Be Fightin’ In The War


This picture snapped of Matt Clendennen at the County Jail 5/17/15

Waco – I have better pictures of Matt Clendennen, but I like this one because it depicts the level gaze of a man who knows he’s right and just keeps on a’comin’.

That counts for a lot around here.

This old boy just flat won’t quit, and his lawyer is in the same notch. It says here that F. Clinton Broden “was successful last week in forcing District Attorney Abel Reyna to step aside voluntarily from prosecuting” his case.

With all due respect to Mr. Paul Gately of KWTX News 10, I must say that’s putting it mildly, but then, he actually works here; I don’t.

Since I’m a guest and he works for the pool news organization, that makes me a guest, so I helped myself to one of the towels from the powder room when I stole his story.

Like any good mouthpiece, Broden’s motions and writs tell a story, beginning, middle and end. And he told the world exactly what legal no no Reyna committed when he became a fact witness in the prosecution, and thereby involved his entire staff, the law firm maintained by We The People of the State of Texas, nullifying their best efforts in the process. Reyna changed coats, became a cop.

Wrong.  It’s hard to understand how Broden did anything in particular to force my man Reyna to do anything – anything at all. He just tells the story in his pleading, which was granted, in a different form and after a lot of legal changes, but nevertheless, it’s the same melody and chord changes as before. It wails.

F. Clinton Broden has written some of the strongest legal be-bop I’ve ever read in my life. Check it out.

In case you haven’t heard, these guys run in a pack.

Which brings up the Senior Judge appointed to hear the Clendennen case. The Honorable Douglas Shaver is from the Bayou City, and he is bringing three well-noted mouthpieces as special prosecutors with him from that venue. Only one of them has any background as a prosecutor. The other two are dyed-in-the-wool hounds at the criminal bar.

They are Brian M. Roberts and Brian Benken. Feroz Merchant “is the only one among the three that shows experience as a prosecutor,” according to Mr. Gately, whose organization assures you, “We’re On Your Side!”

Their job is to prove that Matt Clendennen, who graduated from Baylor University and operates a corporate lawn trimming company with a payroll of  less than a dozen men, rode his Harley Davidson motorcycle to an establishment named Twin Peaks and did there and then engage in organized criminal activity by doing so.

What he did was park his bike in a lot reserved for other motorcycle enthusiasts who are members of a political lobbying organization named the Confederation of Clubs and Independents. He took a seat at a table reserved for those same members and while wearing a motorcycle enthusiasts’ vest with patches colored black and gold signifying his support of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club, which is not affiliated with the COC&I, ordered a bottle of water, and settled down to wait.

For the meeting.

When it came, the reactions were violent, berserk, muderous. There is ample motion picture footage of what happened. It clearly shows Matt Clendennen in full flight from the violence which resulted in the capital murder of 9 men, the aggravated assault of an additional 20, and a massive insult to the peace and dignity of the People of the State of Texas.

Mr. Clendennen ran from the patio area of the restaurant to a place in its interior where he hid until police came and ordered his raise his hands and march to a place outside where they took his boots, his billfold, and the rest of his human dignity.

He was taken prisoner. A magistrate set his bail at $1 million. All this happened 30 months ago. It should be as familiar as the Ten Commandments or the Code of Hammurabi by now.

His alleged crime: Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity

Texas Penal Code – §71.02 (a)(1)

In this chapter,

(a) A person commits an offense if, with the intent to establish, maintain, or participate in a combination or in the profits of a combination or as a member of a criminal street gang, the person commits or conspires to commit one or more of the following:

(1) murder, capital murder, arson, aggravated robbery, robbery, burglary, theft, aggravated kidnapping, kidnapping, aggravated assault, aggravated sexual assault, sexual assault, continuous sexual abuse of young child or children, solicitation of a minor, forgery, deadly conduct, assault punishable as a Class A misdemeanor, burglary of a motor vehicle, or unauthorized use of a motor vehicle;

(2) any gambling offense punishable as a Class A misdemeanor;

(3) promotion of prostitution, aggravated promotion of prostitution, or compelling prostitution;

(4) unlawful manufacture, transportation, repair, or sale of firearms or prohibited weapons;

(5) unlawful manufacture, delivery, dispensation, or distribution of a controlled substance or dangerous drug, or unlawful possession of a controlled substance or dangerous drug through forgery, fraud, misrepresentation, or deception;

