AG’S Embarrassing words

Jeff Sessions, the ignoramus from Alabama who believes he’s the AG

Washington – The unfortunate statement by former Alabama U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions that he’s shocked that a judge on an island in the Pacific can block an executive order by Donald Trump is a total embarrassment to experienced Americans of even minimal education.

Obviously, this fool has no idea how the federal court system is organized, or even its function. Nevertheless, as a white-headed, tooth-sucking Sun Belt Republican of the New South, a wise man of the U.S. Senate, he voted on numerous judicial appointments to federal benches without the basic savvy that would enable a high school student to pass a routine quiz about a civics lesson.

He proved it when he blurted out his ridiculous opinion to a CNN reporter, and the pitiful thing is, the only thing that makes it remarkable is the Attorney General of the United States of America said it, not some senile old gramps at the Dairy Queen nursing a second cup of coffee.

Had he bothered to read the 120 day Court order to stay the Executive Order issued by U.S. District Court Judge Derrick R. Watson of the District of Hawaii, he would have learned that there are valid constitutional principles to consider in the lawsuit brought by the Plaintiffs, the State of Hawaii and Ismail Elshikh, an adherent of the Muslim religion.

Both claim that Donald Trump and the rest of his government are engaging in a “Muslim ban” in contravention to what is known as the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment, which plainly states, in bluff terms, “Congress shall make no law regarding an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

They hold that not only has Trump said in no uncertain terms that the purpose of the travel restrictions for people seeking refugee status or travel on visas issued in six predominantly Muslim states is not only to ban from the U.S. people who worship under the tenets of the Muslim faith, but that to do so will cause the people of Hawaii and her institutions irreparable harm.

Judge Watson indicated that he agrees with the Plaintiffs, who allege “by singling out nationals from the six predominantly Muslim countries, the Executive Order causes harm by stigmatizing not only immigrants and refugees, but also Muslim citizens of the United States.”

He furthermore makes extensive citations of “public statements by the President and his advisors regarding the implementation of a Muslim ban, which Plaintiffs contend is the tacit and illegitimate motivation underlying the Executive Order.”

One may read the Judge’s Order of which Mr. Sessions complains so bitterly by clicking on this highlighted area.

Other than that, as we all know, the Legislature is now in session, contemplating constitutional carry of handguns. This would not be alarming if not for the past track record of the Know Nothings who brought us the Branch Davidian raid and the Twin Peaks massacre under similar circumstances, during earlier sessions of other Legislatures with smaller numbers.

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