Legendary Jim, et. al. file complaint on McNamara

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Waco – When we of The Legendary discovered that McLennan Sheriff Parnell McNamara and his wife Charlotte had accepted as a gift two parcels of land appraised with a fair market value of $32,900 each, we determined to enter a criminal complaint.

Naturally, since the local prosecutor’s office deals with the Sheriff on a daily basis, we recognized the futility of an appeal to his office, and settled on contacting the Office of the Attorney General of Texas, the Honorable Ken Paxton, by certified mail.

Jim Parks wishes to make it plain he is not alone in this, as there are numerous persons who feel that it’s the right thing to do to contact the AG’s office for guidance in the matter.

We have learned from the Penal Code that it is a Class A Misdemeanor for a public servant to accept a gift of the worth of $50 or more from a person who is subject to his jurisdiction.

2 thoughts on “Legendary Jim, et. al. file complaint on McNamara”

  1. As soon as Rissa Shaw gets her kneepads, she will proclaim he was fully exonerated. They won’t even have to wait until a resolution is announced.

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