Relief In Sight, Just Ask

Judge Susan Criss said, “I’m not gagged by anyone.”

Waco – Defense Counsel for Jake Carrizal has already asked for a declaration of a mistrial “with prejudice” because of what she alleges has been a pattern of withholding evidence ordered on discovery.

Each day brings a new delay while she waits for evidence brought up on direct examination of prosecution witnesses, evidence she did not receive, and then develops a cross examination strategy to exploit it.

This morning’s proceedings were delayed for more than an hour when the judge ordered the state to come up with more evidence. She requested that all the officers involved comb through their records of interviews and other evidence so that there are no further surprises from the state.

Judge Matt Johnson said “I want it done today.”

With the recusal request by DA Abel Reyna, who has succumbed to pressure from an alleged federal investigation into his prosecutorial misconduct, the door is opened for a request for such a declaration by the trial judge, said Judge Criss, who is representing another defendant in the Twin Peaks cases..

“I mean, she has to assert it, but…” Asked if it’s within the realm of the possible, she said, “Yes. But it has to be something brought before the court.”

A writ?

Yes. A writ of mandamus to move the Court to declare a mistrial and dismiss the present prosecution of Christopher Jacob Carrizal.

It’s a possibility. But that’s all it is. The lawyers who are principal in the case have been enjoined by court order to stay quiet about the matter. They are keeping mum. But it’s a good idea to listen to every bit of evidence challenged on her cross examination from here on in.

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