Gang Expert’s Limited Jabber In Federal Trial

Steve Cook, (R) is an expert who has roped in events as old as 1947

They want to be different. They want to dress different. They don’t want to associate with normal people and don’t want to follow the rules that normal citizens follow on a day-to- day basis, they want to do their own thing regardless of the effect it has towards them or what the law says.” – Steve Cook on 1%er’s

Kansas City – Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Expert Steve Cook’s testimony is considered so abrasive and over-the-top by federal judges that it has resulted in the reversal of at least one case due to its sheer audacity.

Quite simply, he traces in Biblical fashion the heritage of the one-percenter creed all the way back to the 1947 Hollister incident of Hollywood face in the Marlon Brando-Lee Marvin post-war epic, “The Wild One.”

The American Motorcycle Association’s edict against the outlaw breed as the 1% who cannot abide by the rules of a decent and forbearing society set the die for all that follows with what is rotten about American culture. It is the Rosetta Stone that decodes every ill thought, word, or deed spouting from the lips of them hog-ridin’ fools of the American blacktop, and don’t you forget it, by cracky.

Get a load of this buckaroo’s track record, and try hard, just try and remember the jazz we heard two and a half weeks ago from the three wise men certified by the BATFE to testify as experts on the 1%er lifestyle from their many years of personal experience with that bunch of hoodlums.

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Man In Big Yellow Helmet With A ‘Dirty Harry Gun’

Waco – An eye witness related seeing who fired the first shot at the deadly gunfight on May 17, 2015 at an aborted Confederation of Clubs meeting at Twin Peaks Restaurant, but stopped short of giving the assailant a name, a club affiliation, or an identification by sight.

Shanica Corsey is a home health care worker who worked part time as a busser at Twin Peaks six days a week. She started cleaning and preparing for a “peace rally” of motorcycle guys. She and a girlfriend wanted to get a look at the motorcyclists when they arrived. When they heard the rolling thunder, they rushed to the windows to look; she saw that “fight circles” had formed and she watched the arguments between the new arrivals and the bikers who had been waiting.

She saw the first deadly confrontation that led to a death, she said.

“There was this one guy, I’m not sure if he was yellow and black, and had a big yellow helmet on. His hand went up and down, and when it came out, he had this big Dirty Harry gun.”

She identified the long-barreled “silver colored” handgun as a “revolver.”

Asked what he did with it by the prosecutor, she said, “He pointed it at the guy who was standing there arguing and pulled the trigger.” Was he the one in charge? She said it looked that way.

When she heard return fire, “I said ‘OK, it’s time to go.'” She estimated she was about 30 feet distant.

She and other employees hid in the cooler for about 15 minutes, until authorities led them to safety.

Defense counsel questioned Ms. Corsey on cross examination, asking why she signed her statement on the second page of three. “Did you actually sign two statements, Ms. Corsey,” asked Casie Gotro.

Lead prosecutor Michael Jarrett resumed redirect questioning and rehabilitated his witness as to where she signed the statement, on the second page. “Would you sign something that is untrue? Would you testify to something untrue?” She answered no to both questions.

Subpoenas For Thursday Hearing In 54th District

F. Clinton Broden will quiz a lineup of DA’s staff about a federal probe

Waco – Key members of the McLennan Criminal District Attorney’s Office staff will be questioned in a hearing on Thursday at 1:30 pm in 54th District Court.

The line-up includes key co-counsel in the Jake Carrizal case now in trial, Michael Jarrett and Amanda Dillon.

The persons summoned are to bring any and all papers and a secret phone is requested in one case allegedly used to communicate with federal investigators about the DA’s practice of political opportunism alleged to bring favors for those accused of crimes through leniency.

This is a list released by F. Clinton Broden, the attorney representing Matt Clendennen in a case of engaging in organized criminal activity as a former member of the Scimitars MC, arrested at Twin Peaks Restaurant on May 17, 2015:


Heather Nehring

Subponas Duces Tecum


Any and all documents, notes or emails produced at or created in relation to or in preparation for your meeting with federal prosecutors and/or FBI investigators in relation to the federal criminal investigation regarding McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna.