(5-a) causing the unlawful delivery, dispensation, or distribution of a controlled substance or dangerous drug in violation of Subtitle B, Title 3, Occupations Code;

(6) any unlawful wholesale promotion or possession of any obscene material or obscene device with the intent to wholesale promote the same;

(7) any offense under Subchapter B, Chapter 43,  [FN1] depicting or involving conduct by or directed toward a child younger than 18 years of age;

(8) any felony offense under Chapter 32;

(9) any offense under Chapter 36;

(10) any offense under Chapter 34, 35, or 35A;

(11) any offense under Section 37.11(a) ;

(12) any offense under Chapter 20A;

(13) any offense under Section 37.10 ;

(14) any offense under Section 38.06 , 38.07 , 38.09 , or 38.11 ;

(15) any offense under Section 42.10 ;

(16) any offense under Section 46.06(a)(1) or 46.14 ;

(17) any offense under Section 20.05 or 20.06;  or

(18) any offense classified as a felony under the Tax Code.

(b) Except as provided in Subsections (c) and (d), an offense under this section is one category higher than the most serious offense listed in Subsection (a) that was committed, and if the most serious offense is a Class A misdemeanor, the offense is a state jail felony, except that the offense is a felony of the first degree punishable by imprisonment in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice for:

(1) life without parole, if the most serious offense is an aggravated sexual assault and if at the time of that offense the defendant is 18 years of age or older and:

(A) the victim of the offense is younger than six years of age;

(B) the victim of the offense is younger than 14 years of age and the actor commits the offense in a manner described by Section 22.021(a)(2)(A) ;  or

(C) the victim of the offense is younger than 17 years of age and suffered serious bodily injury as a result of the offense;

(2) life or for any term of not more than 99 years or less than 30 years if the most serious offense is an offense under Section 20.06 that is punishable under Subsection (g) of that section;  or

(3) life or for any term of not more than 99 years or less than 15 years if the most serious offense is an offense punishable as a felony of the first degree, other than an offense described by Subdivision (1) or (2).

(c) Conspiring to commit an offense under this section is of the same degree as the most serious offense listed in Subsection (a) that the person conspired to commit.

(d) At the punishment stage of a trial, the defendant may raise the issue as to whether in voluntary and complete renunciation of the offense he withdrew from the combination before commission of an offense listed in Subsection (a) and made substantial effort to prevent the commission of the offense.  If the defendant proves the issue in the affirmative by a preponderance of the evidence the offense is the same category of offense as the most serious offense listed in Subsection (a) that is committed, unless the defendant is convicted of conspiring to commit the offense, in which event the offense is one category lower than the most serious offense that the defendant conspired to commit.

Big O ‘Amnestic’ About His Role At Twin Peaks ‘Riot’

Former Cossack Owen “Big O” Reeves

Waco – In his notes, the Hillcrest Hospital ER Doctor says Big O can’t really remember how he got the big knot on his head, or the abrasions on his forehead and face.

The doc told the prosecutor from the witness stand at Bandido Jake Carrizal’s trial today that he is “amnestic” – the adjectival part of speech for the quality of being unable to remember a large block of events or ideas known as amnesia – about just how someone whippped on his head at a “riot.”

That’s putting it mildly, to say the least, a true exercise in understatement.

Big O was in the middle of a crowd of black and yellow colors as they stood shoulder to shoulder when the Bandidos arrived. They rat packed those old boys – to the bone – and when  the scuffle was over, 9 men lay dead.

Big O didn’t get hurt that bad. If it was a Friday night Lights football match, the loudspeaker honcho would just say “Big O shaken up on the play…” as polite applause smatters the clappers in the bleachers.

But it looks like he only slipped away. In fact, it’s kind of a mystery just how he got to the hospital, not that it’s that big a deal. It’s just across the freeway from the Twin Peaks Restaurant where he and his cuadrillo took up all the motorcycle parking and every last place in the patio reserved for the Confederation of Club and Independents meeting.

That is, before they jumped the rails and took up their position in formation at the curb to welcome their friendly rivals, the Bandidos in red and gold.

In fact, said the doctor as he referred to his notes, he “arrived by his own transport.” Asked by Assistant Prosecutor Amanda Dillon what that means, he said, “I guess his own car – or something. A lot of patients arrive that way.”

