Money guru: Fed to launch new ‘virtual’ currency – FedCoin


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Federal Reserve Will Likely Eliminate the Dollar – according to a financial services expert named Bob Irish, a classmate of former President Bill Clinton.

A dollar is worth 93 percent less than what it was prior to the formation of the private banking cartel that bosses the U.S. Treasury. As other nations dump dollars worth “I.O.U. Nothing” on the U.S. market, according to Irish, inflation will skyrocket and people will lose their savings.

In meetings with the Fed, he has learned their solution is to create a new virtual currency called FedCoin, which will “chip” a person’s entire financial profile on a device such as a SmartPhone, tablet, laptop, server, or chip…


2 thoughts on “Money guru: Fed to launch new ‘virtual’ currency – FedCoin”

  1. Does the Concept of ‘FREEDOM’ enter into this????
    I think not, everitime you would use this Fom of Currencey your finances are ‘FAIR GAME’.
    RFID thieves could now be more narrowed in their search for ill-gotten gains, your (limited) financial potfolio.
    It’s bad enough the IRS knows.

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