Out In The Styx, On Hwy Six


I slept out in the open, just to let my mind run free. Last night I slept down by the ocean, beneath the boughs of an old oak tree.

I don’t even know; I don’t even know; I don’t even know if I could do the City. I don’t even know; I don’t even know; I don’t even know if I could do the City. 

There was once a place known to one and all who visited as Mushroom City, situated on a plain in a flood control district behind a military levee built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, those friendly folks who brought you the Panama Canal, facilitated the two-ocean Navy, ushered in the era of PAX AMERICANA…

Which is no more. Which is no more? Which is no more…than past is prologue of the future past in tense awareness of that which is gone, now, but hardly forgotten by those who once visited.

Maybe there is some truth to the rumor that the Corps had a lot of trouble with folks fishing off the bridge. Been known to happen.

It is written, the bright young minds at the Texas Agricultural & Mechanical University at College Station, Texas, a component of the University of Texas System and an institution dedicated to the systematic military engineering of the planet to its very foundations – HAVE SOLVED THE PROBLEM of the psychoactive fungi known as Amanita Muscaria so favored by the psycheliacs of the future past so well remembered in song and fable, legend and amongst dancing fools of all who care to – DANCE!

The pastures of the Addicks-Barker Flood Control District were once strewn by the magic mushrooms as soon as sunlight struck the cow patties and the hip devotees could pick them.

Through an adroit management on an atomic level, the research biologists of the agricultural university just up the Styx Six bridal path of the iron monsters have solved the problem by altering the very structure of the organism to eliminate the psychoactive ingredient itself.

One may go to town on what one may choose, but the exercise is that of futility, for the only thing to be obtained is a taste of a once  wild mushroom that grows in fresh cowshit after rains and does nothing for the head whatsoever.

And then I realized the one singing about sleeping down by the ocean – beneath the boughs of an old oak tree – was me. It wasn’t a dream, after all. I had been there, all night long, all along. Selah!

So mote it be.

The Legendary


‘All Went Along Like Sheep’


Randall L. Kallinen (L) and Paul Looney explain their civil rights suit in a press conference at the U.S. Courthouse in downtown Houston

Houston – When it comes to the facts of the Twin Peaks case, these two lawyers know as much as anyone else in the world.

That’s because the discovery in the case is massive, something that is totally unusual in the criminal courts of Waco, where the massacre occurred.

Prosecutors and judges insist on defendants and their attorneys signing an agreed order of discovery in which the attorney may inspect the materials that serve as evidence against the accused, but they can only take notes during a visit at the DA’s office. There are no copies allowed.

That’s dead and stinking in the Twin Peaks cases. Paul Looney and Randall Kallinan know as much about what happened there as the cops.

The central fact of their investigation of the case of State v. Morgan English is simple enough. There is no fact involved in the case, other than the fact that the District Attorney and Waco Police had her charged on the basis of a perjured affidavit of probable cause, according to a $350 million lawsuit they filed today in U.S. District Court.

The affidavit of probable cause under which she was charged is totally false. The physical evidence of her clothing proves that she had no patch or symbol on her person that identified her as a member of any organization whatsoever, much less an outlaw motorcycle gang.

“They have the actual jacket she was wearing,” said her lawyer, Paul Looney.

According to her attorneys, Morgan English can no longer work at her chosen trade of bank teller because the stress of being involved with mass murder has devastated her confidence.

“How do you put a value on a human life?” asked the civil rights specialist, Randall L. Kallinen when a television journalist asked how he arrived at the figure of $350 million?

He learned of similar jury verdicts, he replied. She was charged, and though she was not indicted, it’s always a possibility because the charge is in connection with capital murder, which has no statute of limitations. Though prosecutors declined to pursue the charge of engaging in organized criminal activity, they did not file a dismissal of the charge.

It does something to you, especially a university-educated lady with children, a member of a sorority who has never been arrested.

She no longer works.


That’s simple enough, according to her attorney. People won’t hire someone who has been associated with a mass killing such as the one that occurred at Twin Peaks Restaurant on May 17, 2015 in which 9 were killed, 20 wounded, and 177 arrested on the identical charge.

The bottom line is ironic.

Had the cops declined to pursue the organized crime charge, they would have had no exposure to civil rights litigation, according to Looney. Their investigation of capital murder and aggravated assault would have been based upon facts, and facts alone.

The police intended to identify everyone present, take statements from them, and release them pending further investigation. But the DA, Abel Reyna, made a decision that everyone who was wearing a patch of the Bandidos or Cossacks Motorcycle Club or their support clubs would be arrested for engaging in organized criminal activity.

Morgan English and her husband William wore no such patch. The evidence turned over in the discovery process proves it, said Looney

“They all (police) followed along, like sheep,” he said.

The “Pigeonhole Building” at 515 Rusk Ave., Houston, viewed from the atrium at the Bank of America Center across the street, was built in 1961, during the Kennedy Administration. It looks like pigeon coop. 





