Final brief to oust Reyna

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Waco – In an act of political opportunism,” Abel Reyna placed himself in a position to be sued for millions of dollars, according to a brief filed today in support of his disqualifiction as prosecutor in the Twin Peaks cases of 152 indicted for engaging in organized criminal activity.

Because of that conflicting financial interest, said F. Clinton Broden in his final brief, “if Reyna is somehow able to obtain a conviction in this case, he reduces his personal financial exposure for the false arrest he wanted, advocated, and recommended.”

54th Criminal District Judge Matt Johnson said he will probably rule on Friday whether to disqualify Reyna and his staff as necessary witnesses and appoint an attorney pro tem to handle the case.

Though Reyna has vowed to “do the right thing,” said Broden on behalf of his client, former Scimitars member Matt Clendennen, “all the Court need decide is whether Reyna does, in fact, have a financial interest in prosecuting these cases.”

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