He didn’t say much else about that.

During conversation of a quiet nature at luncheon with a couple of lawyers representing other defendants in other case as yet unscheduled, both said in unison when asked if there was a particular agent provocateur, “Owen Reeves!”

We’ll put it this way. In statements taken about the event leading up to the deadly shootings, many people remember quite a lot about Big O, whether he remembers, or not.

Just saying.

So mote it be.

  • The Legendary

Sheriff, His Brother Made Many Photos At Shoot-Out

Sheriff Parnell McNamara and wife Charlotte headed for the Academy

Waco – It has happened every day for the past two weeks, the  defense counsel for Bandido Jake Carrizal says she can’t get the information she has requested from law enforcement agencies.

Usually, it’s the Waco PD Casie Gotro complains about.

Defense counsel reported today to the Court that the state neglected to forward material from W. Patrick Swanton of the Waco PD on Sunday when the DA’s office received it in mid-afternoon on Friday.

Casie Gotro also said that Officer Disney of the Lorena PD received help from Cossacks President John Wilson to identify the men who assaulted Rolando Campos at the 322 mile marker with claw hammers. “I’ve not received an offense report on any of that,” said Ms Gotro.

Judge Matt Johnson ordered all such material turned over forthwith. DA Abel Reyna represented that he was not aware of the receipt of the material until Sunday “when I got back in the office.” He said much of the information the state has not also received.

In two other violent incidents that occurred out of town, Ms Gotro complained she has no information, as requested, though the state has elicited much testimony about it. She said, “I am at a great disadvantage when it comes to cross examination of these witnesses.”

Judge Johnson replied, “So ordered.”

Finally, she complained that “It has become obvious the Sheriff’s Department has done much investigation not reported and I do not have that information.”


The truth is, both Sheriff Parnell McNamara and his brother Mike, who was then working as an investigator for the DA’s office, took many photos of the crime scene as they and their men helped clear the situation in the days and hours following the shoot-out of May 17, 2015.

In fact, many executives of the Waco Police have complained long and loud that the brothers took so many pictures when it’s an official crime scene, the subject of an  investigation.

And now we find that defense counsel cannot get information about the investigation, even though she and others have been requesting it for 30 months.

it is a matter of record that the Sheriff personally defied a subpoena issued and served by the defense for a preliminary hearing. That is a bad thing for someone.

So mote it be.

  • The Legendary

Listen carefully to me when I talk to you, now

Six Shooter Junction – I know you; you know me. You sat there all day long and sneered at me. Get over it. You work in public.

The doctor described how a man bled out; he didn’t tell what we all know, that your cops stood over him and his friends with a gun while his life gushed out on the pavement after ya’ll shot him in the butt.

Another guy you carried around behind the building out of sight of the tv cameras where you let him bleed out, and then you let the ambulance take him to the hospital.

You wouldn’t let the ambulances take them to get help, but the ambulances were there; they came from all over the place because you knew just exactly how many meat wagons you would need.

That “law enforcement-based entity” you keep talking about told you just how to do it, didn’t they? Who did they ask? The Army? Or did they just ask the Army’s computer? Tell it like it is, big shot.

In each case, the prosecutor asked what was the toxic chemical the dead man was under the influence of. It was marijuana, alcohol, meth, some stuff we couldn’t pronounce if we tried.

They were stabbed, shot, slashed, bludgeoned, their skulls cracked like an egg. Yeah. Looked real good on TV. Good and dead. OK, we get it. Looked a lot like Vietnam.

In four cases, your cops finished the job your enemies started. Now, you are not putting on a case against the old boy you have charged. Not even close. You do that because you can, and it’s not funny, hear?

His lawyer can’t get at the facts she needs to defend his case, whatever it is, and she’s been trying for months. That’s because there is no way it can be done. You will stand there and say there is no problem until hell freezes over, but you won’t give her the information she seeks. Admit it.

You say you can’t let this other man have his trial because you quit and the judge quit, and there is not another lawyer to take your place or another judge, or another courtroom. If we ask any questions, your servants just get real ugly and sull up.

You can do a lot better than that, and you’d better get to doing it.

You have enough lawyers and judges and courthouses and jails and penitentiaries and you keep them plumb full all the time, and you know it. To you, it’s a growth industry, not a ministerial duty of the government.