Dispatch From A Biker War – Wolves Howling From the Fringe As Rogues

This Posted by Anonymous 1%….

In a recent Facebook post titled “Is there a new Sheriff in TEXAS???,” a Kinfolk sympathizer who identifies himself as “1% Anonymous” wrote:

“To push us, to try to control us would only become your nightmare. It would unleash the wolves that once guarded your thrones. The wolves that once gave you your strength and might. But now the wolves have a new master, they do their own bidding, and you shall soon see the wrath of our pack. You will hunt us, and we will stalk you and a few may fall. But the fangs and claws that once helped create your illusion of power and control, will now tear you apart. Piece by piece, you will be devoured in the name of our fallen brothers till nothing is left but a faint red and gold memory. And we will still be here. Once again at rest until the next tyrant awakens us. Our brotherhood and love will carry on for eternity as will our name. Some will call us friend, some even brother but all will know us for who we truly are. We are Kinfolk MC 1%er. The guardians of the old ways.”

It’s not clear who wrote this, or what it means, but it doesn’t sound good when you acknowledge that it’s got something to do with a recent gunfight east of Abilene near the garbage dump where two ex-Bandidos shot each other up and one died.

The low-level violence with hammers and other contact weapons that has plagued patch holders from R&G and Black and Gold clubs alike seems to have spread to those cast out, as well.

It’s no secret that the club that has dominated Texas for decades has been busy purging its ranks of trouble on two legs in the face of a mounting onslaught of anti-racketeering prosecution by the G.

There is no comfort that word around the streets is that this group of ex-Bandidos seemingly cast out of the tribe to the darkness at the edge of town has invited men behind the badge to join their ranks.

Bill Sartelle, president of Bandidos Motorcycle Club, U.S.A. in a recent dispatch to the media – first of its type, ever – said he has made moves to rid his club of the kind of men who will attract the attention of law men. Quite simply, no multinational corporation, which is what Bandidos M/C is, can afford that kind of trouble.

He has proposed an exclusive interview with The Legendary as soon as it may be arranged.

We await the materialization of his invitation with alacrity.

So mote it be.

Legendary Jim

Twin Peaks – ‘Perjured’ Affidavit Could Cost Taxpayers $350 Million

William and Morgan English, under arrest at Twin Peaks May 17, 2015

Houston – Morgan English is a bank teller who earned a university degree, a woman who went to a biker political meeting with her husband and wound up spending 13 days in jail on a $1 million bond.

She has since that day borne the infamy of being arrested in connection with brutal murders committed on May 17, 2015, her mugshot broadcast to the world, for family and friends to see.

For that injury, her attorneys are seeking $350,000,000 from a federal jury and $100,000,000 for each of the first 100 defendants who have suffered similar treatment following what the mainstream media has referred to as a “melee” and biker outlets have called a “massacre” that left 9 dead, most of them with police bullets in their backs, and 20 wounded.

They will file the civil rights lawsuit in a court of the Austin Division of the Western District of the U.S. District Court on Thursday, May 9, according to her lawyers, who are hosting a press conference at the Federal Courthouse at Houston – the famous “Pigeonhole” Building in the 500 block of Rusk Avenue, so called for its tiny windows in blank concrete walls colored a pale pastel shade of – uh – pink?

Cherry pink in the Domed City, the town that wasn’t already a seaport and demanded the Corps of Engineers dig a ditch to the Gulf?

Yeah, that Houston, as in “Houston, we have a problem,” you know, Space City, the Mission Control that made the cow jump over the moon?

The chief allegation of the federal civil complaint is that the affidavit of probable cause is perjured – a complete fabrication when it comes to the case against Morgan English, wife of a Marine who served in combat in the Iraq War.

According to an affidavit sworn by Waco Detective Manuel Chavez, but written by Assistant District Attorney Mark Parker of the McLennan County DA’s office, those arrested for the crime of having either Bandidos or Cossacks Motorcycle Club patches on their clothing – or those of affiliated support clubs, probably had something to do with the bloody massacre.

It’s a strong case because Chavez admitted in open court that he had no personal knowledge of the allegations of complaint in that probable cause affidavit. None whatsoever does he have because, you see, he was at the scene of another criminal complaint when his supervisor called him to the bloody scene where the Englishes were arrested.

Why was he needed there, at Twin Peaks? Word around the campfire is that no other cop would do it. They had been investigating cases of capital murder and aggravated assault before District Attorney Abel Reyna took over and changed their minds,  ordered them to sign his affidavit.

Very unusual. Prosecutors don’t usually write affidavits. They either present them to Grand Juries, or they decline to prosecute the allegations as criminal complaints.

It all came up in a hearing on a defense motion to dismiss him as the prosecutor and relegate him to the status of “necessary witness.”

Why? Quite simply, he stepped out of his role as an officer of the court and acted as a policeman, according to their allegation. The motion is pending in an intermediate appeals court, the 10th District Court of Appeals, after the DA’s former law partner, Judge Matt Johnson of the 54th Criminal District at Waco turned it down. But that’s another story.

