To Live In Fear No More


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Left to right – Sean Boyette, Deborah Davis and Christopher Davis

Bellmead – The “New” Dallas Highway – the old main drag headed north on U.S. 77, is a dark appendix, cut off by the I-35 “access corridor, its four lanes dotted with cinder block lounges.

“Old Friends,” at number 1200, is a pool shooting venue with live music, karaoke, ice cold beer and hot mamas. One of them crowed to her sisters, “Girl, I’m a full time employee. See, I’ve got a husband and a boyfriend, and they don’t know about each other. I work all shifts, seven days a week.”

The interview appointment is for midnight, closing time on the cusp of a Sunday evening shaking hands with Monday morning. A mother and her son run this venue, and they’re ready to come forward and unburden themselves with the truth about what happened to Ashley Dawn Rogers on a frosty February night in 2012 at a Bosqueville trailer park on N. 19th Street.

Deborah Davis and her son Christopher have grown weary of keeping mum about the secret details “swept under the rug” by public officials they perceive as hostile to the truth, to the extent they will cooperate with a prison clique that ordered a bogus “green light” on an in-law daughter, a mother of three carrying a fourth child no one knew about.

As it turns out, the evening Ashley and two of her children met their doom in a murderous attack wherein the weapon was fire was to have been her last with her children.

Child Protective Services was in the process of arranging their foster care with members of the father’s family, Tommy, Deborah’s son, now estranged by the violent events that cost him his kids, while the life of a boy, Kaiden, was spared by a courageous neighbor who ripped the aluminum siding off a bathroom wall and pulled the child to safety. In the process, he burned his hands and forearms horribly after interrupting a ball game he and friends were watching on television.

The boy was unable to escape by the back door. It had been nailed shut.

City officials of the police and fire departments were in such a hurry to cover up the true details of the terrible event that they have falsified the investigation, according to the mother and son. What they found is contrary to the report that held the three victims were together in a back bedroom. Ashley was found on the couch, the baby on her chest. That’s what led to the destruction of an arson investigator’s career. Kevin Fisk refused to bend his professional will to a batch of Kool-Aid he just can’t stomach. He is now a private investigator. 

Christopher says the FBI agents who interviewed him told him her body was so laced with the powerful downers percocet and xanax that she could not have done anything to help herself when the explosion and fire came. Her mother-in-law Deborah thinks she was already dead. The boy had taken refuge in the bathtub as advised during his young life, after escaping an imprisonment in the back bedroom.

It’s at this point where the story descends into the macabre.

Kaiden is beginning to regain his memory, to get over the traumatic event that shattered his life. He remembers two men with white faces, goons wearing hockey masks, who put him in the small bedroom as they prepared the explosion.

In the ensuing years, the facts have been twisted by an investigative authority hell bent on concealing the truth, they say. It’s true that there has been a complete shakeup of the executive leadership of the police and fire departments. Men and women sacrificed their careers to cover up the truth about something so horrible it has not been told.

In fact, the sole prosecution of their number, seven indictments for engaging in organized criminal activity centering around the theft of a member’s car from a car lot operator to whom he had just sold it, was declined when elected Criminal District Attorney held out for the names of the confidential informant or informants who helped build the cases.

The police refused to give the information as required by an evidentiary rule, and that derailed the only effort made to bring the clique to justice. 19th Criminal District Judge Ralph T. Strother told the media at the time in public remarks, he had “never seen anything like it.”

In a follow-up interview with lead prosecutor Michael Jarrett, he explained, “I represent all the people, even the offenders. My oath is to do justice, and not simply obtain convictions. If the Constitution isn’t being followed, it’s my concern.”

He further commented that the policies on revealing identities of confidential informants in the Waco Police Department are irregular to his experience. “I’ve worked in three counties now, and this is the first one I’ve seen where they do things this way.”

He also said that information used to convict or as probable cause in the investigation of drug offenders must be corroborated from other sources, according to state laws. It’s not possible to do that if the prosecutor has no idea of the identity of the confidential informant.

