Militia leaders foil hack


Murdoch Pizgatti and activists from are known to flood the streets with militiamen and Oath Keepers bearing arms…

DFW Metroplex – The co-founder of a powerful group of media guerillas says he and his men were able to foil a sophisticated hack of their computer systems that threatened to incriminate the group for capital crimes. He termed the cyberattack as a “complete surveillance operation.”

According to Murdoch Pizgatti of, a “training manual file I previously saved to my desktop is the only file left. And all contents have been changed to a fictitious conversation string of emails between me, using an altered email, and people hiring someone to murder people. It uses every key word, like bomb, explosion, Asad, account numbers, payments murder…”

The DontComply group is able to flood city streets with Second Amendment activists with ease, in locations such as shopping areas, the state capitol grounds, and certain problematic places of business such as Starbucks and certain restaurant chains who will not allow concealed carry licensees to bring their sidearms into their locations. At one point, following the arrest of then Master Sergeant C.J. Grisham for violation of a Temple city ordinance by carrying an AR-15 down a rural road, Pizgatti and his band of activists put hundreds of people in a march around the block of the local police headquarters.

In another landmark event, DontComply helped persuade Land Commissiner and former State Senator Jerry Patterson, author of the Concealed Carry Handgun License law, to allow activists to rally on the grounds of the Alamo carrying long guns.

In both cases, city laws prohibit the practice, though the Texas Constitution guarantees the right to carry a firearm.

In cooperation with Brett Sanders, a radical film maker, Dontcomply has recently co-produced short films pointing up the fallacy of thinking that gun-free zones or other prohibitions against firearms will stop the bad folks from using their guns to kill their victims.

Pizgatti said he was able to counter the cyber attack on his computer system primarily because “Going public on their planted evidence before they were ready to use it messed them up. This was by no means a regular hack. It was done as a complete surveillance operation with intent to pin a crime on the DontComply founders. Their one file left on my desktop was a little warning to slow my roll against the Empire. But I am not scared. I stand on principle. Man shoud be free and I stand for Freedom. Come at me, bro!”

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