Gladiator not charged in jail ‘official oppression’


Six Shooter – Official records show an inmate of the Jack Harwell Correctional Facility is not charged with assaulting a fellow inmate at the request of a former correctional officer.

Cory Berry is a black male jailed since March on second and third degree felony assault charges in family violence complaints, as well as burglary of a building, unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon, and criminal mischief. He allegedly assaulted Breon Deante Nelson because Nelson was “picking on” Wesley Gillispie, a white 18-year-old correctional officer who was at that time employed by LaSalle Corrections. Booking records indicate Gillispie is now a vacuum operator at Genie Car Wash on Valley Mills Dr.

According to a complaint filed by McLennan County Investigator Kimberly King, Gillispie ”under color of his office” on November 5 moved Berry from his assigned housing unit at the privately operated jail to the one where his intended victim was locked up to “intentionally subject another to mistreatment.”

He is charged with the Class A misdemeanor of Official Oppression, a crime punishable by as much as a $4,000 fine and two years in the county jail following his arrest on November 22.

Investigator King did not return phone calls inquiring if Berry will share criminal culpability in the alleged act of official oppression of Breon Dante Nelson. He is charged with robbery following his arrest in September. It is not known if there exists video surveillance depiction of the alleged assault to be used in evidence.

Investigators have leveled charges of inappropriate sexual relations, smuggling contraband into the facility, and the falsification of inmate records in a case of a suicide watch gone wrong since the company took over operations of the jail.

Police Seek black man in Wal-Mart assault video


Bellmead – A black man who grabbed a woman in an inappropriately intimate manner as he fled the Wal-Mart Super Center is depicted on surveillance video, according to a report.

Officer Steve W. Schmidt responded to a disturbance call in the 1500 block of IH 35 Access Road at 11:30 on Tuesday, Nov. 29 in which “Caller reported a black male made lewd remarks to her, then pushed an older man down on his way out of the store…”

He then spent 43 minutes searching the area after witnesses said the suspect fled on foot in the direction of American Bank, dressed in blue jeans and a white t-shirt.

A close family member in remarks on social media said the man grabbed the woman in the area of her groin and also made sexually inappropriate remarks to a 14 year-old child as he fled.

Police were unavailable for comment on whether or when they will release photos of the suspect.