In some cases, it’s the family business. Ain’t that a fine kettle of fish.

You need to be finding a lawyer who will get the job done, right quick. You need to be finding a judge who will get the job done, right quick. Or you will wonder forever how come you didn’t, now, that’s a fact.

Your legislators take big bribes from hoods out of state to make gambling illegal while you fill your marginal commercial property with computerized gambling machines and fleece the cripples and the people who have lost their way in life out of their grandma and grandpa checks. You set up people from overseas who hate us for who we are and say so on Friday afternoons, and you know exactly what I’m talking about because you do in on Sundays.

You’re bent like a pretzel and you will kill anyone who gets in your way, and you know it. You not only know it, you preach it, and we’re getting durn tired of listening to that obscenity.

These people went to a place to talk about politics on a Sunday. You sent your murderers to set the thing right like you wanted, then you had your gun thugs cut loose with precision fire. It was an ambush within an ambush, and you know it. You can’t hide it.

You even took motion pictures of the whole thing.

Get the show on the road. Today, Boss Hog. Now. Don’t wait around.

I have spoken.

I am sincere

So mote it be.

  • The Legendary

Goodfellas, The Phone Records, And The Line-Up


If Jake Carrizal is guilty because of who he hangs out with … ?

WACO – To a Wacoan, the paths to power are clear, the facts speak for themselves; for an out-of-towner, the truth is more than skin deep, but it’s there, lurking in the details.

If connections are everything, then timing is of the essence.

Let’s look at the record:

Abel Reyna made three phone calls when first he heard of the “melee” at Twin Peaks Restaurant on Sunday, May 17, 2015, according to a confidential source who shared this with blogger Harry Storm.

254-315-1407 Abel Reyna’s Wife – 08:23
254-709-7555 Randy Crook – 08:43
254-749-3300 John Ash – 08:55

The first is easy enough to understand. Honey, I’ll be home late this evening, you see; something came up at the office that will demand a lot of attention, etc.

It’s the second two on the list that are very curious because those gentlemen are – ah – interesting persons on the Waco scene.

But, first, why were all three calls made well before the noon luncheon rush? Why make these calls in the morning?

Good question.

It’s only the second time the Legislature was in session on a Sunday morning and the MAN came for the guns. Think Branch Davidian raid, Sunday morning, Feb. 28, 1993. No big deal.

But at Twin Peaks on Sunday, May 17, 2017, SHOTS FIRED didn’t come until after half past high twelve, just saying…

Suffice it to say that to certain well-known providers of – well – DIVERSIFIED financial services – contributions are very important.

Very important.  People.

It’s something that goes much deeper than the skin; it’s the story of us all, told in corporatese, federal regulations and state house ethics rules.

Dig these rhythm and blues, a blast from the past, but right on point. 

It’s the central Texas way of saying what they mean when in Louisiana, they say, “VOTE FOR THE CROOK; IT’S IMPORTANT!”

According to Harry Storm, the game is played just like Monopoly, but only the members of the Waco POWER SPERM BANK are qualified to roll the bones. 

Why does that matter? Another good question. You see, Randy Crook owns and operates the Salty Dog. He closed his parking lot to motorcycles and his front and behind doors to bikers the day after the events at Twin Peaks Restaurant, in fear for the safety of his customers should outlaw motorcycle gang members spot shiny, chromed-up V-Twin beasts in his establishment’s  – ahem – curtilage.

This is how an Austin broadcast station handled that number. 

Now, then, this brings us to Mr. John Ash.

No matter how tenuous the connection, both he and Randy Crook are members of Goodfellows, a Christmas charity forced to skin back a corporate donation to the campaign chest of Sheriff Parnell McNamara when a paid employee made a mistaken deposit of their check. Taking money from corporations is an ethics no no. Just saying. 

You’ve got to go for the fine print, if you’re from out of town, but no matter if you’re from the mid-cities of DFW, Baja Austin del Rio Colorado, the piney woods of Houston’s far north side, the Alamo City, or New Braunfels, you will get a very quick understanding  – if not a cold chill – when you look at this obituary of a well-known resident of West, Texas, located in Baja Hill County.

Please do take note of the names of the pallbearers and honorary pallbearers at this sad occasion, including a Campisi, a Binnion – and, then, there’s Mr. Ash. It is similarly noted that Reyna served as a pallbearer at the funeral of Randy Crook’s ex-wife

Should we quote the intrepid Harry Ash? Why not?

