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Prospective jurors fully informed that if they cannot see how the state has proven its allegations, they are within their rights to acquit an accused offender in the Twin Peaks cases.

The primary nature of the offense was that people who wear leather and ride big, loud, fat, nasty American V-Twin motorcycles showed up at a bar to talk about where the multi-million-dollar “motorcycle safety fund” is, why it’s not being spent but used to “balance” the budget,” the state of handgun legislation that would allow open carry, and other matters of state pondered by the suits on May 17, 2015.

How perfectly pushy of them. The very idea.

“They didn’t come here to drink beer and eat barbecue,” said Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton of the Waco Police Department.

You know the story. Now hear the additional allegations presented in a superseding indictment against Jake Carrizal, a Bandido from Dallas, who is scheduled to be the first of 152 indicted for engaging in organized criminal activity to face trial in September.

And the floggings will continue – until morale improves. Having fun?

One may study the state of jury nullification and jury selection, instructions and the like by clicking this link:

So mote it be.

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