Any and all documents reflecting the purchase or maintenance of a “covert” mobile telephone for the purpose of communicating with federal prosecutors and/or FBI investigators in relation to the federal criminal investigation regarding McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna.


Any and all documents, notes or emails produced at or created in relation to or in preparation for your meeting with federal prosecutors and/or FBI investigators in relation to the federal criminal investigation regarding McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna.


Any and all documents, notes or emails produced at or created in relation to or in preparation for your meeting with federal prosecutors and/or FBI investigators in relation to the federal criminal investigation regarding McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna.


Any and all documents, notes or emails produced at or created in relation to or in preparation for your meeting with federal prosecutors and/or FBI investigators in relation to the federal criminal investigation regarding McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna.


Any and all documents, notes or emails produced at or created in relation to or in preparation for

your meeting with federal prosecutors and/or FBI investigators in relation to the federal criminal

investigation regarding McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna.


Any and all documents in your care, custody or control reflecting a federal criminal investigation

regarding McLennan County District Attorney Abelino Reyna or the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office.


Any and all documents related to an email to you from Special Agent Daniel Brust of the FBI related to “the public corruption investigation.”


Any and all documents related to an email to you from Special Agent Daniel Brust of the FBI related to “the public corruption investigation.”

Memo: DA’s Co-counsel Gave Feds Info ‘Against Reyna’ In Interviews

Millie Thompson with Antonio Buehler, an Austin activist videographer she represented in a case of depicting cops in an act of brutality 

Waco – An Austin attorney intends to file a memorandum of law in support of the disqualification of elected Criminal District Attorney Abel Reyna and his staff that alleges “conflicts of interest, bias, prejudice, and acts of professional misconduct,” including the failure of his two co-counsel in the current prosecution of Bandido Jake Carrizal to provide the defense with exculpatory evidence of their interviews with federal law enforcement “against Reyna.”

Millie Thompson represents Paul Landers, an Austin business man and motorcycle enthusiast who serves as the state coordinator for the Confederation of Clubs and Independents, in his indictment for engaging in organized criminal activity at an ill-fated meeting of that organization that resulted in his arrest among 177 other defendants, the death of 9 men and wounding of 20 others at Twin Peaks Restaurant on May 17, 2015.

In her legal memo, Ms. Thompson alleges, “Michael Jarrett, who interviewed with federal law enforcement officials against Reyna within the last 5 years regarding the preferential treatment of defendants in exchange for campaign contributions, failed to provide the defense with Brady notice of those acts of politically motivated prosecutorial bias. Amanda Dillon also interviewed with federal law enforcement on those allegations, and she failed to provide the defense with Brady notice of Reyna’s politically motivated prosecutorial bias.”

The two prosecutors, who serve as lead and second chair in the trial team currently at bar in the Carrizal case and are slated to prosecute Landers, are guilty of shielding Reyna due to his financial interest in the 154 indictments, according to the complaint, as are all other members of the DA’s staff.

Precedent setting cases hold that it is the duty of prosecutors to obtain justice, not just to seek convictions. This among numerous other citations propound allegations including engaging in ex parte communication with 19th Criminal District Judge Ralph T. Strother in order to serve a warrant of search on her client Landers, political opportunism in dismissing cases against political campaign contributors, and other forms of influence peddling as the reasons supporting the across the board request for disqualification of the DA and his staff in the Twin Peaks cases.

One may read Ms. Thompson’s filing by clicking here.

To Live In Fear No More

Left to right – Sean Boyette, Deborah Davis and Christopher Davis

Bellmead – The “New” Dallas Highway – the old main drag headed north on U.S. 77, is a dark appendix, cut off by the I-35 “access corridor, its four lanes dotted with cinder block lounges.

