Twin Peaks – ‘Perjured’ Affidavit Could Cost Taxpayers $350 Million

William and Morgan English, under arrest at Twin Peaks May 17, 2015

Houston – Morgan English is a bank teller who earned a university degree, a woman who went to a biker political meeting with her husband and wound up spending 13 days in jail on a $1 million bond.

She has since that day borne the infamy of being arrested in connection with brutal murders committed on May 17, 2015, her mugshot broadcast to the world, for family and friends to see.

For that injury, her attorneys are seeking $350,000,000 from a federal jury and $100,000,000 for each of the first 100 defendants who have suffered similar treatment following what the mainstream media has referred to as a “melee” and biker outlets have called a “massacre” that left 9 dead, most of them with police bullets in their backs, and 20 wounded.

They will file the civil rights lawsuit in a court of the Austin Division of the Western District of the U.S. District Court on Thursday, May 9, according to her lawyers, who are hosting a press conference at the Federal Courthouse at Houston – the famous “Pigeonhole” Building in the 500 block of Rusk Avenue, so called for its tiny windows in blank concrete walls colored a pale pastel shade of – uh – pink?

Cherry pink in the Domed City, the town that wasn’t already a seaport and demanded the Corps of Engineers dig a ditch to the Gulf?

Yeah, that Houston, as in “Houston, we have a problem,” you know, Space City, the Mission Control that made the cow jump over the moon?

The chief allegation of the federal civil complaint is that the affidavit of probable cause is perjured – a complete fabrication when it comes to the case against Morgan English, wife of a Marine who served in combat in the Iraq War.

According to an affidavit sworn by Waco Detective Manuel Chavez, but written by Assistant District Attorney Mark Parker of the McLennan County DA’s office, those arrested for the crime of having either Bandidos or Cossacks Motorcycle Club patches on their clothing – or those of affiliated support clubs, probably had something to do with the bloody massacre.

It’s a strong case because Chavez admitted in open court that he had no personal knowledge of the allegations of complaint in that probable cause affidavit. None whatsoever does he have because, you see, he was at the scene of another criminal complaint when his supervisor called him to the bloody scene where the Englishes were arrested.

Why was he needed there, at Twin Peaks? Word around the campfire is that no other cop would do it. They had been investigating cases of capital murder and aggravated assault before District Attorney Abel Reyna took over and changed their minds,  ordered them to sign his affidavit.

Very unusual. Prosecutors don’t usually write affidavits. They either present them to Grand Juries, or they decline to prosecute the allegations as criminal complaints.

It all came up in a hearing on a defense motion to dismiss him as the prosecutor and relegate him to the status of “necessary witness.”

Why? Quite simply, he stepped out of his role as an officer of the court and acted as a policeman, according to their allegation. The motion is pending in an intermediate appeals court, the 10th District Court of Appeals, after the DA’s former law partner, Judge Matt Johnson of the 54th Criminal District at Waco turned it down. But that’s another story.

During the hearing in Judge Johnson’s court Chavez testified he had no personal knowledge of the allegations in the affidavit; Reyna was then called to testify, and said he had cautioned him to make sure he had personal knowledge, that he insisted that he read each one.

When Chavez was then recalled to the stand, he testified that Reyna not only didn’t tell him any such thing – he never even saw him that day. All day long. All night, too.

A magistrate charged the 177 arrested that day at Twin Peaks Restaurant with Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity, a conspiracy offense, and in this case one that alleges their actions led to either capital murder, or aggravated assault with deadly weapons such as whips, chains, firearms, brass knuckles, knives – or the like.

Morgan English and her husband William English were not indicted. He was wearing a club patch from the Distorted Motorcycle Club of Brenham, where they live. Distorted MC is not mentioned in any records of “outlaw motorcycle gangs.” Their colors are contrasting shades of blue and white, and they are not affiliated with anyone other than the Confederation of Clubs, a nationwide coalition of motorcycle enthusiasts who attempt to influence state legislation with their lobbyists, the U.S. Defenders and the Legislative Strike Force.

