Bernie boosters swarm Hillary’s Nob Hill visit

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Nob Hill, San Francisco – Helicopters circling like killer bees heralded the arrival of Madame Secretary/Senator/First Lady Hillary Clinton, presidential hopeful, who was headed for the home of a local venture capitalist for a $353,000 per plate fundraising dinner for fat cats.

Working people from throughout the Bay Area converged on the tony little Victorian Park on top of the bastion of nattering Nabobs, protesting income inequality, ethnic cleansing and the human right to health care.

Had anyone the nerve to have asked any of the Big Four, the ramrods of the Southern, Northern, Western and Union Pacific railroads who made this city the gold-plated mecca of robber barons. As the nation became a two-ocean force with which to be reckoned, they would probably have politely changed the subject while marking the interlocutor for a quiet demise in a dark alley.

After all, that’s what it was all about, ridding the west of Indians, making the land available to every sodbuster with the gumption to get here, and let God sort the rest out in His own time.

The park is flanked by the Grace Cathedral of the Episcopal faith on one side and the brownstone mausoleum of the all-male Pacific Union Club on the other. Downslope on Taylor Street is the city headquarters of the Bohemian Club.

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They gathered with pizza and snacks, preparing to march on the tony blocks of Washington Street, where they would be expected to engage in peaceful protest, as requested by a young lady wearing a scarlet sweatshirt emblazoned with the words “Socialist Alternative,” to voice their discontent with wars of attrition and international intrigue in foreign lands over petroleum rights and pipeline routes, Wall Street trickery, and crony capitalism.

A man affiliated with Black Lives matter protested the Clinton’s “political positioning by triangulation” to remove all prospects of welfare, angrily mentioning they left his girlfriend with $600 per month in public assistance on which to support herself and her kids.

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A practicing nurse said she would gladly give them dinner and a selfie for $3.53, much less $353K, calling her fantasy “Soccer Moms for Income Equality.”

She said the lack of universal health care as a human right is akin to ethnic cleansing, since “You’re half dead before you get to the hospital.” Then she accused police officers’ shooting to death 1,134 fellow Americans as the same as ethnic cleansing.

Suddenly, with a rousing rebel shout, they were off, and the news choppers followed them from the air as if they were buzzards circling to await their eminent demise, the San Francisco police in attendance, both of them, looked on in amused silence.

After everyone was gone, a motorcycle escort came bursting over the brow of Taylor Street, alterting cable cars and vehicles to scat so the Secretary’s limo could crest the hill non-stop on the way to her high-dollar dinner destination – and it was all over.

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Dallas blues man rips rock hall of fame, but shares an amazing resume

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Cleveland – The Joker let the promoters at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame have it for being schmucks – on live tv, no less – but the negative chin music came only after he gave the crowd an impressive resume of how a blues man from Big D paid his dues.

The edited version in the Press Room sounded like this:

“You know the blues got pregnant, and they named the baby rock and roll,” he reminded his audience, attributing the remark to Muddy Waters. But he mentioned that he knew Howling Wolf well and played in Buddy Guy’s band – in Chicago – for several years.

And then he gave a detailed version of what it was like to come to San Francisco in a VW microbus with five bucks in his pocket, which he spent on a ticket at the Fillmore to see the Butterfield Blues Band. Looks like he was just beginning to pay his dues. Good story.

This is what a class act looks and acts like, folks. Get a load of it.

For a Dallas boy long gone, it brought mist to the eye and a lump in the throat, and it reminded one to remember. Hey, folks, Big D is a man’s town full of grown-up boys and girls. They don’t take no jive, live, at five, or anywhere it really counts.


So mote it be.

  • The Legend

Sandra Bland panel: To save the village, first destroy the village

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This owl decoy hangs from a corner post of the fence at the jail 

Hempstead, TX – In the heat of summer, a black woman from Chicago allegedly hanged herself while in custody at the County Jail.

Sandra Bland, who worked at Prairie View A&M University as a seasonal counselor for prospective students, reportedly succumbed to suicidal thoughts and in despair took her own life by self strangulation with a plastic trash bag following her arrest by a Texas State DPS Trooper.

Viewers throughout the electronic  village watched in shock as a rural Texas government struggled to cope with the stressors of an event that occurred in the 21st century from within the frame of reference of a 19th century plantation system designed to educate black agricultural workers.

