Gonzo Rant About ‘Standing Up To Cops’


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This is The Legendary Dr. Hunter S. Thompson inveighing over his “bumbling, officious political arrest for DWI.”

According to the doctor, the point of the story is to show others how important it is to stand up to the police. But there is a certain poetry to the language of the missive he wrote to the DA, a hapless lackey of the legal community who insisted Thompson should come to the courthouse to be re-arrested because of some deficiency in the affidavit of arrest.

Naturally, the local media was to have been given the photo op of recording it all for posterity, pointless pubic hairs as they are, totally unable to gather relevant news and present it to their trembling bosses or a public long since conditioned to hide their eyes and weep when confronted with this kind of idiocy.

I think you might find this to your taste, dear hearts. It’s a deep dish serving of Gonzo Journalism laced with bat guano and other poisonous substances fit for a dart from a pygmy’s blow gun.

Now hear this.

As always, the floggings will continue until morale improves.


One thought on “Gonzo Rant About ‘Standing Up To Cops’”

  1. Legendary,
    First, Jim Morrison w/John Lee Hooker….Then….Hunter S. Thompson?!
    My opinion of you just gets better and better.

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