Allege False Flag Event

Murdoch Pizgatti depicted at an open carry event in downtown Temple

Somewhere in the D-FW Metroplex – Murdoch Pizgatti took to the cyber web late Monday to voice a detailed allegation against ‘This Is Texas’ of creating a terrorist campaign.

By posing as ANTIFA activists on quickly fabricated Facebook pages, he alleged in a statement couched as a comment on a RadioLegendary story, This Is Texas spent $4,000 creating a media hoax that struck a terror-filled message in the greater Houston metro area.

We re-print his allegations here:

Holding true to principle, demanding justice, and always watching out for those who will take advantage of people in our community comes at a price. You must be willing to give away all you have to prevent parasites from continuing. We have gone on a hunt for terrorists in our midst that are disguised as patriots. They have put out threats of violence and destruction of property using fake Antifa pages all for political motives trying to get laws passed. These criminals used fear as a tactic to mobilize good hearted men and women. They knowingly took in and spent $4,000.00 of money we all gave even when we barely had enough to eat. People spent limited money on armor and helmets and other gear to be safe against this threat that was a lie. Some took flights, booked hotels and traveled untold miles in cramped cars. All for lies. And now that we are sifting through the records and narrowing it down several people became extremely defensive. We asked one of the Texas Antifa admins to cooperate with us and tell us who the other traitors were. This is the worst type of crime where the people hide their faces behind a keyboard as they spew hate, then smile and pretend to love freedom when you are standing next to them at the event they created from fear. Our motives have been true and honest. Our goal is to expose those that have deceived you.

In response to the slander video by Joseph Walker that he public he’d on Cheryl Walkers page I will quickly hit each point with a rebuttal in the order it appears in the video.

-He admits they knew it was a hoax before hand and decided to go ahead and scam everyone.

-No list was, has or will be given to authorities if the guilty come clean and offer to make whole their damage.

-Matt never met with TNM. There was a quick phone call. We often talk to all groups involved in these big events.

-Matt never went to the cops or talked to any government agent.

-We contacted an admin of the Texas Antifa page and asked for the other admins names.

-He wants you to help hide the identities of the criminal terrorists who posted threats online.

-He doesn’t want you to give us any info on the connections between the This Is Texas group and their Antifa counterpart that were able to have an event based completely off the fear mongering that they or affiliates perpetrated on the Antifa page.

-DontComply has never contacted the authorities to give any information on any criminal activity.

-He claims we hurt the cause by demanding the truth be told and liars admit their deceit.

-He classifies a remark as sexist when upon being harassed by abusive language Murdoch responded to Cheryl Walker “Calm your tits”.

-Again, we have never gone to any cops or threatened to. We have not handed any information to any government agency.

-We never threatened anyone. We did however tell one of the guilty Texas Antifa admins that we would take into consideration any help she may offer. We also never asked for any of Joseph’s personal info or anyone’s personal info. We only asked for names of the guilty.

We will see this through to the end. We want justice and for the deceivers to be exposed for who they really are.

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