During the hearing in Judge Johnson’s court Chavez testified he had no personal knowledge of the allegations in the affidavit; Reyna was then called to testify, and said he had cautioned him to make sure he had personal knowledge, that he insisted that he read each one.

When Chavez was then recalled to the stand, he testified that Reyna not only didn’t tell him any such thing – he never even saw him that day. All day long. All night, too.

A magistrate charged the 177 arrested that day at Twin Peaks Restaurant with Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity, a conspiracy offense, and in this case one that alleges their actions led to either capital murder, or aggravated assault with deadly weapons such as whips, chains, firearms, brass knuckles, knives – or the like.

Morgan English and her husband William English were not indicted. He was wearing a club patch from the Distorted Motorcycle Club of Brenham, where they live. Distorted MC is not mentioned in any records of “outlaw motorcycle gangs.” Their colors are contrasting shades of blue and white, and they are not affiliated with anyone other than the Confederation of Clubs, a nationwide coalition of motorcycle enthusiasts who attempt to influence state legislation with their lobbyists, the U.S. Defenders and the Legislative Strike Force.

Mrs. English, however, wore no patches or other distinctive garb that would have identified her as a member of an “outlaw motorcycle gang” as defined by a Department of Public Safety manual.

That, according to Paul Looney, a criminal trial lawyer from Hempstead, and Randall Kallinen, a Houston lawyer who specializes in Civil Rights cases, constituted the filing of a “perjured affidavit” – a very courtly and polite way of calling the criminal complaint against her a stinking lie.

According to police narratives obtained in the discovery process of the criminal lawsuits, she and her husband arrived in a car just moments before shots rang out between bikers and bikers, and police and bikers. Hey, there is a LOT of video. You can watch it and determine what, exactly happened.

‘J-accuse…!’ – Emile Zola 

Some people are beginning to think of it as a snuff flick, one of those fabled motion pictures depicting the brutal murder of a human being, the kind of thing experts have labeled an urban myth.

But, then, there are the videos of cops beating mentally challenged people to death, and the Kennedy assassination, and Jack Ruby gut shooting Lee Harvey Oswald in the basement of Dallas Police Headquarters, and chopper pilots annihilating newsmen, and…whatever. One grows numb at some point and stops arguing about it. It is what it is.

During questioning, William English, the Marine, remarked, “Do you think I’d take my wife to a gunfight?”

Following a pre-indictment examining trial hard won and hard fought before visiting judge James Morgan, prosecutors declined prosecution.

But that didn’t do any good for what Morgan English has suffered, according to her attorneys.

Prosecutors and police from Waco, Texas, have never let the world at large know of their error in holding Morgan English in a jail so filthy that Federal immigration authorities took it off-line for detention of aliens apprehended in the U.S. under illegal circumstances.

Complainants alleged on behalf of the detainees that the aliens were forced to walk around in sewage in their stocking feet and flip flops due to overflowing toilets. They were moved to a detention center in south Texas operated by another contractor.

When I first met Morgan, she had been held in custody for 13 days. My first efforts were to get her released and removed from the suspicion of criminal behavior,” said Paul Looney, the attorney who represented Morgan in her criminal case. “Only after the authorities made that an impossibility did I finally decide there was no choice but to use a lawsuit to change the prosecutorial environment in Waco once and for all. This lady is, was and always will be virginally innocent of any criminal behavior that occurred at Twin Peaks. What happened to her, however, is a cruel and excruciating crime not of her own making and $350,000,000 is an appropriate figure for this case.”

After the shooting Morgan and William freely spoke with police. When Justice of the Peace Pete Peterson charged her, he knew or should have known that she was not in the category of arrestees designated as offenders by DA Abel Reyna.

Peterson, who was later recused from participation in the examining trial granted the Englishes, is named in the lawsuit, as is former Chief of Police Brent Stroman, DA Abel Reyna, and “John Doe,” who is believed to be a Department of Public Safety supervisor as yet unnamed.

Said Randall L. Kallinen, “This is especially outrageous because a perjured arrest affidavit was issued for a young lady who arrived at the restaurant parking lot minutes before the shooting began. Morgan English has now been portrayed all over the world as involved in a mass homicide. Her lawsuit is very different from others that have been filed following the melee that happened nearly 22 months ago.”

Says Paragraph 83 of the federal complaint to be filed on Thursday.

Plaintiff also seeks exemplary damages against each individual Defendant of at least $100,000,000–$1,000,000 for each of the first 100 innocent individuals and their families who have suffered and had their entire lives ruined by the Defendants’ actions by being falsely arrested and jailed, saddled with a unjust $1,000,000.00 bond, falsely prosecuted for, so far, 22 months and publicizing accusations of being involved in mass murder throughout the World.

One may read the entire document by clicking here. 


So mote it be.

