Valley Mills To head off Six Shooter at Wolf Lane


Waco’s city limits reach as far as Wolf Lane, says Mayor Ray Bickerstaff

Valley Mills – With no running room to the west or east, this riverside city at the foot of a pretty picture perfect little valley is stymied by flood plain.

That’s why the City Council is negotiating between two potential developers for the acquisition of ranch land to the south, where Waco’s city limits already reach as far as Wolf Lane, says Mayor Ray Bickerstaff.

He and the City Council will go back into Executive Session following a meeting last week in which they adjourned amid speculation for development of four to five acre parcels in a planned unit development of custom homes along Highway Six on an upland prairie southeast of Valley Mills High School. To complete the plan, “We would look at speculating. We would have to bring water to it. They would want streets, fire protection, the works…”

How much and who would invest?

“We have bids, bids for everything,” he added, but demurred in any substantive discussions, “because of the sensitivity” of the proposal.

Two private companies, both builders and developers, are vying for the chance to arrange financing through the auspices of the city administration.

Confidential sources have bandied the rumor of a figure of $1.2 million following the posting at 5:30 pm on Friday of notice of the Monday meeting at 5:45 pm.

“That is not the correct figure,” said Bickerstaff. “At this point, we are still in negotiations.”

Look for heat and light following any decision, he added. “I’m pretty sure folks will want to give their opinions after we make a decision,” the Mayor said.


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