“Old Friends,” at number 1200, is a pool shooting venue with live music, karaoke, ice cold beer and hot mamas. One of them crowed to her sisters, “Girl, I’m a full time employee. See, I’ve got a husband and a boyfriend, and they don’t know about each other. I work all shifts, seven days a week.”

The interview appointment is for midnight, closing time on the cusp of a Sunday evening shaking hands with Monday morning. A mother and her son run this venue, and they’re ready to come forward and unburden themselves with the truth about what happened to Ashley Dawn Rogers on a frosty February night in 2012 at a Bosqueville trailer park on N. 19th Street.

Deborah Davis and her son Christopher have grown weary of keeping mum about the secret details “swept under the rug” by public officials they perceive as hostile to the truth, to the extent they will cooperate with a prison clique that ordered a bogus “green light” on an in-law daughter, a mother of three carrying a fourth child no one knew about.

As it turns out, the evening Ashley and two of her children met their doom in a murderous attack wherein the weapon was fire was to have been her last with her children.

Child Protective Services was in the process of arranging their foster care with members of the father’s family, Tommy, Deborah’s son, now estranged by the violent events that cost him his kids, while the life of a boy, Kaiden, was spared by a courageous neighbor who ripped the aluminum siding off a bathroom wall and pulled the child to safety. In the process, he burned his hands and forearms horribly after interrupting a ball game he and friends were watching on television.

The boy was unable to escape by the back door. It had been nailed shut.

City officials of the police and fire departments were in such a hurry to cover up the true details of the terrible event that they have falsified the investigation, according to the mother and son. What they found is contrary to the report that held the three victims were together in a back bedroom. Ashley was found on the couch, the baby on her chest. That’s what led to the destruction of an arson investigator’s career. Kevin Fisk refused to bend his professional will to a batch of Kool-Aid he just can’t stomach. He is now a private investigator. 

Christopher says the FBI agents who interviewed him told him her body was so laced with the powerful downers percocet and xanax that she could not have done anything to help herself when the explosion and fire came. Her mother-in-law Deborah thinks she was already dead. The boy had taken refuge in the bathtub as advised during his young life, after escaping an imprisonment in the back bedroom.

It’s at this point where the story descends into the macabre.

Kaiden is beginning to regain his memory, to get over the traumatic event that shattered his life. He remembers two men with white faces, goons wearing hockey masks, who put him in the small bedroom as they prepared the explosion.

In the ensuing years, the facts have been twisted by an investigative authority hell bent on concealing the truth, they say. It’s true that there has been a complete shakeup of the executive leadership of the police and fire departments. Men and women sacrificed their careers to cover up the truth about something so horrible it has not been told.

In fact, the sole prosecution of their number, seven indictments for engaging in organized criminal activity centering around the theft of a member’s car from a car lot operator to whom he had just sold it, was declined when elected Criminal District Attorney held out for the names of the confidential informant or informants who helped build the cases.

The police refused to give the information as required by an evidentiary rule, and that derailed the only effort made to bring the clique to justice. 19th Criminal District Judge Ralph T. Strother told the media at the time in public remarks, he had “never seen anything like it.”

In a follow-up interview with lead prosecutor Michael Jarrett, he explained, “I represent all the people, even the offenders. My oath is to do justice, and not simply obtain convictions. If the Constitution isn’t being followed, it’s my concern.”

He further commented that the policies on revealing identities of confidential informants in the Waco Police Department are irregular to his experience. “I’ve worked in three counties now, and this is the first one I’ve seen where they do things this way.”

He also said that information used to convict or as probable cause in the investigation of drug offenders must be corroborated from other sources, according to state laws. It’s not possible to do that if the prosecutor has no idea of the identity of the confidential informant.

His attitudes so expressed echo those of District Attorney Abel Reyna, who long ago told The Legendary that his intentions are to operate “the people’s law firm” in the DA’s office. He, too, said that he represents the entire community at the time of the early days of his election campaign. 

The gist of it is this. Certain members of a Texas prison clique known as the Aryan Circle and their associates have served as informants for so long that if they are outed, the officials who have used them will go down, too.