Legendary Jim

Trump’s Troops Ready To Primary Biker-friendly Legislators Over Bills

State Sen. Konni Burton (R-Ft. Worth, Dist. 10) is facing a primary

Austin – Legislative Strike Force operatives of the U.S. Defenders say the word is already out. The bi-partisan sponsors of a civil forfeiture reform bill requiring conviction prior to loss of property will definitely face a White House-inspired primary effort to remove them from office.

SB 380 would require a conviction for a criminal offense before authorities may confiscate vehicles, property and money from those accused of an offense. Present law does not make any such requirement. Twin Peaks defendants lost their scooters long before they were indicted because they were unable to defend themselves in court. They were locked up under $1 million bail.

The proposed legislation is sponsored by lawmakers from both sides of the aisle, Sen. Konni Burton (R) and Sen. Chuy Hinojosa (D).

In a recent television appearance, President Donald Trump said that an unnamed Texas lawmaker’s political career is under fire from his wing of the Republican Party due to his opposition to Civil Asset forfeiture laws and their lack of a requirement for conviction of a criminal offense – or even charges.

Trump said something about how his career could be “destroyed” because of his political stance on civil asset forfeiture – on national television.

Word came back early this week in Austin.

At least one Senator, Konni Burton, is facing a primary challenge in the next biennial of the Legislature due to her sponsorship of the new law.

Here is what it would require: (click here for a video press conference from the Capital.) 

To date, every Legislator approached for their support on an anti Biker profiling bill has said, “I’m busy with the civil asset forfeiture bill.”


It means – “I don’t want to get primaried over this.

Bandidos Prez: Correct G’s Charges In Indictment

‘Fat Mexican’ logo is a registered trademark copyrighted by Bandidos

Jasper, TX – The President of Bandidos Motorcycle Club, U.S.A. directed an attorney from this East Texas city to demand a correction to a RadioLegendary story printed on March 4.

Bill Sartelle requested an immediate correction of certain facts he has deemed false in our coverage of the arrest of a man represented by the government to have been a national sergeant at arms of the national motorcycle club. “Downtown Johnny” Romo was arrested in Waco, along with his brother and two others in connection with a federal murder indictment stemming from a 2006 killing by gunshot of a man at Austin, Texas, who was allegedly trying to form a chapter of Hells Angels M/C.

Mr. Sartelle stated that none of the men mentioned have been associated with the Bandidos for the past two and one-half years.

In a press release forwarded by Wm. S. Morian, Jr., an attorney in this city, Sartelle stated:

The following people Johnny Romo “Downtown Johnny,” Robert Romo, and Norberto Serna Jr “Hammer” have been out of our club for 2 ½ years. Jesse James Benavidez “Kronic”is on non-association from the BMC for the same period of time.  None of these arrests involved Bandidos Motorcycle Club members.

Morian invited any inquiries by telephone, but at the time of this dispatch, which is immediate, he had not returned a phone call seeking an answer to the question. Was Downtown Johnny a member of Bandidos in March, 2006, when the government alleges he and his companions gunned down Anthony Benesh outside an Austin restaurant?

We have as yet received no answer.

Sartelle added these sentiments, that Bandidos are war veterans, hard working men of blue collar trades and white collar occupations, and your friends and neighbors. They are not a gang.

We of The Legendary never alleged any other thing. We here reported that the Government is on public record as saying they can prove all these things in U.S. District Court, as part of a case of criminal conspiracy involving an ongoing criminal enterprise, under the Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization (RICO) statute.

We of The Legendary News Service, an affiliate of the Texas Long-Haired Rifle Association, have nothing whatsoever to prove about the Bandidos, Angels, Cossacks, Santa Claus, Jesus, Buddha, or Confucius.

We gon’ keep on chooglin’ and hope this here will do the trick.

We reproduce Sartelle’s e-mail here:

 Recent events and media reports have made it necessary for me to address certain issues for the Bandidos Motorcycle Club, United States.

        The Bandidos Motorcycle Club, United States is an organization rich in history and tradition.  We are a Brotherhood of bikers, not a “gang” or criminal organization of any kind.  We are hard-working American men who are married, have children, who pay taxes, and who support their families and communities.  We are your neighbors, business associates, patriots, Veterans of War, blue collar and white collar workers.

        In recent years, we have made a concerted effort to improve our biker image.  Our ties with European and Australian Chapters were severed by us because of their behavior.  Similarly, we do not associate with other motorcycle clubs that we know are engaged in illegal activities.

        Regarding to the recent indictment referenced above, you state that the following men are members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club. This is a FALSE statement; these men are not members of the Bandidos Motorcycle club and we request a correction to your story immediately. The following people Johnny Romo “Downtown Johnny”, Robert Romo and Norberto Serna Jr “Hammer” have been out of our club for 2 ½ years. Jesse James Benavidez “Kronic”is on non-association from the BMC for the same period of time.  None of these arrests involved Bandidos Motorcycle Club members.

        The Bandidos are no more a “gang” than various law enforcement motorcycle clubs or professional athletic teams that have players that get into trouble on occasion.

