‘I Broke No Law’ – Militia Chief Answers Critics

“If we lose Texas, we lose it all,” says Militia Commander…

Robert Beverly of TSM Phoenix answered his detractors this way…

Arlington – Robert Beverly – we mistakenly called him John in earlier posts – says he is not only unconcerned with his detractors’ criticism, he welcomes it.

As the Commanding Officer of the Texas State Militia, he is working from inside the law, as a licensed security officer and the chief executive of a Texas corporation. To him, it’s just another chance to demonstrate his organization’s abilities under the law.

Starting as a member of the overpasses protests, he one day got the revelation while dealing with members of the Texas State Militia Vanguard.

It was in a dispute about FCC licensing of ham radios, something he could not make his fellow soldiers understand as a benefit, and the notion came in loud and clear. “Why would you want to fight from outside the law? Why don’t you fight within the law, and you can do it.”

When he couldn’t work the dispute out with the Commanding Officer, he recalls, he submitted his resignation, and that was that. He doesn’t mention anything about a unanimous vote to eject him.

The mission, as Beverly sees it, is to offer anyone who is concerned with the defense of his home, his community, his state, and his nation, with an opportunity to make an informed decision.

That’s part of the challenge,” he said. “Get folks to understand how perverted the law has become.”

At the time he became “unsettled” with conditions of his citizenship, he remembers, “The biggest thing that hit me was my ignorance, and to what degree they control me because of my ignorance. It made me angry and it made me unsettled.”

The key to defense by militia is to organize as security guards, trained under the guidelines and requirements of DPS regulations, vetted as law abiding men and women, and licensed to patrol property with the permission of the land owner.

As a militia sanctioned by the Governor’s Office, “You have to keep it really small; as a security company, I can be as big as I want to be.”

For an investment of from $200 to $300 a person can be trained and licensed as a Level 2 and 3 Security Officer – inclulding an $82 license fee for non-veterans and $32 for veterans – and no law enforcement officer can disarm or arrest them unless probable cause is shown to a magistrate of a legal violation.

DontComply.com Chief Murdoch Pizgatti accused Beverly of legal violations that “will affect his license.”

Beverly wanted to know, “How will that be?”

During the Sam Houston Rally at General Sam Houston’s statue in Hermann Park, he pointed out, “I did not arrest anyone; I did not take away anyone’s weapon. I identified myself only as head of security for Texas State Militia. I can say that all day long. Once I say I’m a security contractor, I have to comply with the requirements of my license. I was wearing only the emblem of the militia; I wore no badge; I wore nothing to show that I’m a security guard.

I broke no law.”

When it comes to casting aspersions, taking matters out of context, or blowing circumstances up out of proportion, “I welcome anyone who questions my motives.”

It only gives him another chance to display his organizational abilities and the advantages of the advantages of the status of his organization.

If a member takes advantage of training levels up to the skill classification of a Level 4 PPL Bodyguard, “You don’t have to worry about these 30.06 and 30.07 signs,” said Beverly. “You can carry your weapon concealed anywhere, anywhere at all, as long as you’re with your client – and you don’t drink.”

This would clearly obviate the need for police officers to become involved with taking care of security in establishments licensed to serve alcoholic beverages. A private security guard could easily head off trouble before it reaches the level of a dreaded municipal disturbance call and an investigation by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission with the attendant 28-day suspension.

It works the same way with border security or any other concern that occurs on private property. “There’s a big difference in training and in application…They could take my weapon away if i’m just a citizen…We’ve been vetted. We are licensed.”

Was there an infiltration of his operation on Saturday?

The answer is yes. Members of ANTIFA and ANONYMOUS were apprehended putting on their masks and costumes in the restroom as the Miller Outdoor Theater.

They never made it to the area controllled by the militia.

Some persons wanted to carry Confederate Battle flags; they were apprehended in the designated parking lot, and isolated across the street in an area reserved for white supremacists.

He also acknowlededged that all security arrangements were suddenly scrubbed and replaced on police orders at 4 a.m., after long and careful planning.

I’m fixing to give Houston a party because of what they did to us on Saturday,” he said. “If we lose Texas, we lose it all. All the rest will fall in line.”

He’s right. As a native of the Bayou City, I like to think of messing with Texas as something akin to tap dancing on a land mine mounted atop a keg of gunpowder. One explosion on the Ship Channel would likely lead to a chain reaction nearly all the way to downtown Houston.

I have spoken.

I am sincere.

So mote it be.

The Legendary

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