‘It’s over!’ majority vote kills Valley Mills land buy


Mayor Ray Bickerstaff announces, “It’s over!” after crucial vote…

Valley Mills – A hush fell over the council chamber following the roll call vote. People were confused by the semantics of the proposition. The majority voted “Yes,” which in the context of the question, meant no.

“What’s that mean?” several people asked in obvious confusion.

Mayor Ray Bickerstaff said, “It’s over!”

With that, the proposal for Valley Mills to acquire 259 acres of the Robert Hall estate at $3,500 per acre bit the dust.

Asked why the decision was made in executive session, behind closed doors, not to go through with the purchase, Bickerstaff said, “We intended to purchase the land, but the people who intended to develop the property would not make a commitment to buy it right away…We couldn’t go through with it.”

He explained that there would have been added costs to pipe water to the pasture land on the edge of town, or the expense of drilling a well, adding streets and lights, and it was just not feasible. People in the crowd standing outside during the half-hour the City Council and Mayor pondered the question pointed out that there is a rock quarry on the property, but no natural springs or artesian formations.

Asked the identity of the developers who wanted to make the second hand purchase, but only after the city administration bought the property, Bickerstaff responded by saying, “What difference does it make?”

We responded, saying, “It makes no difference.”


Mister Lion told the Signifying’ Monkey, “You better do what she say.”

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