Bandidos Natl. Sgt. at Arms Busted in Waco – fallout in Angels war


Six Shooter Junction – Federal agents scoured the streets and netted a national officer of the Bandidos wanted for murder.

When they came for “Downtown Johnny,” he was holed up in Six Shooter, doing his thing as a National Sgt. At Arms for the Bandidos.

Johnny Romo, his brother Robert, Jesse James Benavidez, and Norbert Serna, Jr.,allegedly corrected Anthony Benesh outside an Austin restaurant on March 18, 2006, according to an indictment unsealed on Wednesday, March 2, by firing a bullet and murdering him. They busted Romo’s brother and the other two guys in San Antonio.


They tried to warn Benesh, but he paid no attention when they told him that his attempt to organize a chapter of Hells Angels M/C in Ostentatious, the town Texas has proclaimed terminally weird, would only result in their severe disapproval – the termination of his young life, with extreme prejudice. Texas is for Bandidos – bike, cuts, rockers and all.

At least, that’s what the U.S. Attorney’s Office says it’s prepared to prove.

According to a Federal Grand Jury, the Bandidos acted “to protect the power, reputation, and territory of the Bandidos enterprise.”

So the notion long hallowed by legend and rumor – that federal authorities including the U.S. military are acting to quell what they see as  an ongoing civil war between two factions of alleged racketeers, that of two private armies vying for disputed territory in Texas – is as true as can be and right as rain.

The so-called cases filed in State District Courts for an alleged event that occurred at Twin Peaks Restaurant in Waco on May 17, 2015 for engaging in organized criminal activity may be seen as nothing more than holding actions put in place to demand the silence and cooperation of 155 persons who have been released on bond – pending a federal Racketeer Influence Corrupt Organization (RICO) criminal conspiracy case indicted against someone else else entirely in San Antonio by the U.S. Attorney.

Hot, ain’t it?

Works real good as look-see pidgin, if you take my meaning. After all, would you want to be in any of those peoples’ shoes, especially the ones who did nothing more than run away and take cover from whizzing bullets because they knew they would at the least be held accountable as witnesses to something they didn’t really see?

The earliest trial dates obtained in the Twin Peaks cases were for April 17, against three members of the Bandidos, but those cases have been indefinitely delayed because the District Attorney, Abel Reyna, has released an additional terrabyte of discovery information to defense attorneys.

The nature of the information is unspecified. It may be further inculpatory, or it may be exculpatory. But a terrabyte of information is a huge amount of information, something it will take paralegals months to digest and catalog.

In another case, that of a Cossack M/C member, the Judge recently declared a trial date in December. That defendant will declare he is ready for trial, needs no further time to prepare.

That’s a long time from now.

This is the way of federal authorities in dealing with warring factions inside the borders of any republic in which military action is afoot, be it Vietnam, Colombia, Panama, Bosnia-Herzegovina, or Lebanon.

You raid the parties, take them to a regional interrogation or relocation center, glean all the information available from them, then release them for beaucoup piaster, francs, pounds sterling, pesos, escudos or whatever – and if they can’t keep their mouths shut, back they go inside – all day and all night – until you get around to their next court appearance, and so forth.

It was the announced purpose of the Special Operations Command of the U.S. Army in early 2015 that beginning in June, their troops would be in the southern tier of the United States, from Florida to California, for the purpose of giving their operators real time experience in dealing with insurgency as a training mission for future rapid deployment in foreign countries.

As it turns out, Texas had just such a case available, ready made and chili pepper hot.

The Hells Angels had been busy trying to organize a movement that could easily patch over to red and white any time they got ready, no matter what the Fat Mexican thinks about it.

Hence, the Green Berets’ attention to detail and their help in coordinating the Violent Crimes Task Force, Fugitive Warrants Task Force, FBI, DEA, Texas DPS, County Sheriff’s Office and local police departments with ongoing cases of violence perpetrated between elements of the red and gold and black gold outlaw motorcycle enthusiasts’ clubs in the Central Texas – I-35 corridor.

So mote it be.

The Legendary Jim Parks





2 thoughts on “Bandidos Natl. Sgt. at Arms Busted in Waco – fallout in Angels war”

  1. Horse shit. I be seen those two clubs together time and time again. It seems like one of those clubs gets along with every other major club out there. You’d be surprised who you see riding with who , if you are actually around the lifestyle , and not in a cubical writing the press release your agency will send out to the paste and copy world of “online news and journalism”. I am extremely thankful for journalist to actually take the time to gain the knowledge, and to think through, what is most likely the truth in all of this. And it most certainly is not a bunch of guys you like motorcycles and wear their names on their back’s , being in charge of some deep devilish conspiracy.

    1. Be that way. I happen to agree with what you said, but you see, you need to stop and consider what I actually wrote, and not what you resent about the press. I said the feds are at war with these clubs. I said they do that all over the world. Why would they do that? Because they want to tax and control – everything, everybody. So, no, it’s not horse shit, and no, I don’t sit in a cubicle and re-write press releases. I’m not with the press. I definitely don’t need their approval to do what I do, and I can get by without you, too, I guess. I definitely like to have friends, but not at the price you mentioned. This is not a copy and paste press release. I’ve been following this story from way back there – more than a decade. You should be concerned. They have targeted us all, but they seem to have started with people who move at your speed. Good luck. – The Legendary, Jim Parks

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