Cossacks move to oust Reyna in Twin Peaks cases

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Abel Reyna is disqualified to prosecute cases against Cossacks and Bandidos, according to motions by two members of affiliated clubs

Waco – The prosecutor has to go, two defendants accused of engaging in organized criminal activity at Twin Peaks on May 17, 2015, have alleged in court papers.

McLennnan Criminal District Attorney is like a gambler playing cards alone against the house at 3 am, said two defendants in the Twin Peaks cases who have filed civil rights suits against him. With every hand, he doubles down against the house. Sooner or later, he is going to run out of chips.

Matthew Clendennen and Burton Bergman told District Courts in a motion to have him replaced by an attorney pro tem in their cases that he disqualified himself as a prosecutor and became a witness when he made a decision to charge them as members of criminal street gangs.

Now that he is the subject of a civil rights suit, he is engaged in the criminal cases as a matter of his personal financial interest, said Dallas criminal defense attorney F. Clinton Broden in a press release.

One may read the motion by clicking here.

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