The world watched dashcam video of the argument and violent episode between Ms. Bland and the officer, whose original stated intention was to have her sign a warning ticket and go on her way, mindful of the dangers of a “rolling, Hollywood stop” on a boulevard approach to the university.

Most of the millions who viewed the video on social media and mainstream broadcast news presentations alike only saw an edited version of the video which lasted a few minutes. The full 45-minute video depicting what happened as it unfolded before the lens of the squad car depicted Bland’s failure to stop at a crossover stop sign, her acceleration down the divided boulevard and the officer’s pursuit and narrow avoidance of a rear-end collision with her car when she braked abruptly.

The state police agency fired the officer because, after all, it takes two to have the kind of belligerent argument that then developed between the two – a Hispanic trooper and a black female political activist with a track record of challenging voting procedures in the rural Texas County of Waller.

The ignition point of violence seemed to be Bland’s refusal to roll down the window of the car and extinguish her cigarette.

After several days of detention on the misdemeanor charge that resulted, the record shows, Bland was out of the view of corrections officers for an extended period of time. When they checked on her, she was already dead, beyond revival. Problem. Huge. Galactic.

The man with the ultimate responsibility for her care and welfare found himself unsatisfied with the events that followed her arrest and detention in the County Jail.

A blue ribbon panel formed at the request of Waller County Sheriff Glenn Smith concluded, “Most specifically, our recommendations with regard to medical assessments and jail facilities would be the most significant in terms of suicide prevention. And, while the committee studied all areas, we are reminded of Sandra Bland’s untimely death as perhaps the impetus for this review.”

Formed by Houston attorney Paul Looney of Looney & Conrad, the panel includes a former Texas Court of Criminal Appeals Judge, two noted civil rights attorneys, a criminal defense attorney, and the President of the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association.

Their detailed recommendations are sweeping, contained in a detailed report which may be read by clicking here.

Employ EMTs to triage and assess medical and mental health issues while also creating the ability for physician review and videoconferencing; 

Develop a written policy for the use of video recordings, and purchase body cameras to document interactions to protect both the officer and the citizen accused;

Create a zero tolerance policy against the use of demeaning or derogatory language;

Require all deputies to undergo anger management sessions every 18 months and a complete mental health evaluation every three years; 

Calling the present jail “obsolete,” the panel recommended a new jail be built right away because, “It is inefficient, outdated, and neither safe nor healthy for guards, staff, and inmates;”

Invest in technology for an electronic booking process to facilitate access to information on inmates;

Invest in technology to allow deputies to access records electronically and enter offense reports without the necessity of returning to the Office;

Appoint a public information officer as a single point of contact for public information and allows the Office to present information more clearly and accurately;

To the extent possible, jail administration and policing should be separated.

 A chronological presentation of previous Legendary coverage of the Sandra Bland affair may be viewed by clicking the following links:

Civic group working on password, handshake, funny hats to prepare

Sgt. Eubank

Sgt. Chris Eubank elevated to former status as a “Night Lieutenant”

Six Shooter Junction – Our confidential sources are abuzz as word blazes through the grapevine that a former executive of the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office has returned from a season in purgatory serving as a night Patrol Supervisor Sergeant.

Lieutenant Chris Eubank, that politically prolific erector of election campaign signs for Parnell’s Posse. has returned to his once and future career as a Lieutenant following the resignation and felony arrest of Jail Lieutenant Jennifer Howell.

Word is that Sheriff Parnell McNamara wasted no time once he saw the opportunity to merely reshuffle the deck and shift Eubank into the Lieutenancy budgeted and vacated by the departure of Ms. Howell. It was necessary only to transfer the job slot and salary from the Jail Division to Patrol. No budgetary adjustment or approval by the Commissioners Court was then necessary to reappoint Eubank to his former Lieutenancy.

He was allowed to resign in the wake of a murky scandal regarding TCOLE testing procedures and shredding permanent records of the licensing agency in the absence of the Sheriff, who was then traveling in Switzerland on family business. Upon his return, he persuaded the displaced Eubank to return to service as a newly minted Sergeant, working as a shift supervisor on the night shift.

