Parolee’s desperate flight for freedom

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Cops apprehended Keith Allen Brown in these trees near 13th at Lasalle Ave. after a 20 hour pursuit along the Brazos in the heat

Waco – A Waco man who led McLennan deputies on a long night’s chase through the Brazos River bottoms began his flight for freedom when a patrol deputy reportedly saw him trying to break into a commercial location next door to the Visitors Center at the County Jail at around noon on Saturday.

Keith Allen Brown, 49, wrecked his pickup on railroad tracks when he got stuck in a pile of dirt and debris, then took to his heels through the brush and jungle growth along the banks of the river. He left his cell phone, billfold, and ID behind.

Deputies with dogs and a chopper overhead chased him until Sheriff Parnell McNamara called off the manhunt after two deputies succumbed to heat exhaustion.

Brown evaded arrest throughout the night, and was next spotted walking along LaSalle Avenue clad only in a pair of shorts at about 8 a.m. on Sunday, whereupon he again fled into woods between 13th and 18th Streets.

Records show he is charged with possession of methamphetamines and parole violation.

In a search at a residence, a woman named Lorrie Regian, 55, who answered the door at the North Waco address of 1710 Alexander greeted deputies, saying they should “feel free” to search wherever they chose.

She is charged with 9 counts of possession of controlled substances – one of which is for manufacturing and delivery of more than 4 grams and less than 21 grams of methamphetamine – and numerous charges for possession of drug paraphernalia, including 2 plastic bags of hypodermic needles.

Sheriff McNamara told media outlets, “We’re gonna file everything we can on this creep.”

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