        As President of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club, United States, it is my desire to clear the air on these matters and demand that references to our club be based on facts, not rumor, speculation or innuendo.  We are a brotherhood, we are the Bandidos Motorcycle Club, United States.

So mote it be.

Legendary jim


Bandidos Natl. Sgt. at Arms Busted in Waco – fallout in Angels war


Six Shooter Junction – Federal agents scoured the streets and netted a national officer of the Bandidos wanted for murder.

When they came for “Downtown Johnny,” he was holed up in Six Shooter, doing his thing as a National Sgt. At Arms for the Bandidos.

Johnny Romo, his brother Robert, Jesse James Benavidez, and Norbert Serna, Jr.,allegedly corrected Anthony Benesh outside an Austin restaurant on March 18, 2006, according to an indictment unsealed on Wednesday, March 2, by firing a bullet and murdering him. They busted Romo’s brother and the other two guys in San Antonio.


They tried to warn Benesh, but he paid no attention when they told him that his attempt to organize a chapter of Hells Angels M/C in Ostentatious, the town Texas has proclaimed terminally weird, would only result in their severe disapproval – the termination of his young life, with extreme prejudice. Texas is for Bandidos – bike, cuts, rockers and all.

At least, that’s what the U.S. Attorney’s Office says it’s prepared to prove.

According to a Federal Grand Jury, the Bandidos acted “to protect the power, reputation, and territory of the Bandidos enterprise.”

So the notion long hallowed by legend and rumor – that federal authorities including the U.S. military are acting to quell what they see as  an ongoing civil war between two factions of alleged racketeers, that of two private armies vying for disputed territory in Texas – is as true as can be and right as rain.

The so-called cases filed in State District Courts for an alleged event that occurred at Twin Peaks Restaurant in Waco on May 17, 2015 for engaging in organized criminal activity may be seen as nothing more than holding actions put in place to demand the silence and cooperation of 155 persons who have been released on bond – pending a federal Racketeer Influence Corrupt Organization (RICO) criminal conspiracy case indicted against someone else else entirely in San Antonio by the U.S. Attorney.

Hot, ain’t it?

Works real good as look-see pidgin, if you take my meaning. After all, would you want to be in any of those peoples’ shoes, especially the ones who did nothing more than run away and take cover from whizzing bullets because they knew they would at the least be held accountable as witnesses to something they didn’t really see?

The earliest trial dates obtained in the Twin Peaks cases were for April 17, against three members of the Bandidos, but those cases have been indefinitely delayed because the District Attorney, Abel Reyna, has released an additional terrabyte of discovery information to defense attorneys.

The nature of the information is unspecified. It may be further inculpatory, or it may be exculpatory. But a terrabyte of information is a huge amount of information, something it will take paralegals months to digest and catalog.

In another case, that of a Cossack M/C member, the Judge recently declared a trial date in December. That defendant will declare he is ready for trial, needs no further time to prepare.

That’s a long time from now.

This is the way of federal authorities in dealing with warring factions inside the borders of any republic in which military action is afoot, be it Vietnam, Colombia, Panama, Bosnia-Herzegovina, or Lebanon.

You raid the parties, take them to a regional interrogation or relocation center, glean all the information available from them, then release them for beaucoup piaster, francs, pounds sterling, pesos, escudos or whatever – and if they can’t keep their mouths shut, back they go inside – all day and all night – until you get around to their next court appearance, and so forth.

It was the announced purpose of the Special Operations Command of the U.S. Army in early 2015 that beginning in June, their troops would be in the southern tier of the United States, from Florida to California, for the purpose of giving their operators real time experience in dealing with insurgency as a training mission for future rapid deployment in foreign countries.

As it turns out, Texas had just such a case available, ready made and chili pepper hot.

The Hells Angels had been busy trying to organize a movement that could easily patch over to red and white any time they got ready, no matter what the Fat Mexican thinks about it.

Hence, the Green Berets’ attention to detail and their help in coordinating the Violent Crimes Task Force, Fugitive Warrants Task Force, FBI, DEA, Texas DPS, County Sheriff’s Office and local police departments with ongoing cases of violence perpetrated between elements of the red and gold and black gold outlaw motorcycle enthusiasts’ clubs in the Central Texas – I-35 corridor.

So mote it be.

The Legendary Jim Parks





OYEZ! OYEZ! OYEZ!…God save the Constitution…


Six Shooter Junction – Quite simply, reducing each element of the thing to its simplest proportions, the message laid down by the lawyer and his client is clear.

They care not how it makes anyone look – in court or in the place where the streets have no name and the nightmare is endless, even in the light of day.

Unless they are able to get assurance they will face a prosecutor and staff with a semblance of constitutional principle, they care not how it makes anyone look when they place the elected Criminal District Attorney of McLennan County on the witness stand and expose the fact to a jury of the accused offender’s peers that he lied to the Court and to his constituents when he minimized his role in a decision to charge everyone wearing club colors after a riot involving shooting by cops and bikers on May 17, 2015 with the first degree felony crime of conspiracy to engage in organized criminal activity.