Said one astute observer close to the situation, who, in observance of all due decorum and in deference to his concerns for his continued good health requested anonymity, “Parnell has promoted a man who has been the subject of an internal investigation for abusing a K9. He’s admitted to cheating on an online course, and he lied to Waco police about chasing a car, causing a major wreck. It’s just like Lt. Jennifer Howell; she was promoted without vetting. When is Parnell going to learn his leson? DPS conducts another complete background investigation on any employee who is to be promoted.”

Another undercover source, a little man in a black velvet suit who wrote from a position deep within the ranks of the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office, “Chris Eubank, who was the assigned Lieutenant under the first election of our sheriff, has now been made a night-shift lieutenant.  This is yet another new position made by our Sheriff for his buddy to be in a high paying position.  Chris was fired by the Captain while the Sheriff was away for a little felony he committed when he shredded some papers for his buddy at the jail. That buddy is now a deputy.  When the Sheriff discovered this, Chris was rehired as a night sergeant.  I’m sure you know the story, how it cost the tax payers several hundred thousand dollars paid to the deputies fired  back at the beginning of the good sheriff’s reign.  Makes me think Chris has something on the sheriff.  What do you think?”

Methinks that where there is smoke, there is fire. As Frankenstein said during his most famous close-up, “Smoke good; fire bad.”

Knowledgeable sources all agree that there will now be three supervisory positions on the “D” shift between the hours of 6 p.m. and 6 a.m., a Lieutenant, Sergeant, and a Corporal.

That tactical force patrols mostly in East Waco and in the working man’s motel row between Bellmead and Baylor on I-35, rousting folks who are prowling and out of pocket, churning the warrants and records for those who are scofflaw as to license and insurance and other unaided and inter alia court and bond papers.

Rural areas where murder stalks the ranchettes and upscale villas – not so much.

From deep in occupied territory, your correspondent assures you that the floggings will continue until morale improves.

So mote it be.

  • The Legendary

Top outlaw loving jailer busted for info search

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Former Lt. Jennifer Howell, McLennan County Jail, felony booking

Waco – Federal and state sleuths continue to classify and correlate persons targeted as undesirable “local militants” under the JADE HELM 15 program, a Special Operations project directed from Ft. Bragg, North Carolina.

Be it remembered that JADE HELM, which was scheduled to begin on June 1, stands for Joint Assistant Directive Executive – Homeland Elimination of Local Militants, 2015.

As the long and meticulous investigation into the roots of a dispute between Cossacks and Bandidos Motorcycle Clubs winds down, the public learned at least one phone confiscated on May 17 after the shoot-out at Twin Peaks contained criminal information.

That information led to the arrest on Thursday, April 7, of a former McLennan County Jail Lieutenant who had risen through the ranks quickly. The arrest by state police fulfilled a couple of weeks of rumors and speculation that she would fall for some felony offense after being allowed to resign on March 17.

According to an affidavit of probable cause, Texas DPS Criminal Investigation Division (CID) Officer Johnathan Estes learned that Jennifer Howell, 40, who gave a Robinson address, acknowledged last month that she had been romantically involved with an unnamed outlaw biker who was jailed following the Twin Peaks shootout.

Estes arrested her on the charge of misuse of official information, a third degree felony, by turning over information “not available to the general public,” according to the affidavit of probable cause.

A “confirmed member” of an outlaw motorcycle club, her lover’s phone when examined by DPS investigators yielded information obtained from the Texas Law Enforcement Telecommunication System (TLETS).

At age 40, the crazy hours worked since her hiring out in 2009, the lost weekends, the inevitable divorce, the constant exposure to outlaws through fulfilling a social contract as a professional required for men who have placed themselves outside the protection of the law and are obliged to spend at least some part of their lives depending on guards for needs as minor as an aspirin, a phone call, or a trip to the commissary to buy a candy bar. The lines between right and wrong, once so well-defined, blurred, warped and – at least momentarily – disappeared.

Somewhere, the social contract between The State of Texas and a licensed, certified corrections officer broke down.

Howell filled the request her lover made for information about the ownership of a motor vehicle after an associate of her boyfriend found himself run off the road prior to the shootout.

According to the document, The defendant admitted to directing another law enforcement officer to ‘run’ the license plate. The defendant admitted to providing this information that is prohibited from disclosure to the public to the confirmed gang member…”

The evidence was contained in a text message Howell sent to the biker.

Though the affidavit does not state the particular incident about which the outlaw sought information, it is a matter of record that in March of 2015, a Bandido was forced from the road near Lorena by multiple members of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club and severely injured in a beating.