At the time, these professional criminals who play both ends against the middle made a renegade decision to execute Ashley Dawn Rogers because of her knowledge of child pornography, extortion, money laundering, and credit card fraud.

The cognoscenti of the underworld of meth cooking and drug dealing are convinced that there is a video of her daughter being violated, produced as pornography, and a segment of the fire being set and the subsequent explosion.

The alleged truth is, whether that evidence can be produced or not, it is what led to the vicious murder of a mother and her children, sanctioned by the by-laws of a criminal organization under the false pretenses of men who have since been exiled from their former pariah status as members of a caste of individuals long since isolated by society for their criminal ways.

They took advantage of a lapse in leadership of the gang, ordering a falsely “registered” green light that turned out to be bogus. They have since been banished by the organization and are presently serving time in “PC” lockups under protective custody, the institutions privately operated by corporations in lockups sprinkled across the nation and their status held secret from public scrutiny.

There is the multilater allegation of a strong federal presence involved, including FBI, BATFE, DEA, and with the cooperation of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, institutional Division operating in a joint task force. That word comes from both sides of the law, in the dark and the light.

In this exclusive interview, the relatives of the woman who was the target of a murderous attack made to look like a misadventure involving the manufacture of “crystal,” the devilish amphetamine compound smoked, injected and snorted by addicts who don’t live long, along with her three children, name names and give intimate details they say they can no longer live with.

It’s a long story, but it’s worth listening to if you value your children, your property, and your sanity. The bottom line is this. The authorities are not really here to protect and serve. No way. Not even close.

So mote it be.

  • The Legendary



Smoking Gun Paperwork In DA’s Case Of Crooked Dealing To Drop Cases

Waco – Dallas lawyer F. Clinton Broden wants this guy Abel Reyna. He’s got the facts, and the facts say there is a federal investigation underway, looking into the legal ethics of the sitting elected Criminal District Attorney, who is accused of political opportunism in his quest to prosecute members of the biker community, namely Matt Clendennen, former Scimitar, who was busted on May 17, 2015.

It’s true. We have the paperwork to prove it. In a protracted series of appeals to the Attorney General of Texas’ Open Records Division dating back to the summer of 2015, we of The Legendary obtained an example of a smoking gun left in the record by an assistant prosecutor named Joe Layman. Before he left under a cloud, fired by Abel Reyna, he noted on a disposition sheet that a certain party’s case had been dismissed because he made a political contribution to the campaign war chest of the DA.


Now that’s a matter of great dispute because 154 people out of 177 arrested on May 17, 2015 following a ritual blood bath worthy of an Imperial Roman holiday involving agents provocateur, undercover cops, confidential informants and other features of intrigue worthy of classing with the boldest moves of the NKVD in Mother Russia are trying like hell to get a fair trial on an elusive day in court, 30 months after the fact.

The first defendant to be tried, Bandido Jake Carrizal, has languished for two weeks at the defense table of the 54th Criminal District Court, and so far, the only testimony heard involving he and his fellow bandits is that they rode into the parking lot and were immediately stormed by a rival club, the Cossacks, with flying fists, bullets and batons while the cops stood back with M-4 Patrol rifles at the ready. Nine died, 20 were wounded, and 177 arrested. Not good.

These are the latest filings in the Matt Clendennen case, and they are chili pepper hot.

First, there is a motion to produce the material related to a “federal criminal investigation related to Reyna making seclective prosecutorial Decisions based upon political opportunism.”

Second, there is a “supplement motion for order to show cause why the state should not be held in contempt and motion for sanctions and request for immediate hearing.”

So mote it be.

– The Legendary

Immunity? From What?

Waco – Los Pirados – the pirates – started with I3 original members. Their colors are orange and black and the center patch of their three-piece with a Waco rocker is a “laughing theater” face.

Mike Lynch, the current president of the club, is a residential plumber from Mart, Texas, located about 20 miles due east of Waco.