“If we,  however,  use the same cruel imagination as Mr. Reyna has used on one Jake Carrizal,  we might mistake his call to his friend Randy Crook as another man’s call to his drug dealer,  needing a “bump” on his way to the Twin Peaks shootout.”

Where Reyna cited in his opening statemens as a “crescendo” of violent acts by “outlaw motorcycle gangs” as the linch pin lead pipe cinch smoking gun evidence of a combination of bad actors working together to commit murder and mayhem at Waco, this could appear to be a crescendo of circumstances, no matter how illogical they appear to those not cognizant of the program, the players and their numbers.

So mote it be.

  • The Legendary

Prison Industrial Procedure: Paint-Out

Inmate-to-Convict Code Breaker – Territorial Markings Annotated

Waco – Deeply ingrained in the lore of the Twin Peaks operation is a recollection of the inmates locked down under $1 million bond.

They soon learned that the month previous to their arrests, correctional authorities of McLennan County had painted out the tank walls for one reason and one reason only.

The object was to see what kind of “gang” markings the Bandidos and their support clubs and the Cossacks and their supporters would inscribe on the freshly painted walls.

But there is yet another prison-industrial complex technique in play in McLennan County, and many of the other 254 Texas Counties.

It’s called the Pre-trial Intervention Program, and it’s a lock-solid lead pipe cinch folks will peep and hide, roll and ride their way out the lock box if given half a chance.

Many hundreds of offenders accused of serious offenses have taken advantage of the very expensive, tedious and time-consuming ticket to a life outside, as these documents will attest.

No doubt, this is part of what federal investigators are probing in the  tenure of elected Criminal District Attorney Abel Reyna.

This is a partial list of the offenders and their charges who accepted into the program. (click here)

In this series of documents, one will learn of the requirements and the costs of the pre-trial intervention program, its classes and strictures. (click here)

Thirty months after the initial arrests of 177 persons, no defendants have elected to plead out and accept the terms of pre-trial intervention in the Twin Peaks prosecutions. ( click here)



(click for actual size)

WACO – Go figure. Two bricks of cocaine transferred from the Waco P.D. to the DA’s office by Steve January, formerly of Special Crimes, and now a Captain at the Sheriff’s Office, in February, 2015.

It was confiscated from these folks:

Both cases were dismissed by 54th Criminal District Judge Matt Johnson on March 1, 2015.

This is the DPS report on the contraband:

Lab analysis noted May 27, 2015.

So mote it be.

  • The Legendary


A Year of Ballistics Tests

ATF Tool Mark Examiner John Jacobson Tested 154 Handguns

Waco – The long-awaited ballistics tests of guns found abandoned at the scene of the deadliest biker brawl in history made it into the record on Friday afternoon during a droning, meticulous series of questions and answers that put jurors’ chins in their hands.

John Jacobson testified that in all his years as a gun tester, he never handled an investigation with so many firearms. Of 154 weapons he received from the Waco Police following the Twin Peaks “shoot-out,”  he found only 12 that matched the protocol of a consistent match-up from test firings of as many as three rounds from each one.

Working at the agency’s San Francisco Bay Walnut Creek, California, laboratory, he matched each firearm by serial number to see if it has been reported as stolen, compared drag marks, extractor marks, chamber marks and other striations on cartridge cases and land and groove marks on bullets and bullet fragments to see if they are consistent with evidence fired from unknown guns at other crime scenes. In addition, there was a comparison of fingerprints from the national Automatic Fingerprint Identification System.

The process took “a little less than a year,” according to his testimony.

None of the firearms so identified were attributed to any particular person – and certainly to no defendant indicted for the crime of engaging in organized criminal activity in the massive prosecution of 154 out of 177 total arrested on May 17, 2015.

After identifying each of the exhibits by their investigation numbers assigned by the Waco police, the DPS, the ATF and the lab, he continued to testify that the photos entered into evidence were a true and correct representation of the exhibit, his signature and the data he entered on his reports.

At the end of this long series of questions and answers, he was asked “Do you see Exhibit Number ________?” by lead prosecutor Michael Jarrett, and he answered yes. He was then asked if it was a true and accurate representation, if that was his signature, and did he have an opinion about the item pictured. He then stated simply that it was the one he examined, and that it was recovered and collected at Twin Peaks according to the chain of custody. In the cases of ballistics matches, he said it was fired by the weapon so inspected. This took nearly as long as his initial testimony.

