The inspection, the investigation and the emperor’s new clothes


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Fire Marshal Kevin Vranich in conversation with the deposed lead arson investigator Kevin Fisk held forth about a proposed restructuring of the Waco Fire Department’s inspection and investigations staff – only days after ordering Fisk to partake in no official duties…

Waco – It’s an old story. The city dads in Six Shooter Junction just don’t like having to conduct business with the help under the rules and regulations of civil service commissions, the courts, or union contracts.

It’s just not done that way, and at times it puts the people served by the municipal corporation that is Waco, Texas into some funny positions.

The ultimate question is, who benefits? Few are brave enough to speculate on that answer to the unasked question, the 400-pound gorilla crouched in the corner of the room who never quite finds a way to stop beating on his chest.

Ce’st la guerre. As the old time blues man recorded for posterity in his sentiments to Ida Mae, “If you cry the penny, you die by the dime.”

In a candid audio file surreptitiously recorded by former Arson Investigator Kevin Fisk on April 1, 2015, Waco’s Fire Marshal said that in a time of increased blazes of questionable origin, he would like to bring the city’s fire inspection services up to Insurance Service Organization (ISO) standards by staffing his operation with civilian inspectors not under the rules of the civil service commission.

The resulting conversation is very interesting for folks who write hefty checks on a quarterly basis to household, manufacture, warehouse, distribute goods or perform services as a matter of course and the law.

Asked who would benefit from such an arrangement, Fisk, who lost his career after 15 years on the job when former Fire Chief John Johnston and Vranich recommended a leave of absence while experts examined his mental fitness to continue in his duties, declined to comment.

As a matter of record, no expert opinion regarding Fisk’s supposed inability to perform his professional function due to his mental state was forthcoming, and he was reinstated to his position with the stricture that he could still perform no investigative duties.

It is his allegation that he was told that if did not resign, he would be terminated and thereby lose all his retirement benefits accumulated during 15 years of service to the City of Waco.

Welcome to the NFL.

So mote it be.



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