Two-year marriage interrupted by tragedy

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Police arrested David Dauzat, 23, at his mobile home in the 4300 block of Concord Rd, Bellmead, where he barricaded himself and his two toddlers after beheading his wife, Natasha Dauzat, 21, and put her head in a freezer.

Dauzat was reportedly covered in blood when he surrendered to officers following a brief standoff at his trailer.

A native of Marksville, Louisiana, Dauzat suddenly left his home town about three months ago and moved to Bellmead, according to a first cousin, Harold Dauzat, who lives in Villeplatte, La. He said the family has heard nothing from the young couple, who would have been married two years this week.

He said he regrets the police turned the couples two children, aged one and two, over the CPS custody.

“I wish they would have let me know. I would have come got them,” said Mr. Dauzat, who said that at 27, he is four years older than his cousin. When asked if the family is of the Islamic faith, he said, “No, we’re American.”

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