‘Toxic’ Runaway City Dads Prompt Law Firm’s Exit

Valley Mills – Brittany Lannen on January 12 tendered a 30-day notice of resignation on behalf of her law firm, Diaz, Lannen, and Wright, as city attorney and prosecutor in this Bosque County city.

Ms. Lannen cited a ‘toxic’ environment in working with City Administrator William Lynn and the City Council.

“We feel that our advice, counsel, and resources have been rebuked and underutilized,” she wrote.

Mr. Lynn made a decision that a legal opinion provided by the firm was incorrect and proceeded in spite of their advice to authorize purchase of energy from a company without the approval of the Council. When informed, the governing body refused to pay for the legal advice, according to Ms. Lannen.

Mr. Lynn also requested the names of council members who have been asking questions or opposed to his leadership.

“We will not be used by the City Administrator to ‘inform’ on council members who do not agree with him,” Ms. Brannen concluded.

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