Questions For The Venire

Seasoned bailiff guarding blacked out windows of 54th District Court in order to protect the identity of jurors in Bandidos murder case

Waco – American criminal defendants have vast advantages most don’t know of, much less understand.

For instance, those who elect to be judge by a jury have a right to help in the selection of the veniremen, “good and true” who will judge their guilt, or innocence, and the further election to have them either assess their punishment, or the judge.

It really matters.

An attorney – learned counsel – may propose questions to be asked during examination of the venire by “voir dire,” Latin for speak the truth.

These are the questions the prosecution, defense and Judge Matt Johnson of the 54th Criminal District Court settled upon in the examination of the attitudes, beliefs, opinions and faith of the people who were eventually empaneled to judge Christopher Jacob Carrizal as to whether he is guilty or innocent of three capital crimes, and what his punishment should be.

They will choose whether he spends 99 years behind bars, the minimum of 25, or is granted a suspended sentence and community supervision on probation if convicted. His Counsel has made a motion for that.

One may read the questions by clicking on this hyperlink.


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