Bikers vow to primary Abel Reyna’s 2018 Bid

McLennan DA Abel Reyna sought interlocal agreement with all law enforcement agencies to reveal the names of informants in 2013

Austin – Like the first puff of wind in the ocean separating Africa from the Caribbean, the coming storm signal hit the legislative opening day with the quiet resolve of an autumn phenomenon.

The only conditions necessary for the black leather-clad knights and dames of the road to level a full frontal attack on Abel Reyna’s re-election is for qualified candidates to step forward.

Like the fateful ad that attracted the attention of Richard M. Nixon at his law office job as an Orange County associate, the word is out: WANTED – talented young attorney with the ability to operate a dynamic law office in downtown Waco, TX, serving the People of the State of Texas as Criminal District Attorney.

It’s not the first time it’s happened. Reyna fended off a serious conservative challenge in 2013 when he sought an interlocal agreement with law enforcement agencies throughout his jurisdiction to make a routine disclosure of the identities of confidential informants in all felony cases.

The results have been mixed, to say the least.

Seasoned road warriors and legislative motorcycle enthusiasts from throughout the Lone Star State and points beyond are interested in ending profiling of their kind as criminals and outlaws.

They say over quiet meetings in Austin’s hotel lobbies, cocktail lounges and beer bars that the word is simple enough. Reyna has to go, but his replacement must first step forward and be counted.

“We will be glad to interview the candidates,” said one seasoned veteran of the biker wars, in town for the opening of the legislative session.

A number of candidates have made their desire for the job known in previous campaigns. Resources offered by two-wheeling policy enthusiasts include staffing boiler rooms, putting out yard signs, and attending campaign events.

It’s one campaign in many, but one that bikers are taking a keen interest in attending.

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