When that event occurs, and it will as sure as God made little green apples, the world will perceive what happened – in stereo and blood-tinged Technicolor – that something akin to a Phoenix Program “pacification” exercise took place at high noon on a Sunday.

I just want to say, as they say in Chicago, that it will be a performance probably repeated in every case brought to jury trial, as they all will be, all 155 of them, because the men and women wearing those colors are resolved to not remove the burden of proof from the State of Texas and admit they did something not only they did not do, but no one did – because it never in fact happened.

Someone murdered – yes; someone shot guns – yes; someone assaulted with a deadly weapon – yes! That much is true, but not everyone present is culpable by reason of a conspiracy to engage in organized criminal activity. They were there to associate with others of their own choosing. That is not illegal. They were wearing clothing of a certain color. Yes. That is equally beyond the scope of the law.

Troops provoked a fight between rival factions, faded away and when those men began to fight with guns and other weapons, troops opened up from an L-shaped ambush to suppress the fighting.

At that point, everyone was taken to a Regional Interrogation Center, as William Colby of the CIA dubbed the dungeons of Vietnam, where they were jailed on an impossibly high bail, and made desperate to pay huge fees to be released, fees they will never regain, no matter what the Constitution says about such a practice of tyranny.

It matters not if they had any part in the violence. Ordering a hamburger or getting off your hawg was enough to turn you into an accused felon with the stroke of a pen signing a stack of identical, non-particular affidavits of probable cause, and the show was on.

Unless the State of Texas moves as requested by a petition of mandamus to remove Reyna and his staff and replace them with pro tempore staff appointed to do the job, a jury of 12 people will hear all about it and they will be charged by the Judge to consider all that in their deliberations – on television, where the whole world is watching.

Hark, hark, hark. The Court of Appeals is now in session and whole world is watching to see if the men who sit on its ornate and hallowed bench will stiffen their spines and strike a blow against tyranny!

And it’s the kind of tyranny that will keep a man or a woman under a huge bond with the threat that on the whim of a suretor underwriting the notion that an accused offender will return to face the Court may possibly choose to go “off bond” and have that person placed back in the dungeon. Therefore, it’s vital that the accused not speak of the matter, engage in any commerce with others so accused, check in with the court coordinator, follow a thousand other pettifogging rules to remind him that he is in no way a free man, but a man living under the conditions of bondage.

It is slavery and it is practiced every day in the halls of American justice. That’s why they call them “bondsmen,” for they engage in bondage.


I am sincere.

So mote it be.

The Legendary

Jim Parks

‘Whether Mr. Clendennen was denied due process…’

The ornate double-dome stained glass ceiling of five-pointed stars

Waco- In remarks before the appeals court today, the attorney representing Matthew Clendennen vowed that he would call District Attorney Abel Reyna to the witness stand to testify about his decision to have police arrest everyone at the bloody scene of a gunfight between bikers that resulted in 9 deaths and 20 wounded by gunshots fired not only by bikers but by police, while 177 faced identical charges on May 17, 2015.

Said F. Clinton Broden, when questioned by the Court, that he would call Reyna as a witness because “Due process says my client has a right to.”

At one point, Chief Justice Tom Gray hinted that evidence could be suppressed and the case dismissed.

As courtrooms go, the 10th District Court of Appeals is gaudier than most with its 14 veined  marble Corinthian columns, guilded cornices and individual padded leather chairs arranged in a semicircle before the three-judge panel.

If looks alone count, one knows that this is an expensive place to air one’s grievances against the state.

The questioning led by Chief Justice Tom Gray into the matter of whether Matthew Clendennen, a member of the Scimitars Motorcycle Club on May 17, 2015, who sat down at a patio table, ordered a hamburger, and immediately took a position on the floor when shooting broke out was denied his right to due process of law became incisive and at one point testy.

F. Clinton Broden of Dallas, who has practiced criminal law now for 30 years, refused to be swayed from his central point, that District Attorney Abel Reyna lied from the witness stand when he said that he admonished Detective Manuel Chavez to make dead sure he could testify to every part of the allegations of complaint in an identical affidavit of arrest he had drafted by an assistant prosecutor for Chavez to sign.

When recalled to the witness stand, Chavez said he had not talked to Reyna at any point during the day of May 15.

Broken said, “There is some reason why Abel Reyna is lying about these proceedings.”

Justice Gray then said, “I don’t approve of the characterization of Abel Reyna’s testimony as lying.”

Visibly shocked, Broden replied, I’ve never in 30 years had occasion to do so…” He added that when he quizzed Reyna on the witness stand about his exposure to liability for that very complaint when he took over a police investigation and persuaded Waco’s top cop to let him charge everyone with the same offense, Reyna lied when he said his employer’s insurance coverage would indemnify him for any error or omission at law.

But his insurance attorney, pointed out Broden held otherwise. There are 15 federal denial of civil rights cases pending in U.S. District Court at Austin. According to legal representatives of the insurance carrier, only a small part of the potential exposure for damages is indemnified by the McLennan County insurance policy.

