Carrizal Twin Peaks Case: Forecast For Week Two

Jake Carrizal – former Vice President of Dallas Bandidos

Waco – Prosecutors for the State will begin to roll out their case against Jake Carrizal today. They intend to prove that as a leader of a criminal organization, he led fellow members into battle where using firearms, whips, chains, retractable steel batons and an “object unknown to the Grand Jury,” they caused the capital murder of 9 men, the aggravated assault of 20, and the arrests of 177.

The monumental melee occurred just minutes prior to a political meeting scheduled to take place during the noon hour of a Sunday in May, 2015.

Monday’s court action was a long day of the mechanical minutiae required to preserve a legal chain of custody of evidence and place into evidence a large number of cell phones seized in the aftermath of the violent Twin Peaks debacle.

The State’s goal is to try to determine through evidence and testimony the facts of just how the defendant Jake Carrizal allegedly directed the activities of a criminal street gang, as evinced by the even more dull and plodding testimony of two motorcycle gang experts certified in detection and reporting of gun crimes by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol,Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

There have been huge delays in the proceedings caused by extended arguments between the defense and the prosecution over the discovery of evidence and exculpatory evidence which defense counsel insists has not been produced, and the prosecutors are adamant has been furnished simultaneously to production for all other defendants. As five days of trial proceeded last week beginning on Monday, October 9, numerous examples of the defense allegations of non-compliance with discovery orders surfaced.

The second week beginning on Monday, October 16, yielded testimony by two phone evidence technicians of the Waco Police Department who had not been placed on the list of witnesses expected to appear on behalf of the prosecution. As the adjustment was hastily made, the case proceeded.

Going into Tuesday, the gallery may expect to see some of the evidence against the accused.

It is a matter of some mystery what evidence will be gleaned from the phones of two key players in the first of the Twin Peaks cases – State v. Jake Carrizal, Bandido.

The other phone belongs to Marshall Mitchell, president of the Nomads chapter of Bandidos, U.S.A.

A motorcycle gang expert trained and certified by the ATF, Doug Pearson, testified that Carrizal’s texts “showed no fear” going into a monumental fight with Cossacks hell bent on wearing the Texas bottom rocker on their cuts, a privilege Pearson, who spent two full days testifying, alleged Mitchell withdrew that permission in text messages found on his phone following considerable violence between the Bandidos and Cossacks over a period of troubles in various spots dotting the Texas map subsequent to a written agreement to coexist in the same territory, Texas, as designated by the bottom rockers in their colors.

According to Pearson’s testimony, Carrizal  in text messages told Bandits under the command of his chapter to “bring tools,” and to not travel alone, trust strangers, or tolerate any disrespect.

He testified that the instruction to bring tools is code for an order to bring guns intended to be used in an armed confrontation with members of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club.

Pearson and Special Agent Darrin Kozlowski of the ATF spent the previous week and much of Monday morning in testimony intended to prove the allegation that the Bandidos Motorcycle Club is a criminal organization, an outlaw motorcycle club.

These remarks and others are considered evidence to be used against Carrizal in an indictment for supervision of a criminal street gang, a first class felony that carries the potential penalty of not less than 30 years or more than 99 if convicted. He is also charged like everyone else arrested on May 17, 2015, with engaging in organized crime, an offense with a similar penalty differing only in the minimum amount of sentence, that of 25 years.

To be sure, it was the testimony of Officer Pearson that the Bandidos and Cossacks are equally culpable for the violent confrontation. However, there is considerable evidence expected from the defense that will attempt to prove that the Bandidos were ambushed in a police action arranged by undercover officers in collusion with members of the Cossacks. As the violence erupted, there is video evidence that the actors were then cut down by sniper fire from police assault rifles wielded by three members of the Waco police force.

Nevertheless, there is an allegation by the defense that ballistics tests show a wound from one unidentified rifle taken from the body of a biker shot in the armed fracas.

Carrizal has applied for a suspended sentence in lieu of community supervision, according to court papers filed pre-trial. According to a motion,, jurors will be asked to assess the punishment if he is convicted of any of an array of charges the Court may instruct jurors to find under clearly specified circumstances.

So mote it be.

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