Years ago, he was impressed with the Confederation of Clubs, their legislative arm, the Legislative Strike Force, and U.S. Defenders. They made him see that he and his brethren and their old ladies could have some influence in the affairs of state.

His wife Sandra approached the management of Twin Peaks to reserve enough space both on the patio and in the parking lot to hold a two-hour meeting of two regions of the COC in order to hear about developments at a national meeting of the organization, to update members from both the Austin and central Texas area and the Dallas-Ft. Worth areas. She was expecting 200 bikes.

The couple wound up busted for engaging in organized criminal activity, but they have not been indicted. There’s a story in that. Before the day was over, Sandra Lynch had been vilified and abused, her husband threatened and terrorized as before beginning in March at the location.

Lynch has a special relationship with a Constable of Precinct 1, Walt Strickland, who is also a home builder and fixer-upper. Lynch testified, “He’s one of contractors,” when he took the witness stand.

When Lynch saw there would be trouble, he called Strickland. It’s the way things are done in this area. You know a lawman, and when trouble shows its ugly face, you call him, no matter where you are or what jurisdiction you may be in. Strickland assured him the authorities would look into the matter.

This prompted a great deal of tension on his cross examination by the defense counsel. Here’s how it unfolded.

Before he called Walt Strickland, Mike Lynch said he saw no patrol cars. Right after he called him, he saw a patrol car drive through the lot. He demurred when asked if he has seen the text messages he sent Walt Strickland. Casie Gotro asked why are you hesitating to answer that question? “Because I just saw them.” He said Michael Jarrett showed him. He said, “All of a sudden I saw them (the Cossacks) come over the rail.” And that’s how it started, the so-called shoot-out. A superior number of Cossacks, estimated at about 100, waited to ambush the Bandidos. When they arrived, they abandoned the postions on the patio where they had taken every available table and neglected to order any entrees or beverages, and attacked. That was when the first shots were fired.

Bandido Jake Carrizal’s defense attorney Casie Gotro asked him if he had been offered immunity in exchange for his testimony. Say what? Immunity from what? He and his old lady went to a political meeting, suffered harrassment and abuse, and now he needs immunity from prosecution to tell the truth about what happened?

Lead Prosecutor Michael Jarrett objected mightily.

Gotro re-phrased her question to “Did the state offer you testimonial immunity to testify today?” Lynch said, “They were supposed to.” When pressed, he said. “I don’t know.”

It’s like this. Lynch stationed himself at a truck stop not far from the Twin Peaks restaurant to meet up with his fellow Pirados. His wife contacted him to let him know things weren’t going as planned. He told her to stay out of the way.

When he left Flying J on March 17, 2015, he learned the Cossacks had cussed his wife, run over her foot, spit on her. He called Constable Walt Strickland and asked, “Walt, where are the uniforms? You know they’re trouble.” At that point, the judge called a 15-minute recess.

While he waited at Flying J for other members, he saw as many as 60 Cossacks pass by. He called his wife Sandra who was already there. “I told her to stay out of the way.” It turns out it wasn’t the first time that kind of thing happened when confronted by members of the Cossacks.

At a visit to Twin Peaks in March, Sandra Lynch and Owen Bartlett went outside to smoke. When Lynch went outside, Owen Reeves and 8 or 9 Cossacks surrounded him. They kept him surrounded him for ten to fifteen minutes. “He was just running his mouth, that’s all…Maybe wanted trouble, but I wasn’t having it.”

There’s a reason for all this.

When Los Pirados adopted their three part patch, they took he art work to the President of the Heart of Texas Bandido Chapter, “Just to make sure it didn’t conflict with any other club. They are a mom and pop club because they have female members. They are members of the Region One COC&I and the Legislative Strike Force of U.S. Defenders. He is aware that there is a Waco Cossacks Chapter and that there is no Bandidos chapter there. “I knew they didn’t like each other.” He said, “I had no concerns about the Bandidos whatsoever…I had concerns about the Cossacks, yes.”

