Former Arson Cop: 2012 Trailer Blaze Was Murder, The Chosen Weapon – Fire


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Waco – Though this article is about how three people – a mother and two of her children – died, while a third child suffered burns and smoke inhalation, and four firemen injuries on the job, it’s ultimately about how we the people live.

Nearly five years ago, on February 16, 2012, at about 7 p.m., a trailer near the west bank of the Brazos River on N. 19th St. burst into intense fire, involving the entire building in flames. When within three minutes firemen arrived, cooling water sprayed on the structure turned to steam and injured four of their number with scalding burns. They suffered burns from the flames and intense heat as they tried to fight their way through a window to save the victims.

A neighbor pulled one child, injured by burns and smoke, to safety. Ashley Dawn Rogers, 27, and two of her children, Gage Megginson, 8 months, and Madisyn Marie Megginson, 3, lost their lives in the sudden blaze that melted the aluminum of the structure into molten puddles.

Lead Arson Investigator Kevin Fisk lost his career as a result of his findings, the result of investigation that seems to be very unpopular with a conflicting set of investigators at the Waco Police Department. At the height of the controversy, executives of the Fire Department questioned his sanity, but backed away from their demands when they learned he had thorough documentation of many items suggesting criminal wrongdoing on the part of public officials material to the murder investigation. He retired in order to save the benefits he earned.

For the first time, he has agreed to speak on-mic about what he has termed a murder in which the chosen weapon was fire, the reasons he must be very careful of what he says, and the facts that clearly spell out a pattern of misfeasance on the part of police and prosecutors who appear to be extremely reluctant to bring the perpetrators of this crime to justice.

In this interview, he claims that the murders were carried out by the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang.

Our next question: Did the members of the leadership of both police and fire departments apply pressure to Fisk to speed up, or slow down, or call off his investigation?


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