Last $1 Million Club Member In Waco ICU After Seizure Meds Witheld

CORRECTION: MARCUS PILKINGTON REJECTED A PLEA OFFER AND ACCEPTED A JUDGE’S SENTENCING OF TWO 5-YEAR Concurrent sentences for narcotics possession and a 2-year sentence for tampering with physical evidence. No charge of domestic violence was involved. We apologize for the inacuracy. – RadioLegendary

Jail Commission complaint pending for mistreatment of ailing inmate

Bandido Marcus Pilkington sustained a 1/4-inch bullet wound at Twin Peaks. He suffered a seizure at the Limestone County Jail when corrections officers failed to give him his medication 

Waco – The family of Marcus Pilkington filed a complaint with the Texas Commission on Jail Standards after he suffered a seizure at the Limestone County Jail. He is in an induced coma at Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center today because corrections officers reportedly witheld his seizure medication.

Pilkington’s mother and grandmother were said have been ordered by hospital security officers to clear off the premises when they met the ambulance as it arrived from Groesbeck.

Authorities finally allowed his mother to visit his bedside late Wednesday afternoon after a police official from the Groesbeck area arranged for the visit.

A Limestone County District Court sentenced Pilkington to two concurrent 5-year terms for domestic a domestic dispute involving stalking and a 2-year stretch for a marijuana charge on Tuesday. After he checked into the County Jail, corection officers allegedly neglected to give him his medication.

Pilkington, who has served as a sergeant at arms in the Bandidos Motorcycle Club, has gained some notoriety as the last member of the “$1 Million Club” to be released on a bond reduction after his arrest as the last of 177 defendants taken into custody on the identical charge of engaging in organized crime at the Twin Peaks massacre on May 17, 2015.

During the fracas, Pilkington suffered a 1/4-inch bullet wound in his leg, then served an extended period of days in the Jack Harwell Detention Center after receiving initial medical care. According to his mother, he received no further medical attention during his stay at the privately operated lockup at Waco, which is leased to LaSalle Corrections, an out of state operator.


4 thoughts on “Last $1 Million Club Member In Waco ICU After Seizure Meds Witheld”

  1. Those charges are not accurate. He is not a woman beater. I believe they were all drug charges.The family violence was dropped. Fact check brother.

  2. This story contains in accurate information. The picture being used was taken from marc’s facebook page without his consent.

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