Improved Quality Audio Tells Tale Of Fatal Fire


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Chris Leder Williams reportedly with Delvin Maddison cooking meth

Waco – An improved audio file of a half-hour conversation with a DEA agent that took place on August 9, 2012 reveals an informant’s words placing two members of the Aryan Circle prison clique at a murderous arson explosion and fire.

Ashley Dawn Rogers and two of her children lost their lives when a dispute arose in February of 2012 about cooking crystal meth at her trailer in a Bosqueville mobile home park on N. 19th St.

Delvin Maddison and Chris Leder Wiliams were there after cooking dope for many hours when the mother of three ordered them to leave.

Williams is said to be held in an out-of-state psychiatric facility pending a ruling that he is fit to face charges. The rest of the people mentioned in this case have been remanded to the courts of original jurisdiction to proceed to original sentencing in cases in which their sentences had been suspended.

They had previously been facing indictment for engaging in organized criminal activity.

The persons so convicted are said to be serving their time behind bars at lockups under federal contract by private operators at multiple locations in other states.

There is no statute of limitations on the charge of capital murder, and in this case, there are three counts pending when and if authorities are prepared to present the facts to a Grand Jury.

According to Josh Gunter, who may be heard relating this to federal officers beginning at minute 22 on the attached audio, “They locked the babies in the bathroom.”

The fire report turned in by Arson Investigator Lt. Kevin Fisk places the children in the rear bedroom of the trailer with their mother where they reportedly succumbed to heat in excess of 1,000 degrees fahrenheit caused by what was described as an unknown source.

Fisk resigned after proving his sanity to the Civil Service Commission several years later.

Gunter may be heard saying he had no idea there were three children, instead of just two. A third child escaped with the help of a neighbor.

Gunter came forward after a confidential source drove him to the federal task force satellite office at 6801 Sanger in this city. As he spoke, she made an audio recording with a device concealed in the back pocket of her jeans after visiting the ladies room in order to turn it on.

On the tape, you may hear him presenting his proffer of which cases he would like to be sentenced just so long he doesn’t “get arrested around my kids.”

The lady who made the tape came forward to correct an earlier account in which she was erroneously referred to as Gunter’s “companion.” He was already on probation in multiple locations in Texas and facing possession charges for a large quantity of marijuana.

Josh’s charge in Kingsville was marijuana greater than 50 pounds. I picked him up in Rockwall at his mom’s house on the morning of his meeting with the agents When we left the satellite office the U.S. Marshals guided me off the freeway in unmarked cars and took him to jail on the revocation of probation that same day within 20 minutes of us leaving that office. They called George Ryan Taylor and Taylor told them go ahead and pick him up, they don’t need him no more…

“LEGENDARY: Okay, then, quid pro quo, the arrangement was that they proceeded to original sentencing in a number of causes of persons involved and thereby disposed of three capital murder cases? I distinctly heard discussion of those cases, who knew what and when. I do regret I didn’t get the details exactly straight, but the net net is correct, no?

Close.. I wasn’t his companion. Lol

In that statement, The Legendary is wrong. No such charges have been disposed. They are open cases.

Former Lt. Kevin Fisk, who now works as a private investigator for the defense in the case against Dallas Bandido Jake Carrizal, has alleged that the deaths of Ashley Dawn Rogers and her children are the result of murder in which the weapon was fire.

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  1. Now if it was easy for u to get ahold of that recording u should ask urself why they made it so easy for u to get ahold of that. But honestly who ever fixed it or bleeped and changex it didnt do a very good job. Question is who are they covering up for. Not Delvin. So i wonder who. Someone other than delvin and chris leader. And i wouldnt care if they got those 2 or not. I wouldnt let it go until everyone that played a part was charged. Everyone involved. Including dirty cops. Before i die im getting justice my way if necessary.

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