Goodfellas, The Phone Records, And The Line-Up


If Jake Carrizal is guilty because of who he hangs out with … ?

WACO – To a Wacoan, the paths to power are clear, the facts speak for themselves; for an out-of-towner, the truth is more than skin deep, but it’s there, lurking in the details.

If connections are everything, then timing is of the essence.

Let’s look at the record:

Abel Reyna made three phone calls when first he heard of the “melee” at Twin Peaks Restaurant on Sunday, May 17, 2015, according to a confidential source who shared this with blogger Harry Storm.

254-315-1407 Abel Reyna’s Wife – 08:23
254-709-7555 Randy Crook – 08:43
254-749-3300 John Ash – 08:55

The first is easy enough to understand. Honey, I’ll be home late this evening, you see; something came up at the office that will demand a lot of attention, etc.

It’s the second two on the list that are very curious because those gentlemen are – ah – interesting persons on the Waco scene.

But, first, why were all three calls made well before the noon luncheon rush? Why make these calls in the morning?

Good question.

It’s only the second time the Legislature was in session on a Sunday morning and the MAN came for the guns. Think Branch Davidian raid, Sunday morning, Feb. 28, 1993. No big deal.

But at Twin Peaks on Sunday, May 17, 2017, SHOTS FIRED didn’t come until after half past high twelve, just saying…

Suffice it to say that to certain well-known providers of – well – DIVERSIFIED financial services – contributions are very important.

Very important.  People.

It’s something that goes much deeper than the skin; it’s the story of us all, told in corporatese, federal regulations and state house ethics rules.

Dig these rhythm and blues, a blast from the past, but right on point. 

It’s the central Texas way of saying what they mean when in Louisiana, they say, “VOTE FOR THE CROOK; IT’S IMPORTANT!”

According to Harry Storm, the game is played just like Monopoly, but only the members of the Waco POWER SPERM BANK are qualified to roll the bones. 

Why does that matter? Another good question. You see, Randy Crook owns and operates the Salty Dog. He closed his parking lot to motorcycles and his front and behind doors to bikers the day after the events at Twin Peaks Restaurant, in fear for the safety of his customers should outlaw motorcycle gang members spot shiny, chromed-up V-Twin beasts in his establishment’s  – ahem – curtilage.

This is how an Austin broadcast station handled that number. 

Now, then, this brings us to Mr. John Ash.

No matter how tenuous the connection, both he and Randy Crook are members of Goodfellows, a Christmas charity forced to skin back a corporate donation to the campaign chest of Sheriff Parnell McNamara when a paid employee made a mistaken deposit of their check. Taking money from corporations is an ethics no no. Just saying. 

You’ve got to go for the fine print, if you’re from out of town, but no matter if you’re from the mid-cities of DFW, Baja Austin del Rio Colorado, the piney woods of Houston’s far north side, the Alamo City, or New Braunfels, you will get a very quick understanding  – if not a cold chill – when you look at this obituary of a well-known resident of West, Texas, located in Baja Hill County.

Please do take note of the names of the pallbearers and honorary pallbearers at this sad occasion, including a Campisi, a Binnion – and, then, there’s Mr. Ash. It is similarly noted that Reyna served as a pallbearer at the funeral of Randy Crook’s ex-wife

Should we quote the intrepid Harry Ash? Why not?

“If we,  however,  use the same cruel imagination as Mr. Reyna has used on one Jake Carrizal,  we might mistake his call to his friend Randy Crook as another man’s call to his drug dealer,  needing a “bump” on his way to the Twin Peaks shootout.”

Where Reyna cited in his opening statemens as a “crescendo” of violent acts by “outlaw motorcycle gangs” as the linch pin lead pipe cinch smoking gun evidence of a combination of bad actors working together to commit murder and mayhem at Waco, this could appear to be a crescendo of circumstances, no matter how illogical they appear to those not cognizant of the program, the players and their numbers.

So mote it be.

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