SWAT Officer holds rifle on bikers while wounded man bleeds to death


IT SAYS HERE: Glenn Allen Walker, the President of a Bandidos support motorcycle club, Los Comandantes riding out of the Ft. Hood bedroom community of Copperas Cove, was indicted on Wednesday for “shooting and/or stabbing and/or cutting and/or striking” 9 people who died on May 17, 2015 at a “melee” involving a rumble between men wearing the red and gold insignia of The Bandidos and those wearing the black and gold colors of the Cossacks Motorcycle Clubs, or their support clubs.

The two outfits butted heads at Twin Peaks Restaurant at a high noon Sunday meeting of the Confederation of Clubs and Independents (COC&I) arranged by the U.S. Defenders, Legislative Strike Force, a biker lobbying outfit that wanted to tell news over burgers and brew of the Legislative Session that was then considering five open carry handgun laws and the disposition of a thirteen million dollar Motorcycle Safety Fund raised from registration fees and used by House Speaker Joe Strauss of San Antoni de Bexar to help balance that fat cat Texas budget by taking the two-wheelers’ lunch money, one fin at a time.

IT SAYS HERE that Walker, nearly two years ago got himself arrested for being on the scene where he used “a firearm, and/or a knife or a sharp object and/or a club and/or an asp and/or a whip and/or brass knuckles and/or a chain.” Sounds like they saying the old boy was loaded for bear, which must be against the Motorcycle Safety policy of The Peace and Dignity of We The People of the State of Texas, allegedly. Whew! He must have been as busy as a one-legged man at an ass-kicking contest.

IT SAYS HERE: Grand Jurors indicted Walker for the “underlying offense” of aggravated assault “against the two dozen or more injured that day.”

IT SAYS HERE: Authorities held Walker until June 9, when he was able to reduce his bail to $25,000 and start serving time under the conditions of bond, which means no politics, either club, or state, federal and local, and he is the defendant number 155 out of 177 arrested to face an indictment for the identical offense of engaging in organized criminal activity by attending a political meeting at a beer joint with a theme of rape and murder in a sawmill town copied from a very weird television movie where the waitresses have big chi chis and the brew was guaranteed to be at least as warm as 29º F. They hauled him in on the orders of District Attorney Abel Reyna and set his bail at a million bucks because, Reyna said, he was wearing a garment with Red and Gold colors designated by the Texas Department of Public Safety as those of a “criminal motorcycle gang.”

In other words, IT SAYS HERE that Walker and his family have been designated by those who occupy positions of power in il Palazzo di Justicia at Jerusalem on the Brazos as having been placed beyond the protection of the law, or that is, as one who has been labeled as “out-law.” If we were on the bayou, we could say his status with Boss Hawg is “outre.”

IT SAYS HERE that a member of Los Valerosos and three Bandidos from Big D are slated for trial in January and April in 19th State District Court, and that those trial dates are not guaranteed.

IT SAYS HERE that the United States Army Special Operations Command out of Ft. Bragg, North Carolina carried out a training exercise on American soil to teach its operatives how to neutralize rival political factions in foreign lands by using available resources and a skillful analysis of intelligence material in cooperation with state, federal and local authorities. The training program as announced earlier that Spring is called JADE HELM 15, which is an acronym for Joint Assistant Defense Executive Homeland Elimination of Local Militants 2015.

IT SAYS HERE in official reports prepared by state police that numerous confidential informants and undercover police officers were in attendance both before and during the “melee” as it developed over the course of several months and a number of years of conflict between the Bandidos and Cossacks Motorcycle Clubs over their colors, their territory and other considerations. Defense attorneys have filed motions to reveal their identities, but as yet, no compliance with Rule 508 of the Texas Rules of Evidence has been made public.

BE IT REMEMBERED: Eight out of the nine men who lost their lives fell as a result of wounds from quarter-inch frangible projectiles that shed their copper jackets and exploded into tiny lead fragments upon impact with flesh and bone, causing massive hemorrhaging. Their brothers were unable to get them to first aid responders because police officers holding rifles at the ready made them lie on the ground and not move due to the threat of hostile fire. It is a fact that the only persons wielding weapons that fire such projectiles active at that crime scene on that day were members of municipal and state police agencies acting as members of a Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) unit that had been standing by since early that morning.

BE IT REMEMBERED: Members of the top echelon of the national leadership of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club faced federal indictment for predicate offenses such as murder and extortion as members of a Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization under the organized crime statutes. Some of them have entered guilty pleas in U.S. District Court. National President Jeff Pike has yet to come to trial.

BE IT REMEMBERED: On May 15, 2015, the Army of the United States of America sent clear signals to We The People that we live in a police state governed by soldiers who enforce policy through the skillful use of confidential informants and undercover police officers through the skillful application of force, backed by the power of prosecutors who are fullly prepared to compel indictments from Grand Jurors and Judges who do not hestitate to impose conditions of bond that preclude all reasonable discussion of matters financial, political, economic, legal or social for fear of incarceration in hell hole privately operated prisons masquerading as county jails.

BE IT REMEMBERED that General George Washington of Mt. Vernon, Virginia, the first President of the United States of America, proclaimed that government is nothing more than the skillful application of force.

BE IT REMEMBERED that Washington spoke as the chief executive of a tripartite system of federated government.

So mote it be.

– This report prepared by Silence DoGood and Constance Makepeace in the absence of The Legendary Jim Parks, an avid reader of the penny prints, throughout our great Nation, a Grub Street denizen made redundant by the wiser world of corporate media executives globally, avidly monitored by the Zonal Organization for World Intelligence Electronically, (ZOWIE).


May 17, 2015, at a Stripes filling station on the edge of town…


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