witness named Letty Jones, a former cook at Twin Peaks who now suffers from PTSD after hiding in the walk-in cooler during the gunfight. She didn’t see anything other than a dead man on a stretcher who, when she saw his arm fall limp, appeared dead.

Two other witnesses – cop “experts” – ATF Agent Darrin Kozlowski and Aurora, Colorado Police Department Officer Doug Pearson, have only opinions about other people and other events that happened long ago, and no facts whatsoever about what happened at Twin Peaks on May 17, 2015, have delivered monotonous, dull, plodding testimony as to their expertise as motorcycle gang investigators. It’s a trial by profiling, not by strict proof of the allegations.

On the fifth day of trial, Friday the 13th, Carrizal’s defense counsel Casie Gotro was attempting to determine Officer Pearson’s knowledge of “profiling” bikers when Lead ProsecutorJarrett objected. He told the judge, “It’s not about profiling.” Casie Gotro fixed the judge with steely eyes, and said, “Your honor, it’s absolutely about profiling.”

Pearson is a city police officer from the Aurora gang unit, certified to work ATF gun crime cases. His testimonial style is like former CIA Executive Director Bill Casey; during the Congressional hearings into the Iran-Contra scandal. He mumbles, makes the mic pop, sneeze, and it’s very difficult to understand what he’s saying, even when you’re only within a few feet of where he’s sitting and he is speaking into the finest quality condenser mic and amplification system available.

He further revealed in an answer to a defense counsel question that he is receiving compensation for his time from his regular pay as a city police officer from Aurora, Colorado, who is certified by the BATFE to investigate gun crime. The only other compensation he is receiving is official government travel compensation, which indicates his is a joint federal-state investigation.

Koszlowski is an ATF agent of 30 years experience who has infiltrated the Mongols, Warlocks and Vagos. He bragged that his experience included being subjected to corporate style background checks by private investigators, polygraph exams, and a strict process of probationary and prospecting status in one case of which he was appointed Sergeant-at-Arms of the chapter of the 1% club in which he was flying a rag. He admitted that he had indeed been involved in beatings of recalcitrant members and gang fights with rival clubs.

He told the jury that he has been involved in the “handling” of bikers who are in the witness protection program, both in debriefing them, and in sending them on missions. There are published reports in the crime blog press that allow his involvement in murderous gang fights very much resembling the Twin Peaks operation, as well as the placement of embezzlers in businesses and organizations targeted by the Government for investigations.

When asked if he’d ever committed any illegal acts at the behest of club leaders, he quickly said he had not. It occurs to me that we are witnessing a show trial in which government-trained experts are able to engage in what Orwell described as doublethink and Islamic operatives see as their duty to Allah to lie to the infidels and believe the lie while they’re telling it.

Kozlowski and two other gang experts continue to sit in the courtroom despite defense counsel’s invocation of the witness exclusionary rule. State prosecutors successfully argued for an exemption from the rule because their testimony is to consist of opinion based upon experience only.

The court drama came to a quick and abortive conclusion on Friday about lunch time when Pearson mentioned a phone text message from Bandido Marshall Mitchell in which he allegedly described his withdrawal of the privilege previously extended to Cossacks Motorcycle Club members to wear the Texas bottom rocker on their cuts.

At that point, Ms. Gotro informed the Court that it is not anything that she has been able to obtain from her discovery items the Judge ordered the Waco police to release.

Angry, his face reddened, Judge Matt Johnson said, “Well, now, I signed an order for the Waco police to turn over those records!” She explained that due to time constraints and strict security protocol imposed by the evidence techs at the department, she has been unable to get access to the material.

In some cases, she has been ushered into a computer room, given a CD of the material, and a comptuer with no speakers. In others, she has been shooed out of the area and sent to the lobby whenever there is no one available to surveil her whilst in her labors.

He abruptly recessed the jurors, and then terminated a hearing about the matter, telling everyone to return on Monday, October 16, at 9 am.

Special Agent Darrin Kozlowski, BATFE, who testified on Wednesday

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  1. Yes! She has preserved a record of every dirty thing that the state has pulled in his case, and the list is long. Her objections are timely and relevant, and she is doing better than most attorneys would dream simply because she is ready and willing to do the job. It’s not an easy job. I am unequivocally in her corner because I am a fan of the barrister’s art. She is a mistress of its practice. – Legendary Jim

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