Big O ‘Amnestic’ About His Role At Twin Peaks ‘Riot’

Former Cossack Owen “Big O” Reeves

Waco – In his notes, the Hillcrest Hospital ER Doctor says Big O can’t really remember how he got the big knot on his head, or the abrasions on his forehead and face.

The doc told the prosecutor from the witness stand at Bandido Jake Carrizal’s trial today that he is “amnestic” – the adjectival part of speech for the quality of being unable to remember a large block of events or ideas known as amnesia – about just how someone whippped on his head at a “riot.”

That’s putting it mildly, to say the least, a true exercise in understatement.

Big O was in the middle of a crowd of black and yellow colors as they stood shoulder to shoulder when the Bandidos arrived. They rat packed those old boys – to the bone – and when  the scuffle was over, 9 men lay dead.

Big O didn’t get hurt that bad. If it was a Friday night Lights football match, the loudspeaker honcho would just say “Big O shaken up on the play…” as polite applause smatters the clappers in the bleachers.

But it looks like he only slipped away. In fact, it’s kind of a mystery just how he got to the hospital, not that it’s that big a deal. It’s just across the freeway from the Twin Peaks Restaurant where he and his cuadrillo took up all the motorcycle parking and every last place in the patio reserved for the Confederation of Club and Independents meeting.

That is, before they jumped the rails and took up their position in formation at the curb to welcome their friendly rivals, the Bandidos in red and gold.

In fact, said the doctor as he referred to his notes, he “arrived by his own transport.” Asked by Assistant Prosecutor Amanda Dillon what that means, he said, “I guess his own car – or something. A lot of patients arrive that way.”

He didn’t say much else about that.

During conversation of a quiet nature at luncheon with a couple of lawyers representing other defendants in other case as yet unscheduled, both said in unison when asked if there was a particular agent provocateur, “Owen Reeves!”

We’ll put it this way. In statements taken about the event leading up to the deadly shootings, many people remember quite a lot about Big O, whether he remembers, or not.

Just saying.

So mote it be.

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2 thoughts on “Big O ‘Amnestic’ About His Role At Twin Peaks ‘Riot’”

  1. Does he remember how his phone got into (Manuel) Chavez’s desk and never sent to be analyzed? Or how his wallet got into evidence on scene but never photographed to show where or how it was collected? Or how he was removed from the scene that by all accounts show everyone being held at gunpoint by LE, and yet he was able to just leave by private transport and have time to make up his amnesia story. I smell. – Brenda Campbell

  2. ll you rock and rollers, you downtown strollers, you finger-poppin daddy’os you cross town ho’s- man it was some kind of real clean pharmaceutical jive, the kind keep you alive so you can shoot, dig? The deal is this. It’s an artificial intelligence software developed by Raytheon called Jade II. So they put on an op called JADE HELM 15 for Joint Assistance Directive Executive Homeland Elimination of Local Militants 2015, see? It’s an on-the-fly joint intellignce operative used from a fusion center with camera and audio hook-ups and the entire matrix that tracks every element with split-second timing so an on-scene commander does not have to make independent decisions, but can rely on the intel the machine has amassed at the speed of light. The beginning personnel and table of equipment is a known factor, and the walk-ons are handled on-the-fly as far as the objective is planned. When end game comes, the idea is to just pull the plug, mash the button, pull the lever. The indication is spelled out and the word is GO-No Go and it’s understood. From there on in, it’s a standard operating procedure just like Phoenix, regional intel center, high high bail, ridiculous charges, stringent bond conditions, gag orders, travel restrictions – the works for like years on end. It’s a matter of national security, public safety, all that and a bag of chips. They used to call it the pacification program, but there are a hundred names for it in as many languages, okay? You’ve seen it on every continent, all the oceans, and some day you will see it in the solar system. But the door is closing and you have only a short time to put it together in resistance. So give it your thoughts and not a few prayers. No big deal, it’s just the choice between slavery and freedom. That’s all.

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