Jarrett asked if he thought it was reasonable when he comes to talk to people to be armed?

Lynch asked, “What’s the question?” That’s when Jarrett asked if he thought it reasonable to carry two AK-47’s, two Glocks and a thousand rounds of ammunition. Lynch  said, “I don’t know; some people carry that in the truck all the time.” He didn’t call 911 when the Cossacks ran over Sandra’s foot. He said, I wasn’t going to walk through the Cossacks. I was scared.”

Accuse DA Of Misconduct

Waco – DA Abel Reyna’s prosecutorial misconduct is “so egregious” the indictment against Paul Landers should be quashed, according to his attorney.

In a pleading filed today, Austin attorney Millie Thompson accuses the elected criminal District Attorney of withholding Brady material that could lead to her client’s acquittal if placed on the record.

Brady v. Maryland is the name of a landmark Supreme Court ruling that led to the release of a man who was not guilty, and though the prosecutor knew it, he did not release the material to the defense.

Paul Landers is the Austin produce broker who attended a national meeting of the Confederation of Clubs at Denver the weekend before May 17, 2015, and learned of a nationwide thrust of motorcycle enthusiasts to have motorcycle profiling legislation enacted throughout the U.S. He was intended to address a joint meeting of two regions of the Confederation of Clubs and Independents at Twin Peaks Restaurant in this city on that Sunday, but actions of uninvited, non-members in support or members of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club started a gunfight that resulted in the deaths of 9 men, the wounding of an additional 20, and the arrests for engaging in organized criminal activity of 177 people, all of whom were charged, their bail set at $1 million each.

According to the motion to quash, the DA and his staff have participated in numerous acts of misconduct, including causing the delay of a jury trial long since scheduled to have occurred. That’s for starters.

One may read of the particulars by clicking here to see the entirety of the document. 

‘Deep Infliction’ at Twin Peaks: The Bigger Picture

There is a great deal of circumspection in the testimony of the people who planned and carried out what was really a combination ambush and raid on what they knew would be a gang fight at Twin Peaks on May 17, 2015.

Detective Jeff Rogers of the Waco Police Gang Unit wrote in a May 1 memo, “I’m getting information from more than one source of a big meeting of Confederation of Clubs…All Red and Gold Support Clubs are expected to attend. The potential for violence is very, very high….I’m also being told that the Hells Angels are getting involved as a support club for the Cossacks.”

At a briefing on the Sunday morning of the operation, according to testimony from Sgt. Stephen Drews of the SWAT Team, Rogers had an unknown civilian with him. That plainclothesman also accompanied him to the operation at Twin Peaks. Drews said the duo was there to provide surveillance and operative information to the squad.

DPS Narcotics Agent Chris Frost testified that before they installed a pole camera and deployed their agents at the Twin Peaks operation, Lt. Schwartz first applied the concept of “deep infliction” by checking to see if there were other law enforcement agencies they were unaware of involved.

Asked if the “deep infliction” security check is done with “another law enforcement agency,” he replied to the defense counsel question by saying it is a “law enforcement based” organization. He did not further explain the remark.

There is no indication of what or who mans this “law enforcement-based entity.”

The fact that the primary DPS role was to provide security on the surrounding highways to make sure that bikers coming to the COC meeting were scrutinized and investigated turned out to be a dud when their experience was that there was in fact no particular threat to law enforcement as indicated in the operational plan.

He also denied knowledge of a squad of white Toyota 4-Runners present.

Steven Drews of the SWAT unit said he does not know Owen Reeves of the Cossacks. Nor did he see the so far unidentified “man in the blue shirt,” he said with a laugh. He also said the Waco pollice were all dressed in their blue standard uniforms. The Legendary snapped a photo of one officer dressed in camouflaged battle dress, wearing a Kevlar helmet.

The defense’s questions are turned such that it appears there is much that does not immediately meet the eye involved, something deep and not to be discussed, as if there is a limiting order by the court, as we have seen in other matters, that does not permit discussion or witness examination about the operation.