His attitudes so expressed echo those of District Attorney Abel Reyna, who long ago told The Legendary that his intentions are to operate “the people’s law firm” in the DA’s office. He, too, said that he represents the entire community at the time of the early days of his election campaign. 

The gist of it is this. Certain members of a Texas prison clique known as the Aryan Circle and their associates have served as informants for so long that if they are outed, the officials who have used them will go down, too.

At the time, these professional criminals who play both ends against the middle made a renegade decision to execute Ashley Dawn Rogers because of her knowledge of child pornography, extortion, money laundering, and credit card fraud.

The cognoscenti of the underworld of meth cooking and drug dealing are convinced that there is a video of her daughter being violated, produced as pornography, and a segment of the fire being set and the subsequent explosion.

The alleged truth is, whether that evidence can be produced or not, it is what led to the vicious murder of a mother and her children, sanctioned by the by-laws of a criminal organization under the false pretenses of men who have since been exiled from their former pariah status as members of a caste of individuals long since isolated by society for their criminal ways.

They took advantage of a lapse in leadership of the gang, ordering a falsely “registered” green light that turned out to be bogus. They have since been banished by the organization and are presently serving time in “PC” lockups under protective custody, the institutions privately operated by corporations in lockups sprinkled across the nation and their status held secret from public scrutiny.

There is the multilater allegation of a strong federal presence involved, including FBI, BATFE, DEA, and with the cooperation of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, institutional Division operating in a joint task force. That word comes from both sides of the law, in the dark and the light.

In this exclusive interview, the relatives of the woman who was the target of a murderous attack made to look like a misadventure involving the manufacture of “crystal,” the devilish amphetamine compound smoked, injected and snorted by addicts who don’t live long, along with her three children, name names and give intimate details they say they can no longer live with.

It’s a long story, but it’s worth listening to if you value your children, your property, and your sanity. The bottom line is this. The authorities are not really here to protect and serve. No way. Not even close.

So mote it be.

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4 thoughts on “To Live In Fear No More”

  1. Look I don’t know why y’all are doing what your doing but if the Cop’s and DA and all other officials are covering the shit up then you are putting the lives of people in danger you need to bleep the names of all those you have not spoken to or consented with they did not ask more do they want the attention that comes with I’m just saying think about what your doing if there is a cover and there protecting the bad guys then by you blabbing out people’s names is only putting them in harms way. Y’all are fucking stupid for that

  2. Good attention or bad attention its still attention.
    It’s odd to me that the ones spoken of to be so close are the ones that most people are unable to speak to or contact for validity..
    However.. for those of us whose love, respect, and loyalty are appreciated and cherished among them.. we see the pathetic want that is desired by others to be somebody.. when in reality you should always be careful what you wish for. One day you just might be right in that spotlight where you always thought you wanted to be.
    Untruth #1.. Chris Williams is in fact NOT Hitler or Lil Hitler..
    That title is for a man named
    Michael Bishoff..
    Untruth #2.. You state that Eric Martin was there.. And as spoken by *Hollywood himself .. He says.. “They weren’t nailed shut they were screwed shut, get the facts straight bitch” ..
    Not my words.. maybe hearsay.. but jus sayin..
    Untruth #3.. Myron Schanck could be contacted on his cell phone right now by one of the 3 in the interview.. I call Bull shit.. I’d bet my last Dollar you can’t prove it..
    Myron Schanck LEGALLY pays to use the computer where he can legally use VOIP calling to contact people while he’s on there .. email .. Facebook .. etc..
    #4.. It is stated that you THINK Ashley was gone before the for started.. Had noone attempted to view the autopsy.. Being family that would be a fairly simple task for closure of nothing else.. Was there smoke in her lungs? If yes then she was breathing at the time of the fire.. if no then your beliefs are correct and that alone is enough to open the investigation of her being gone before the for in itself..

    I’ll quit now but in the future you should think before you speak. The spotlight is not always as Grand as most make it out to be..

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