Bullets and bullet fragments found in the bodies of the deceased and wounded were tested by the lab at Southwest Institute of Forensic Science in Dallas. That testimony will be presented separately, at a later date.

When it was said and done, they hadn’t told us a thing about how all this relates to the accusations stated in the indictment against Christopher Jacob Carrizal, who rode at the head of a column of Bandidos from Dallas on that fateful day.

When it was said and done, they hadn’t told us a thing.

I have spoken.

I am sincere.

  • The Legendary

Relief In Sight, Just Ask

Judge Susan Criss said, “I’m not gagged by anyone.”

Waco – Defense Counsel for Jake Carrizal has already asked for a declaration of a mistrial “with prejudice” because of what she alleges has been a pattern of withholding evidence ordered on discovery.

Each day brings a new delay while she waits for evidence brought up on direct examination of prosecution witnesses, evidence she did not receive, and then develops a cross examination strategy to exploit it.

This morning’s proceedings were delayed for more than an hour when the judge ordered the state to come up with more evidence. She requested that all the officers involved comb through their records of interviews and other evidence so that there are no further surprises from the state.

Judge Matt Johnson said “I want it done today.”

With the recusal request by DA Abel Reyna, who has succumbed to pressure from an alleged federal investigation into his prosecutorial misconduct, the door is opened for a request for such a declaration by the trial judge, said Judge Criss, who is representing another defendant in the Twin Peaks cases..

“I mean, she has to assert it, but…” Asked if it’s within the realm of the possible, she said, “Yes. But it has to be something brought before the court.”

A writ?

Yes. A writ of mandamus to move the Court to declare a mistrial and dismiss the present prosecution of Christopher Jacob Carrizal.

It’s a possibility. But that’s all it is. The lawyers who are principal in the case have been enjoined by court order to stay quiet about the matter. They are keeping mum. But it’s a good idea to listen to every bit of evidence challenged on her cross examination from here on in.

  • Legendary Jim

Twin Peaks Showdown Nets DA Twin Killing At Home Plate, Fed Trouble

The famous “yellow helmet” allegedly worn by a man with a “Dirty Harry Gun” who drew it and shot first is actually black with a red stripe and yellow flames. However, two police officers said they shot a big bald-headed man who fired his gun first. It was found at the scene. No testimony or evidence connected it to Jake Carrizal, the defendant

Waco – In a pair of motions filed today, Clint Broden called the DA’s bluff about lying on the witness stand at an August, 2016 disqualification hearing, then proved up allegations of corruption through exposing a federal investigation in which the elected top prosecutor’s own staff members have given statements to an FBI Special Agent.

Broden, who represents a former member of the Scimitars, a Cossacks support club, named Matthew Clendennen who was arrested as part of a group of 177 bikers at Twin Peaks on May 17, 2015, said in court papers filed when the DA requested his own recusal in the cases that he can prove his allegations in a hearing scheduled for 9 am on Monday, October 30.

He has also requested the appointment of a special prosecutor pro tem to go forward with the prosecution of his client’s case.

Reyna’s problems were two-fold and began when on the Sunday evening following the massacre at the restaurant which killed 9, wounded 20 and left 177 persons’ lives in limbo now for the past 30 months under at first $1 million bonds, then strict bond conditions under lowered bail that are both costly and restrictive.

Quite simply, he took over the role of an investigator when he persuaded the then Chief of Police, Brent Stroman, in a long distance call that he could convict the persons netted in the mass arrest for a capital murder charge, that of engaging in organized criminal activity which led to either capital murder, or aggravated assault.

It was Broden’s allegation that by doing so, he became a “necessary witness” – a police officer – and not a prosecutor because prosecutors are prohibited from leading a criminal court case after they have taken such a proactive role as an complaining witness.

In the disqualification hearing, Reyna made his second great mistake. He testified after Manuel Chavez, the signator of the 177 affidavits of warrantless arrest had been instructed by himself to fully familiarize himself with the allegations in the narrative, and to make himself aware of the full facts of the investigation that warranted the arrest of everyone wearing a motorcycle club patch as members of a criminal street gang, as defined by the Department of Justice and the State of Texas DPS.