Therefore, he has a huge financial interest in obtaining convictions in the cases as charged for identical offenses of engaging in organized criminal activity.

None of the Chief Justice’s questions could shake Broden up. He steadfastly answered all challenges as voiced by Sterling Harmon of the District Attorney’s staff with the rejoinder, “We still have Reyna being the only one to explain why Clendennen went from being a witness to being a defendant.”

By logical extension, the same is true of most of the 177 persons so arrested and charged on that date, their bail set a $1 million to “send a message.”

Mr. Harmon said, “There has been a misconception as to what a District Attorney’s job is…” According to him, the DA has broad and sweeping powers to determine the proper charge and set plea bargains. He gave a long list of such tasks as defined by a recent court decision involving a legal case on point with the question involving the Twin Peaks cases.

Said Gray, “The one that doesn’t seem to be in that laundry list is arrest.”

Harmon replied, “I can assure you the DA of McLennan County did not arrest anybody.”

But Broden countered that argument when he got a chance to rebut Harmon’s statement to the Court.

He said that Reyna never told the Chief of Police Brent Stroman, who was vacationing with family in Baltimore, what charge he intended to file. In an earlier hearing, Stroman testified, “I never knew.”

Harmon had argued that “materiality” would pull the iron of the fire on that pesky problem because, “As long as you’re within the four corners of that arrest affidavit…”

Asked the Judge, “How do you get past the fact that the testimony asserted there was a conversation, and the Detective said there was not?”

Associate Justice Rex Davis asked, “If Reyna has to testify, should he be disqualified?”

In a word, Harmon replied, “No.”

He said there is a “plethora” of other witnesses who could testify.

Broden countered by pointing out transcripts from the unsuccessful August hearing before Judge Matt Johnson of 54 Criminal District Court showed that none of the detectives had knowledge of Reyna’s intentions until they became accomplished by the draft of an affidavit of warrantless arrest prepared by Assistant Prosecutor Mark Parker.

In concluding the hearing, Justice Gray said “This case has been submitted for our decision.”

The world awaits that event.

‘Do you think I’d take my WIFE to a gunfight?’


Waco – William English said it best. A Marine veteran of combat in Iraq, at some point he told a person in authority, made a statement in the form of a question by asking:

“Do you think I’d take my WIFE to a gunfight?”

Police arrested the couple just moments after they arrived at the bloody scene of a 90-second firefight in the parking lot of Twin Peaks Restaurant on May 17, 2015. Like all the 177 arrested that day, they faced a charge identical to all the others, of engaging in organized criminal activity, their bond set at $1 million in order to “send a message,” though the state law says it’s illegal to set bail so high that it is a punitive measure, designed to deny folks their freedom while a criminal charge is pending.

English won their freedom when he and his wife faced an examining trial before a visiting judge, James Morgan, formerly of the 220th Judicial District at Comanche. Though Judge Morgan told their attorney, Paul Looney of Hempstead, “You make a good argument, Mr. Looney, but I think it’s one for a jury,” it’s not over until it’s over.

Later, authorities dropped the charges against the couple after the Marine who made it home to Brenham alive asked his incisive question about where his interlocutor thought he would take the War Department.

It was a question dripping with the sarcasm of the veteran practitioner of organized violence, the kind of man who’s been to hell and back and can recognize an L-shaped ambush when he’s walked into one expecting a civic functio – and made it out alive, only to face serious charges leveled by the inscrutable forces of law and order – for his own protection.

He is not alone. He is a family man, has brothers around, walking free, behind bars, and in the graveyard. Some are grandfathers, others uncles, cousins, but every one of them is a brother.

Their numbers grew when they got home from World War II and collected $50 unemployment compensation for 52 weeks – “the fifty-two fifty club” – as veterans who returned from overseas, waiting for the wartime economy to re-tool and gear up for the prosperity of the Pax Americana to come.

Getting around was a hassle. There weren’t any cars.

What cars available were old, worn out; there weren’t any pieces for them. America was plumb fresh out of bearings, pistons, spark plugs, distributor wires, fan belts, tires, batteries, and everything else it takes to make the flivver locomote down the boulevard.

The gearheads amongst the soldiers and sailors, Marines and Airmen found the motorcycles, first thing. They spent their back pay on anything they could get, and little shops sprung up all over stateside, presided over by the kind of dudes who are sharp enough to cannibalize, improvise and pluck the doo-dads necessary to make them run, screw them on, and tune them up.

In their mad, heart attack dash to run the roads and drink the brew, get back to the business of being young men, they behaved tribally, picking their leaders by the usual way that sort of thing is done.

They exercised the territorial imperative in its most primitive form, hardened by war, tempered by the discipline of organized combat, forged in a free country, riding for the glory, their collective honor on parade.

Like any tribe, they developed the coloration that would distinguish them from any enemies who might cross their paths, their “colors,” and an entire culture was off to the races.

The tides have turned.

