Twin Peaks Judge has to go: Bandido’s Attorney

This Court has refused to perform ministerial acts and has abused its discretion so grossly that defendant has no adequate remedy at law. Defendant also believes and affirms this Court’s actions and comments also warrant a motion to recuse the Hon. Judge Ralph Strother from presiding in this case. That motion will be filed immediately.

Without relief, defendant will suffer irreparable harm. – Casie Gotro’s motion to stay proceedings in the first trial of the Twin Peaks cases, State v. Bandido Jake Carrizal


Bandido Jake Carrizal, charged with murder conspiracy by engaging in organized criminal activity and directing the actions of an outlaw gang on May 17, 2017 – photo by T.Witherspoon of the Waco “Tribune-Herald,” who is allowed to take photos in the courtroom 

Six Shooter Junction – The local court system’s reluctance to make available discovery information that both the U.S. and State Constitutions declare belongs to the defendant before trial has led to a grinding halt in the first of 155 high profile murder conspiracy cases.

19th Criminal District Judge Ralph T. Strother is so biased, he should be recused, according to the defense attorney representing Bandido Jake Carrizal.

Houston lawyer Casie Gotro alleges in one of two motions,  in which she is seeking a stay in the proceeding pending his removal, that Strother has “ruled for the State” and refuses to perform the duties of a Judge.

In another, a motion of noncompliance,  she declares that Strother is making it impossible to formulate questions to ask of prospective jurors in what is known as voir dire  examination – Latin for “to speak the truth.”

So long as the State continues to deny the defense access to records and material evidence, it will never be possible for undersigned counsel or any other lawyer to intelligently question a venire or formulate those questions for submission to a venire.

Absent a court order, undersigned counsel has no reason to believe the State will voluntarily produce or allow the defendant access to material evidence or stop interfering with the defendant’s efforts to obtain this evidence.”

According to the twin motions filed today, Ms. Gotro claims that the prosecution has argued that her client Bandido Carrizal; “1) defendant was not entitled to the records; 2) had already received the records; and/or 3) the records did not exist. The Court blindly accepted the State’s generic argument and ‘ruled for the State.’”

She intends to seek a writ of mandamus from an appeals court ordering the judge to produce the requested information.

The result is that  the Court “grossly abused its discretion leaving the defendant in the untenable position of sacrificing one constitutional right in order to exercise another.”

Only a court order will make it possible to get the information.

Here’s the record of Strother’s performance, according to the motions:

On August 4, the attorneys met in chambers to discuss records and material evidence that was not being made available to the defense. Ms. Gotro states she “explained to the Court, based on the events of the previous weeks and well known to the Court, the only way these items would ever be produced to the defense was if the Court ordered those in possession to produce them…”

In response to 10 of 12 subpoenas filed for state and local officials to produce records, “Not a single responsive record was produced and one elected official (Sheriff Parnell McNamara) declined to even appear in court.

On August 14, 2017, this Court refused to perform certain ministerial acts and grossly abused its discretion…”

In his ruling, Strother “…1) refused to perform the ministerial duty of allowing defense counsel to make a record describing the non-responsive nature of the document production…; 2) refused to read any of the nine of the subpoenas ; summarily concluded without having read either the subpoenas or the documents produced that defendant was not entitled to this evidence prior to trial; 5) refused to make any findings of fact; 6) refused to make conclusions of law, and; 7) refused to take any action enforcing the defendant’s subpoenas.”

Ms. Gotro refused to respond to a question from this mighty organ of public opinion submitted in writing, by e-mail.

It is this: Is she aware that the fast frigate U.S.S. Constitution, which was built during the administration of President Thomas Jefferson, is still in commission as a war vessel of the United States Navy, and that many of her recent skippers have been of the female gender?

We the People are sorely reminded of that fact.

And know ye, one and all, that the floggings will continue until morale improves.

I am sincere.

So mote it be.

  • The Legendary
  • Our readers may find interest in the fact that Mr. T. Woods, city editor of the Waco “Tribune-Herald,” has removed his earlier comment on the article’s use of a picture of Jake Carrizal snapped inside the 19th District Court by Tommy Witherspoon, staff writer. He is the only one allowed to make photos in the Courtroom. Fortunately, Ms. Deanna Jo Robinson of Quinlan, Texas preserved the missive and published it in “All For 1,” a Facebook presentation of the Sons of Liberty MC. She added the notation LMAO. She reportedly has a long way to go, but it IS funny. – Legendary Jim

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  1. Mr. T. Woods, city editor of the Waco “Tribune-Herald” has removed his earlier reply. Pray, tell why, Mr. Woods. – Legendary Jim

      1. It seems so, yes. His editor, Steve Boggs mentioned a “cease and desist,” by which he must mean a court order. – Legendary Jim

  2. In fact, I did not remove the comment. I wouldn’t do such a thing. Wouldn’t even know where to begin if I wanted to.
    A quick glance around leads me to believe that only the administrator(s) of this blog would be able to remove comments, once posted.

    1. I deny the allegation, and I defy the allegators, I say. I guess the shop demons got to it, those pesky critters. All I can say is, Shabba-doo-wah-wah-wah – Legendary Jim

  3. It’s obvious, Jim… They have to pick on you. You are passionate about every aspect of reporting real truth, backed by facts. Really appreciate when you add your own brand of humor. It helps lighten the reality of truth your sharing. Kinda feel sorry for yes men, then again…maybe Trib reporters/writers couldn’t handle constant conflict.. Mucho respect for you!

    1. Thank you, Anon. Your comment is most welcome, soothing as cool water on the back of the neck, where they aim the rifles and steely, stone-faced glares. – Your pal, Legendary Jim

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