Under Broden’s careful questioning, he asserted, then reasserted this falsehood, when spectators, the judge, and counsel all had heard the previous testimony of the Waco Police Detective Chavez, who said he had been involved in another investigation altogether. When called to the scene at Twin Peaks, he was given the fill-in-the-blanks affidavit written by Assistant District Attorney Mark Parker and told to sign it.

He had been released pending recall, and when he re-took the witness stand, he testified under oath that he never talked to Reyna on that day, or during the evening. The Court Reporter has it all, as quoted in this document, if you care to read it, click here.

Broden alleged that is a third degree felony, aggravated perjury because it is a falsehood uttered by a public official in testimony material to a legal proceeding, thus punishable by no less than 2 and no more than 20 years in the penitentiary.

Here is a list of the people who have been subpoenaed and are willing to testify the following allegations:

“Michael Jarrett: Jarrett is Abelino Reyna’s First Assistant and would testify to his meetings with federal agents regarding allegation that Reyna arranged to have cases dismissed for friends and campaign contributors. Jarrett could also testify that he felt it necessary to obtain a second phone in order to keep lines of communication open with Agent Brust.

“Amanda Dillon: Dillon is an Assistant District Attorney and would testify to having multiple meetings with federal agents regarding allegation that Reyna arranged to have cases dismissed for friends and campaign contributors.

“Greg Davis: Davis is Reyna’s former First Assistant District Attorney and would testify to meetings with federal agents regarding allegations that Reyna arranged to have cases dismissed for friends and campaign contributors. He could also testify to conversations that the District Attorney’s Office “made” the police arrest 177 motorcyclists at Twin Peaks despite the wishes of the police.

“Local Attorney: This person would testify to meetings with federal agents regarding allegations that Reyna arranged to have cases dismissed for friends and campaign contributors and that Reyna was delivered cocaine in the period around his actions in relation to the Twin Peaks case.

“Sterling Harmon: Harmon is the attorney responsible for answering Open Records requests at the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office. He could testify that Reyna’s office had three documents that might be responsive to an open records request indicating that a case (or multiple cases) were dismissed because “defendant contributed to Abel Reyna’s campaign.”

“Sherry Kingrey: Kingrey is a former police officer and can testify to information she and Fred Reha provided to Agent Brust in furtherance of his public corruption investigation related to Abelino Reyna.

And that’s how Abel Reyna hit into a double play and caused his own ouster with the Texas League flyball he swatted short into the infield.

Citizen journalists are responsible for this remarkable development, especially R.S. Gates, a former police officer who ran for Justice of the Peace in his hometown of Moody and won the election in 2006, but was prevented from taking his office because the Commissioners’ Court eliminated his precinct after the election results were canvassed and proclaimed.

This same phenomenon was repeated in a subsequent election, wherein two other Constabulary and Justice of the Peace precincts were eliminated, their remaining places filled by appointment by the County Commissioners.

It was Gates who determined he would get some proof of the political opportunism he detected in the record of dismissed cases he saw disappear from the dockets.

Though the Attorney General ruled that the record of dismissal of a case on a disposition sheet due to the defendant being a political contributor is excepted from the Public Information Act as work product of the DA’s office, Assistant AG Lance Kutnick mentioned the Assistant Prosecutor who lost his job for making such a record in the first place. The proof is there, according to Mr. Harmon.

According to Broden, Reyna still denies there is any such investigation. Showdown is Monday, October 30 in a courtroom yet to be determined with visiting Judge Shaver presiding in the Clendennen Case.

No one will venture an opinion as to the outcome of the Carrizal case now in its third week of trial because of a restraining order prohibiting public discussion of the matter by the attorneys party to the case. Judges may not comment on matters which they may have to rule upon.

All is silent at the Palace of Justice, as we go to bed on Thursday evening, October 26, following an uneventful day in the 54th Criminal District Court in the case of Christopher Jacob Carrizal, a man Reyna told jurors need not have known of the actions of others, or even have participated in murderous behavior himself. He would prove to them that Carrizal is responsible for the deaths and wounding and other culpable acts as the one who directed the criminal activity.

So far, in three weeks of testimony, no evidence has been yet presented that would prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Bandido Jake Carrizal did anything other than ride his hog into an ambush at a political meeting regarding pending  legislation.

I have spoken.

I am sincere.

So mote it be.

— The Legendary