The flying chihuahua

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Drunk and belligerent, the accused punched his cousin twice in the eye, then jumped into the bed of the pickup, where he flung the family chihuahua to the winds in the 4800 block of Hwy 6

Six Shooter Junction – You see it in parking lots throughout the red states of the southwest, bumper stickers that say, “Yes, this is my truck, and, no, I won’t help you move.”

That’s why the spectacular narrative of the 2014 arrest McLennan K9 Deputy Rebecca Mabry made of a Corsicana drunk in the environs of Jerusalem-on-the-Brazos stands out in technicolor.

In a survey of her previous 20 arrests, public records show the arc begins in early 2014, that her apprehensions have mainly been on inter alia unaided warrants in roadside stops for failing to signal a lane change, and the like.

But on March 1 of that year, Deputy Mabry was called to the scene of a family brawl all day in the making, at 8 pm after Mitchell Waites, who had spent the day drinking and helping his cousin Billy Willis and his girlfriend Jessica Richardson move to Marlin, hauled off and socked Billy in the eye – not once, but twice.

That was after a fight with an elderly man that started in the aisles of the Corsicana Wal-Mart and Billy Willis’ demand that Waites alight from the truck for some needed relief from his mouthing.  Waites reportedly socked Billy twice, then jumped into the bed of the truck for the remainder of the ride to Marlin.

That’s when Jessica Richardson realized her little lap dog was nowhere to be found, and she suspected the tiny creature had jumped into the pickup bed with the now isolated Waites.

When she and Billy Willis heard a moaning sound, they immediately realized that Waites had with callous disregard flung the pooch to the prairie winds. Ms. Richardson called the law.

Mabry charged him with Assault “A” causing bodily harm and destruction of property under $50 because the chihuahua cost the family only $35.

Veteran officers remarked they would have charged cruelty to an animal and have done with the matter, fully prepared to testify about their investigation of the affair at trial in a court of law.

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A portrait of Deputy Mabry with her partner “Impulse” upon her certification as a  K9 Officer in the year 2014

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