It was just one of a string of attacks that began in 2013 stretching from the Permian Basin petroleum capital of Odessa to San Antonio and an arson of the Cossacks’ clubhouse at Mexia.

Both federal and state authorities have been involved in a nationwide investigation over the rivalry between the two clubs in which much tension exists over the identification of Bandidos as a “Texas” club as evinced by the “rocker arm” on their colors.

Official reports obtained in the aftermath of the shooting that left 9 dead and 20 wounded, 177 arrested for engaging in organized criminal activity, and many indictments indicate that months of meticulous planning went into police activities by DPS, ATF and the Waco Police Department.

Members of both clubs and their support groups decry the FBI’s contention that the Bandidos “declared war” on the Cossacks.

The arrest of Jennifer Howell brings to light at least a couple of allegations against the administration of Sheriff Parnell McNamara.

First, he knew or should have known that Howell had withheld information lawfully requested by The Legendary on at least one occasion, marked by a complaint unacknowledged at the time.

Secondly, he chose to promote her, from Sergeant to Lieutenant, in spite of that.

A second incident of abuse of TLETS information came to light in the case of a dog handler who was involved in a domestic violence dispute with his wife. Evidence showed he had used the system to obtain the identity of a man who was visiting her at her home.

There are others which have resulted in disciplinary action against officers, as may be seen in these documents.


Jailer firings continue

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 2.19.05 PM

Waco – This report to the free world from the bowels of the dungeons of McLennan County.

Jail officials fired Russell Martin, a veteran of more than 15 years service because he “liked” a post from Jo D. Wilson who alerted her friends she had resigned after 8 years on the job.

Those who also “liked” the posting received letters of reprimand in their personnel files because their action cast the reputation of the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office in an unfavorable light.

Jail Captain Ricky Armstrong’s only comment, “Did you get her uniforms?” was the punch line to a two-day mini-revolt of those who resigned instead getting fired, those who voluntarily quit the job, and those sitting on a bubble. It culminated in an anonymous Facebook page titled “Offended Jailer” that lasted only one day.

In those postings, it was learned that about a third of the employees have left through separation during the first quarter of 2016, a continuation of a four-year trend of about 50 pecent per annum attrition among corrections officers.

How crazy is that?” a confidential source asked in rhetorical fashion.

In answer to his own question, the source continued, saying, “…most of the jailers that stood together when the Sheriff was trying to privatize us have left. I don’t think it would be too hard to go private. Some of this stuff is so petty, and how can they fire one when so many others were written up for the same thing. It’s a nut house!”

Question: Would it be fair to say that with each separation, the jail is just that much closer to a potential shift to private operation?

I think so. Just looks very curious. No good business person gets rid of their oldest, most experrienced workers over bullshit, but I’m sure they will have some excuse.”

Question: Is the excuse that the neocons want to turn the operation over to a corporation so they can cram more prisoners into more concentration camps? I can feel it in me bones. Remember IG Farben, Krupp – those wonderful people who brought you World War Two?

That’s my guess…”

It’s a computer thing

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 1.16.49 PM

Jeb Leutwyler, McLennan County Republican Chairman

Waco – There is a big difference between Karen Hall, the former Assistant Supervisor of Elections who lost her job and wants further investigation of a computer glitch that jimmied an entire Republican Primary election, and Jeb Leutwyler, Republican Chairman, who also wants further investigation.

For starters, Ms. Hall is not a technical person; Leutwyler, who is retired from the phone company, is a very technical person. He and computers go way, way back.

Ms. Hall will no doubt continue to struggle to find out what went wrong, and why she lost her job in order to make the public, and possibly a court jury, aware.

Leutwyler already has a good grasp on what went wrong, and has not much choice but to accept it as a member of the McLennan County Elections Commission.

In short, the vendor and Elections Supervisor Kathy Van Wolfe failed to reach a mutual understanding of just how elections officials at polling places should “code” ballots under a new system that allows voters from all precincts to vote at any polling place they may choose.

Ms. Hall was tasked with the testing of both early voting and primary voting “labels” to be printed by a laptop computer at each polling place. Elections workers were to enter the code for each voter, but the system failed because of the way codes were formed.

