Texas National founder lays out bold plan for a beleaguered economy


John Michael Steele (R) andThomas Maddux (L),  of Texas Nationality 

Dale, Texas – A co-founder of the Texas Nationality movement, John Michael Steele thinks of himself as “just a guy who woke up, and is determined to be free.” He is in no mood to take prisoners in his quest to live in a revitalized republic.

A former tech at Apple and a software systems worker from Austin, he takes a hard line on public debt and what he refers to as Big Oil’s  economic dominance as “the lingering dinosaur of greed.”

He bluffly advocates a switch to electric power provided by turbines fueled with industrial hemp oil.

The federal control of crop subsidies and land loans are something he dismisses as nothing to get too excited about. Let the government absorb the loss. “It’s their debt anyway.”

Forget about central banking and fiat currency, he said in a freewheeling, far-ranging interview. Cash in pocket is to be the new rule.

Hold on to your hat; the electric MagLev express from DFW to Houston is departing – NOW!

Legendary – Could you tell me what drew your interest to becoming a Texas nationalist?

John Michael Steele – 9/11. It just took a long time to learn the right path.

Legendary – Should our state leave the protection of the U.S., how would we defend our petrochemical synthesis and petroleum refinement plants in the Galveston Bay Area and Brazoria County?

John Michael Steele – No army on earth outnumbers the native population. The state is just a creation of the federal government. Repopulate the Republic and we can be free.

Legendary – It occurs to me that pensionados and retirees could continue to live here as expatriates, as they do in Mexico and the Philippines, Belize, Venezuela.

John Michael Steele – They could, but I do not think that is a good idea. They will demand to reinstate the centralization of power. They do not know any other way.

Legendary – Something like 85% of the people live on 15% of the land. Could we re-colonize and decentralize our population?

John Michael Steele – Taking back the physical land is paramount. Then kicking out the federal government agents.

Legendary – So, land reform is as important in this movement as it has been in south and central American republics.

John Michael Steele – Not sure reform is the correct term. Reclaim the Common Law Right to Property without any government interference.

Legendary – It would be quite a battle to disabuse the corporate interests of their dependence on the U.S. Government for crop subsidies and loan programs. Very few people are actually involved in the cultivation and harvesting of most crops.

John Michael Steele – It is the road less traveled, not for the faint of heart…

Legendary – Would you advocate a petroleum depletion tax allowance for domestic production?

John Michael Steele – Fossil fuels have been obsolete for over 100 years. Hemp does everything oil can, but better.

Legendary – So, there would be a de-emphasis of fossil fuel production and consumption. Plant it, grow it, combine it, and press the seeds. I see.

John Michael Steele – Internal Combustion Engines are also obsolete.

Legendary – Turbines?

John Michael Steele – Big Oil is the lingering dinosaur of greed. Electric engines.

Legendary – What about mass transit? Do you see a future in interurban trams?

John Michael Steele – MagLev. Silent, no exhaust.

Legendary – It makes sense, since a huge percentage of people live within a few mils of the DFW, Austin and San Antonio and Houston triangle.

John Michael Steele – As well as longer lines to more distant locations.

Legendary – Would the right of way be acquired through eminent domain?

John Michael Steele – No need, the paths are already clear. Plus VTOL for short hops is easy now.

Legendary – How would the owners be compensated?

John Michael Steele – Again, no need at all.

Legendary – How so?

John Michael Steele – Electric engines can power aircraft if need be. Airships are impressive performers.

Legendary – I see.

John Michael Steele – Run the MagLev along existing highways.

Legendary – Understood.

John Michael Steele – In an elevated configuration, the highways could be left in place, too.

Legendary – All this neatly sidesteps the growing menace of an economic meltdown due to the diminishing potential for converting petrodollars to T-Bond investment.

John Michael Steele – And we can literally grow the materials to do it with – hemp.

Legendary – You’ve given this a lot of thought. Have you figured a way to overcome the objections of folks in the last trimester of their lives who live on pensions and could easily convert their cash to the new Texas currency in order to live in comfort for their final years?

John Michael Steele – They just have to have the guts to realize they have been living in a lie for the last 150 years. Then put them in charge of all the millenials.

Legendary – In terms of currency, how would it be controlled? Would there be a central bank?

John Michael Steele – No central anything. Hard coin in the hands of humans only.

Legendary – Who would examine the banks to see that they are able to remain solvent, to protect the depositors?

John Michael Steele – Their depositors, if people are still foolish enough to trust banksters. Everyone in the banking industry is guilty of fraud at best, treason at worst.

Legendary – These ideas will be considered very radical by large parts of the population. Have you obtained statistics of how many and what part of the population to whom these concepts hold appeal?

John Michael Steele – Popularity is irrelevant; the reality of our time overrides all emotional responses. The dollar is crashing in slow motion, and has lost 98% of its value. Countries around the world are dumping the dollar.

Legendary – So, in the final analysis, it comes down to the money, the gauge of just how much peace and comfort an individual can purchase for his family. Agreed?

John Michael Steele – The sociopaths are in office, and ignoring that is suicidal. No, fiat money is a scam.

Legendary – Can’t beat them without the do re mi.

John Michael Steele – Real wealth is land, gardens, and farms, not skyscrapers, lawns, and piles of paper.

Legendary – How would you satisfy creditors who have an encumbrance upon Texas assets?

John Michael Steele – Let the federal government own that debt; it is theirs.

Legendary – Can you name the single greatest benefit Texas Nationalism holds for the family?

John Michael Steele – The money is counterfeit. Reclamation of real rights – to land, to life.

Legendary – What was the single most compelling experience that led to your present posture?

John Michael Steele – 9/11

Legendary – I thank you for a fabulous interview. Is there anything you would like to add?

John Michael Steele – Knowledge of the Truth is real Power.

Shall I refer to you as the founder, or a co-founder of the Texas National movement?

John Michael Steele – I am just a guy who woke up, and is determined to be free.

Legendary – Splendid.

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