There is a movement afoot worldwide that dictates the notion that people like the fifty-two, fifty club ought to be protected from themselves, their judgment not quite as sharp as that of THE MAN, the prehensile fingers and toes of the POLICE STATE reaching out for that fabled brass ring, looking to carve out a new niche to sit upon – up there on the devil shelf in some little chapel of idolatry and arcane worship of the authoritarian, anal retentive mind.

The peacocks will not strut in their self-chosen “colors.” That’s a clear cut indication of membership in an organized crime street gang, an outlaw motorcycle gang, it says here – right here – in the manual. And then, there’s the goofy-looking paint jobs on the cars they drive.

One may read the back story and find a link to the motion for mandamus relief by clicking here. 

People like Bill English got jerked up, their bodies, phones, motorcycles, cash, ID and clothes seized and searched on statements of probable cause with no particular complaint mentioned. They were held incommunicado in a privately operated jail – a dungeon deemed unfit by the federal government to detain persons in this nation without legal authority.

When it came time to hear a motion to disqualify the person who made this decision, the District Attorney, who by making that decision crossed the line from being a prosecutor to taking up the cudgel of the policeman, they learned that he had lied to the Court in direct testimony from the witness stand, his rightful place in any court action to come, as the necessary witness testifying in support of the allegation of complaint made by he, Reyna, the prosecutor, acting as a cop.

His major decision, the one upon which all the others were seemingly predicated: Arrest everyone wearing “colors.”

And so, under certain circumstances, for our own protection, we may not wear items of personal adornment of our own choosing, pending a decision by the prosecutor, who may be acting independently of the U.S. and Texas Constitutions, the Code of Criminal Procedure, the Code of Hammurabi, The Talmud, the Torah, The Ten Commandments, the Quran, and both ecclesiastic and Masonic jurisprudence in making a POLICE decision.

The cops all testified that what they had in mind was more along the lines of capital murder, attempted capital murder, aggravated assault, disorderly conduct, assault with a motor vehicle – those kind of non-conspiratorial, more direct crimes against persons, and not the amorphous and tinfoil-hatted selection of ENGAGING IN ORGANIZED CRIMINAL ACTIVITY.

Gimme a break, over here.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Abelino Reyna, District Attorney. May we succeed in making him famous throughout our state, the nation, and hopefully, the world. He deserves Legendary status. Believe it.

Today, the Chief and Associate Justices of the three-judge panel of the Tenth District Court of Appeals sitting at Waco must decide if Abel Reyna and his staff should be replaced by a Special Prosecutor Pro Tempore.

Aside from those who did actually assault others with fists, revolvers and pistols, whips, chains, brass knuckles and what have you, most “offenders” merely ran for cover and lay on the floor or the pavement while they waited for the police to clear the crime scene.

There is abundant video evidence of who did what.

It’s almost like a Hollywood movie, since the cops and state troopers set up cameras to catch the full details of the ambush they laid, and Reyna and the defense attorneys subpoenaed closed circuit television footage from the Twin Peaks Restaurant, the neighboring cantina, Don Carlo’s, and surrounding businesses.

But that’s  not the end of it.

Police stopped motorcyclists and detained them, prevented them from traveling into Waco; they have retained the phones confiscated nearly two years ago, gleaning the pictures, phone numbers, text messages and every bit of the information to be found on them. In short, the cops are steadily carrying out the agenda of a New World Order that would deny Americans the freedoms afforded by their Constitution.

Why were the Twin Peaks 177 there?

They were there to hear a report from members of the U.S. Defenders Legislative Strike Force on the status of a set of proposed bills addressing the notion of Constitutional Open Carry of handguns, an $18 million “motorcycle safety fund” gleaned from registration fees and unspent by a Governor and Legislature hell bent to balance its budget, and other safety and traffic considerations under scrutiny by state Legislators as they affect motorcyclists.

This was arranged by the Confederation of Clubs and Independents, an organization dedicated to coordinating the efforts of a crowd of people dedicated to freedom.

What happened represents a full frontal assault on the principles of the Republic, as described by B. Franklin, Printer, of Philadelphia, a member of the Constitutional Convention presided over by another hardened war veteran, General George Washington.

He was instrumental in the insertion of the precise language in that instrument, that Americans would enjoy a “republican” form of tripartite, federalized leadership limited to only certain powers, the rest reserved for the states.

Part of that limitation of powers is that the federal government, so actively pursing a RICO prosecution against leadership elements of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club, is not to interfere with the free association of people who wish to meet together to discuss freely what they may choose, be it religion, politics, sports, weather or anything else one ought not mention in a Texas beer joint where the folks are either in a belligerent mood, the Legislature is in session, or both.

If I can clear the departures gate at the door of the McLennan County Courthouse, pass the security inspection with my pen, my notebook, and my pocket change and ID, I will be there to hear the arguments in support or rebuttal of the motion to replace Abel Reyna as the prosecutor over the Twin Peaks cases.

After all, it’s for my own protection.

I am sincere.

So Mote It Be.

The Legendary

Jim Parks