The automatic equipment misinterpreted the numerically sequential codes as designations for voting precincts, so discrepancies as glaring as occurred in Precinct 2, where a total of 371 ballots were cast with a count of 13 voters who voted, leaving a difference of 358 ballots.

Utter confusion reigned, to say the least. Ms. Van Wolfe blamed the affair on Ms. Hall and terminated her employment, which satisfied the majority of the members of the Elections Commission, except the Republican Chairman, who is tasked with having a fair primary election for his party’s nominations.

Let Jeb Leutwyler explain it. He was not given the chance at a public hearing into the matter held earlier this week.


The ballots that were not were 900, not 600

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 12.20.02 PM

Elections Supervisor Kathy Van Wolfe


I would love to tour the Southland in a traveling minstrel show; I would love to tour the Southland in a traveling minstrel show… – Steely Dan, “Pretzel Logic”

Six Shooter Junction – Leutwyler is not really a fine old Irish name, nor is it Scot in its origin, but it does carry a certain cache when its owner cuts loose like a Dutch uncle.

The man, Jeb Leutwyler, is fresh from a stint as the GOP County Chair; as such, it’s his sworn duty to get out the vote.

He is also a member of the McLennan County Elections Commission, and he made sure the Southland gave birth to the blues over the fact that though his party, the Party of Lincoln, the Party of an adherence to the Rule of Law, was at pains to get out the vote in its Primary election, many voters were turned away from the polls – presumably with valid government-issued picture ID in hand – without getting a chance to vote for their choice in Commissioners Court Precinct 1.

According to previously published reports, about 600 persons had no choice in the matter because the ballots they received entirely omitted the race between incumbent Kelly Snell and stockman Cory Priest.

Snell won by less than 30 votes, but it’s okay, according to Visiting Judge James Morgan of Comanche because when he visited with the powers that be in a court hearing, he determined that old Priest couldn’t have won, anyway. No way. No how. Case closed.

Visit concluded, he packed up and went home to Comanche, standing by for his next assignment to go visit with folks in the Courthouse over any such matter requiring visitation.

Said Leutwyler, that is false. It wasn’t 600 voters; it was 900 voters, and it’s not the fault of an employee whom Van Wolfe  discharged for failing to run test ballots prior to the election, nor is it the fault of a voting machine vendor.

He confronted Elections Supervisor Kathy Van Wolfe and laid the blame at her feet.

Said Ms. Van Wolfe:

It does not matter because the race for Texas House of Representatives District 56 is uncontested;

It does not matter because her employee should have done what she asked her to do;

It does not matter because she is short-staffed by two employees;

It does not matter because she can’t be everywhere at once;

It does not matter because the elderly people whom The Party of Lincoln supplies as polling place officials just can’t be bothered to do the job correctly;

It does not matter because it does not matter.

“I stepped upon the platform; the man gave me the news. He said, ‘You must be joking, son, where did you get those shoes? I said, where did you get those shoes?'”

Leutwyler, his Irish up and his Dutch Uncle resounding in every nuance and tone, challenged Van Wolfe to name one elderly incompetent – just one – whom she requested to be replaced that his office did not take measures immediately to do so.


Democratic Chairman Mary Duty inquired about provisional ballots.

What about them?

Same old story. Big’un got away. It’s nationwide, these people trying to get make a run on our sovereign rights and trying to vote without proper ID and with a record as a convicted felon, and oh, I don’t know what-all. Let’s make America great again!

Remember Duvall County and Chicago’s West Side story. “Everyone wants to back Jack; Jack is on the right track…” – saith The Chairman of the Board.

Even Carol King got in the act on that oh, so close, election of 1960.

And all in all it was a very good year for the undertaker… etc. – “Smackwater Jack” 

Reyna vows to continue 39 dismissed biker cases

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 6.42.49 PM

Morgan and William English at an examining hearing 

Waco – When he got the call at his home in Brenham, the client once arrested and held on a million dollar bond said, “Is this some kind of April Fool joke, or something?”

William English wasn’t sure how to react when his lawyer’s legal assistant called to say his problem with McLennan County and the nightmare that began just minutes after his arrival at a meeting for motorcycle enthusiasts on May 17 was over.

After Roxanne Avery of the Law Office of Looney & Conrad called to say the judge dismissed the charge of engaging in organized criminal activity and the conditions of bond released, English at first responded with enthusiasm, saying “…knowing that it’s over and we don’t have to worry about it anymore is just amazing.”

