To see justice done, WWBD


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Matthew Barnes

WWBD (What would Barnes do)

Central Texas Marketplace, Waco – A key battle in a quiet war of  nerves concluded just in time for the mainstream media’s quitting time feed yesterday, May 17, 2016, the one-year anniversary of the slaughter at Twin Peaks Restaurant.

A disabled biker named Matthew Barnes stood a lonely vigil at the site of the former breastaurant where 9 lost their lives, 20 were wounded and 177 arrested with no real regard for due process of law.

He was determined that the day not pass unnoticed by the public, but in the end, the television satellite trucks and stand-up commentators did their thing about 150 yards distant from his location – in complete isolation from We The People.

Stand back, m’boy. Y’bother me…

One newsman from KXXV Channel 25 interviewed Barnes.

The tense stand-off proceeded from the Twin Peaks parking lot to a parking space at Don Carlos next door, where police informed Barnes he was trespassing. So he moved to a shop where construction workers were busy remodeling .

A Sgt Vrail, who was an active shooter in the May 17 massacre, stopped to ask, “Are you shopping?” according to Barnes.

He added that Vrail has the reputation of brandishing his AR-15 at waitresses inside the restaurant on that fateful day, threatening that he would shoot them if they did not get on their bellies and give up their phones – the all-important, de rigeur item of females in 21st century global culture. It’s as serious as taking away a man’s boots, belt and billfold.

Questions to be asked, but since there is no one to do so, we will throw them to the winds here.

Were the media representatives afraid of Barnes’ “pup” Kalashnikov AK-47 clone swinging at his belt from a bolster?

Did they fear interference from bikers?

Do the owners of the former restaurant building anticipate undesirable publicity would equate to defacement of their valuable property?

Reached for permission to film from the patio of the Don Carlos Restaurant, a man who identified himself as Pete Caldwell said, “We can’t allow that, sir.”

Promptly at about 4 p.m., members of the Waco P.D. SWAT team arrived to take down the signs advising all intruders that to step foot on the property of Twin Peaks would be considered criminal trespassing.

And the news cycle continued while the world watched.

In conclusion, we wish to note that Mr. Barnes complimented the Waco Police in a backhanded way when he said that as of a year later, they have developed the “presence” to react without escalating hostilities.

After viewing thirty to forty minutes of video of their efforts, one would conclude that they displayed a great deal of patience in their day-long dealings with Barnes.

The pipers played “The World Turned Upside Down” as Cornwallis tendered his petition of surrender at Yorktown. The World has turned around many times since then.

T’is true, oh, America, they’re going to love you; we daresay they will not leave you – for anyone, or for any reason.  Like any gang, it’s blood in, blood out, you see.

So mote it be.

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