‘Culture clash’ had to happen – former mayor


Kaffe klatschers, spit and whittlers and phone talkers refuse to let the facts get n the way of a good story. It’s got to be ‘Fixer Upper’

Valley Mills – Rumor has it that Chip and Joanna Gaines of multi-season television fame have already purchased the Robert Hall property on the outskirts of town.

They’re just negotiating for the level of city services they will be able to count on as they develop their property for custom homes.

Not everyone is all that happy about it.

Former Mayor Jerry V. Pierce said, “We need to have an evaluation of the current system before we spend a bunch of money on something new.”

He’s got a point. Valley Mills’ water is rusty, the city administration has been forced to issue boil orders due to ruptures in the primary water tank.

His question. How are you going to pay for all this?

Wait a minute. Here’s an out gay man, decidedly a liberal who supports politicians devoted to what any self-respecting rock-ribbed Republican Tea Partier would call the tax and spend mentality, and he’s interested in how you’re going to pay for this?

On the other hand, the conservative, ultra-religious right wingers who have taken center stage are go cat go swingers reminiscent of the northwest Houston mushroom city growth spasms of the late twentieth century, or the North Dallas Forty crowd who turned grain fields into McMansion cookies overnight, seemingly as far as the Canadian border. Or is it just the Canadian River?

Who cares?

Good question.

“They don’t care about $3 million in trust to the ban, but can’t be located. What they’re interested in is who I spend my private time with,” he said.

It’s a culture clash and it had to happen.

Race, growth, economic prosperity, fiscal responsibility – water – oh, yes, that perennial subject Texans just love to fight about – water.

“It’s a conversation that had to happen.”

Meanwhile, in the filling station, the bank, stores and churches – there are 11 in the neighborhood of Valley Mills – people are all abuzz about just who is behind all the fuss. Is it really the television remodelers? The Fixer Uppers of bed and breakfast, barndominium, silo and home place fame?

Stranger things have happened.

One way to find out is to be at the City Council chamber at 5:45 pm today, Tuesday, November 1 to find out about what Mayor Ray Bickerstaff says is such a “sensitive” subject.

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