And then the wheels started turning, the date being April 1. His descent into the legal maelstrom began in just as surprising a fashion at Twin Peaks Restaurant a few minutes after noon, when bullets flew and bikers bit the dust, many shot in the head by police wielding assault style AR-15 rifles from ambush; rifle shots fired from ambush seriously wounded many others as they attempted to crawl to safety.

William English and his wife stood watching in horror, only to be arrested and charged with the crime of engaging in organized criminal activity that led to capital murder and/or aggravated assault. Potentially, a conviction could have led to life imprisonment.

After a closed door meeting with District Attorney Abel Reyna, Chief Prosecutor Michael Jarrett, and 19th Criminal District Judge Ralph Strother on Thursday, his lawyer, Paul Looney learned that because the Judge had not extended the term of the Grand Jury and 39 persons who had been arrested and charged were not indicted, their cases were dismissed.

The extended term of the grand jury expired last night at midnight,” said Paul Looney, defense attorney for William English and his wife Morgan. They are members of a Bandidos support club, Distorted.  “Judge Strother met this morning with DA Abel Reyna, Assistant DA Michael Jarrett and I.  The judge agreed he did not sign an order to continue the prosecution of the unindicted cases and because that grand jury’s term has expired without an order extending the prosecution was signed, the prosecutions against the 39 unindicted bikers* are terminated by operation of law and their cases are dismissed.”

The case ended just the way we thought it would,” said Clay S. Conrad, of Looney & Conrad, P.C. in Houston. “These are people who were held on one million dollar bonds. The cases have all ended with a whimper, dismissed because there were no facts justifying the charges against them. They put together a special grand jury to indict these cases.  There’s nothing indicating the grand jury was not finished when their term ended March 31, 2016,” Conrad said.

Under Tex.Code of Criminal Procedure Art. 22.13(a)(4), when the grand jury following a felony complaint completes its term without issuing an indictment and without the trial judge continuing the prosecution for consideration by the next grand jury, the defendant’s bond is discontinued and the prosecution is terminated.

 There are no pending settings or charges on the cases, however the State could indict any of the 39 motorcycle club members at any time,” according to a statement released by the law office.

DA Abel Reyna readily agreed, vowing to local media that anyone who believes the charges are gone and forgotten is “sadly mistaken.”

He emphasized the cases are part of an “ongoing continuing investigation.”

39 Motorcycle Club Members from Twin Peaks

Arrested and not indicted as of Midnight March 31, 2016


1.     Bartlett, Owen – Los Pirades

2.     Cepeda, David – Valerosos

3.     Corrales, Gregory – Valerosos

4.     Craft, Ryan – Vice Grips

5.     Crump, Bohar – Grim Guardians

6.     Dauley, Richard – Cabballos Diablos

7.     Eaton, Christopher – Los Pirades

8.     Eickenhorst, Brian – Bogatyr

9.     English, Morgan – Distorted

10. English, William – Distorted

11. Fowler, Don – Rebel Riders

12. Garcia, Juan – Grim Guardians

13. Harris, Arley – Bogatyr

14. Harris, Jim – Grim Guardians

15. King, Drew – Grim Guardians

16. Kreder, Richard – Bogatyr

17. Lopez, Jonathan – Vice Grips

18. Lynch, Mike – Los Pirades

19. Lynch, Sandra – Los Pirades

20. Matcek, Benjamin – Line Riders

21. Ojeda, Jeremy – Los Pirades

22. Perkins, Julie – Distorted

23. Rash, Kevin – Bogatyrs

24. Rhoten, Theron – Vice Grips

25. Rodahl, Craig – Bogatyr

26. Samford, Bobby – Distorted

27. Smith, Jimmy – Line Riders

28. Smith, Seth – Campaneros

29. Spencer, Jimmy – Distorted

30. Terwilliger, Brad – Line Riders

31. Vanvleck, Royce – Westsiders

32. Venable, James – Los Pirades

33. Waddington, Justin – Los Caballeros

34. Walker, Darrell – Los Caballeros

35. Walker, Glenn – Los Comandantes

36. Walker, Steven – Distorted

37. Weaver, Ester – Queens of Sheba

38. Weaver, Walter – Los Caballeros

39. Woods, Michael – Los Caballeros