Bonnie Blue Nation Rising


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Shawn Watson and family are seeking a departure from U.S. citizenship in favor of a national identity in the State of Texas as a nation state. 

Meridian State Park – When talk turns to matters of state – to have and to have not – and what is most desired, it’s simplest to resort to the most pertinent question of all.

Just what the hell was it woke you folks up as wide awake as you seem to be?

Once the ice is broken, Occam’s razor won’t cut too deeply, and recollections of a multitude of insults to the safety and security of one self and family tumbles out, tripping off the tongue with the ease of a toastmaster in his cups.

As always, the simplest explanation is usually the best one – at least for starters. As to each thing, what is it; of what does it consist?

And so, here in this tiny jewel of a park where one is rarely out of sight of excellent freestone masonry done by desperate men who would have starved to death had not their government provided a place for them to perform their craftsmanship beside a creek dammed by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in a box canyon situated between the rocky folds of a pair of flatiron mesas, the time came to speak of the Bonnie Blue, of Texas, the nation among nations, its original Constitution of 1836 voted out at Washington-On-The Brazos, whence the fall drains in this system through the valley of the Bosque – literally, the sticks.

As Mr. and Mrs. Watson – Shawn and Jessica – spoke, there came the tales of a state gone wild in its obsessive desire to control – nearly everything, including the relations between parent and child, employer and employee, landlord and tenant, lawman and citizen – and the resentment flows like new wine. Somehow, it doesn’t sound like the sickness, the offending emotion the court-imposed talking cure hammers upon, but merely common sense.

It is nearly impossible to get through any given day without offending in either a high crime or a misdemeanor in which no one – no one at all, is actually harmed in any really provable way. There is only the adversarial nature of an implacable foe, a state offended by a myriad number of acts in which the state is the only truly offended party. That is, against the peace and dignity of the People of the State of Texas. This is what the ordinary man and woman call “the system.” It’s as real as the orbital patterns of the planet and its star, as pervasive as that heavenly orb’s radiation, as invasive as the sword, the bullet, the poisonous gas, high explosive or fire bombs of any other warrior.

And what is to blame, what condition, what cause of which to complain? Adherents point to the Fourteenth Amendment, which was not necessarily ratified by the legislatures of 37 constituent republics so much as adopted by a military government of occupation of 11 confederated states defeated in the bloodiest and most costly war in the nation’s history.

The sea change, they point out, was a shift from an adherence to natural rights and a focus on civil rights guaranteed by this amendment – and the prolonged civil warfare that exists to this day as a result, warfare which they insist is as real as real may be.

THEY ARE CONSTRUCTION HANDS, the texture of their fingers and palms toughened by years of hard work.

After listening carefully, one realizes that these folks don’t need to return to the land. They live on it, day in and day out, working as hard as they may and unable to get a toe hold from which to perfect title to the place where they may stand their ground.

They are not alone in their idea.

They wish to return to the revolutionary ideals of a nation of men and women who followed the leadership of a visionary General and his Indian Scout, men who saw a need to expand the southwestern border of a nation in which the rule of law prevailed in contrast to a neighboring state in which no rights were to be observed in courts of no record whatsoever, tribunals in which an accused offender or his attorney could get no information as to the nature of the charge, the complaint, a copy of the petition – any of the true facts alleged.

This is serious business, matters under discussion by people who deliver the freight, put up the buildings, cook the food, harvest the crops. Their desire: an understandable rule of law, a body of statutory and common law they are able to comprehend, and through which understanding they may live in peace.

Their strategy, to challenge the jurisdiction of the complaining party, the officer of the State, by correcting their nationality to the status of Texas Nationals.

There is much wisdom in studying the experience of fellow researchers in to the arcana of perfecting land title and abstract questions. Look for help at:

So mote it be.

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