Strategist calls for Trump to drop out

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 5.31.48 AMAustin – A well-known conservative political consultant called for an emergency effort to persuade Donald Trump from going further with his campaign for President after news services such as the Wall Street Journal and Fox News reported he is trailing Hillary Clinton by 10 points.

Matt Machowiak, a journalist with by-lined articles in “Roll Call” to his credit who worked in the campaign of Bill Flores against veteran Democratic Congressman Chet Edwards, made a statement on Facebook that concluded that “The GOP has a drunk driver at the wheel, chugging vodka, and he’s got other peoples’ children in the car. He must be stopped.”

Polls show that Clinton has 49 percent support of registered voters while Trump has only 39 percent, and there is “no reason to believe Trump will improve, pivot, get serious,” said Machowiak. “Believing that would require willing suspension of disbelief.”

He further accused Trump of “intentionally damaging our candidates.” His estimation carries weight when contrasted with the fact that Machowiak worked as a consultant in the “Young Guns” TEA Party movement of 2010 led by then Republican Minority Leader John Boehner, who went on to become Speaker of the House.

The best case scenario is that “Trump needs an exit plan where he saves face. Protecting from an embarrassing loss will have some appeal. But he has to be convinced.” Machowiak said such a decision would benefit “the kids…They have futures. They have their own brands. They don’t want a scarlet letter for life. It’s up to them.”

He concluded that Trump’s $55 million investment in the primary races increased the value of his brand, and could serve as a business launching pad for a news network or similar enterprise.

Election is rigged, you can’t win, you’ll be a loser forever,” Machowiak wrote. He said the only suitable replacement candidates would be “limited to” Romney, Ryan, Cruz, Kasich and Pence. All improvements.”

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  1. And we are supposed to believe the poll’s? Hell, they are rigged also..Let it play out..this bozo was involved with flores campaign says it all..

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