Mrs. English, however, wore no patches or other distinctive garb that would have identified her as a member of an “outlaw motorcycle gang” as defined by a Department of Public Safety manual.

That, according to Paul Looney, a criminal trial lawyer from Hempstead, and Randall Kallinen, a Houston lawyer who specializes in Civil Rights cases, constituted the filing of a “perjured affidavit” – a very courtly and polite way of calling the criminal complaint against her a stinking lie.

According to police narratives obtained in the discovery process of the criminal lawsuits, she and her husband arrived in a car just moments before shots rang out between bikers and bikers, and police and bikers. Hey, there is a LOT of video. You can watch it and determine what, exactly happened.

‘J-accuse…!’ – Emile Zola 

Some people are beginning to think of it as a snuff flick, one of those fabled motion pictures depicting the brutal murder of a human being, the kind of thing experts have labeled an urban myth.

But, then, there are the videos of cops beating mentally challenged people to death, and the Kennedy assassination, and Jack Ruby gut shooting Lee Harvey Oswald in the basement of Dallas Police Headquarters, and chopper pilots annihilating newsmen, and…whatever. One grows numb at some point and stops arguing about it. It is what it is.

During questioning, William English, the Marine, remarked, “Do you think I’d take my wife to a gunfight?”

Following a pre-indictment examining trial hard won and hard fought before visiting judge James Morgan, prosecutors declined prosecution.

But that didn’t do any good for what Morgan English has suffered, according to her attorneys.

Prosecutors and police from Waco, Texas, have never let the world at large know of their error in holding Morgan English in a jail so filthy that Federal immigration authorities took it off-line for detention of aliens apprehended in the U.S. under illegal circumstances.

Complainants alleged on behalf of the detainees that the aliens were forced to walk around in sewage in their stocking feet and flip flops due to overflowing toilets. They were moved to a detention center in south Texas operated by another contractor.

When I first met Morgan, she had been held in custody for 13 days. My first efforts were to get her released and removed from the suspicion of criminal behavior,” said Paul Looney, the attorney who represented Morgan in her criminal case. “Only after the authorities made that an impossibility did I finally decide there was no choice but to use a lawsuit to change the prosecutorial environment in Waco once and for all. This lady is, was and always will be virginally innocent of any criminal behavior that occurred at Twin Peaks. What happened to her, however, is a cruel and excruciating crime not of her own making and $350,000,000 is an appropriate figure for this case.”

After the shooting Morgan and William freely spoke with police. When Justice of the Peace Pete Peterson charged her, he knew or should have known that she was not in the category of arrestees designated as offenders by DA Abel Reyna.

Peterson, who was later recused from participation in the examining trial granted the Englishes, is named in the lawsuit, as is former Chief of Police Brent Stroman, DA Abel Reyna, and “John Doe,” who is believed to be a Department of Public Safety supervisor as yet unnamed.

Said Randall L. Kallinen, “This is especially outrageous because a perjured arrest affidavit was issued for a young lady who arrived at the restaurant parking lot minutes before the shooting began. Morgan English has now been portrayed all over the world as involved in a mass homicide. Her lawsuit is very different from others that have been filed following the melee that happened nearly 22 months ago.”

Says Paragraph 83 of the federal complaint to be filed on Thursday.

Plaintiff also seeks exemplary damages against each individual Defendant of at least $100,000,000–$1,000,000 for each of the first 100 innocent individuals and their families who have suffered and had their entire lives ruined by the Defendants’ actions by being falsely arrested and jailed, saddled with a unjust $1,000,000.00 bond, falsely prosecuted for, so far, 22 months and publicizing accusations of being involved in mass murder throughout the World.

One may read the entire document by clicking here. 


So mote it be.

Legendary Jim

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