Jailers who ‘like’ Facebook page must write reports

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The Sheriff of Nottingham reacts with great umbrage…

Six Shooter Junction – On cue, supervisors at the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office have ordered corrections staff who “liked” the new “Offended Jailer” Facebook page – and other posts by terminated employees – to write reports as to why, according to confidential sources.

One may only speculate as to how the folks who operate the jail – with more than 300 employees a ranking corporate division in the area – know who has “liked” such posts, but no matter.

This is what transactional analysts studying industrial psychology or other social phenomena call a “servo” reaction, in which one side of a conflict reacts to the other with an escalated demand, dealing from a position of power – in this case rather arbitrary power.

The fact that it was the actions of the dominant party to the dispute that dictated the reaction and subsequent reaction on their part never seems to occur to the heavy end of the bargain. Suddenly, the boss is the one with the most to lose because he’s already turned his employees, the ones who make his operation work smoothly, into adversaries, thus stripping them of all benefits they had once enjoyed while inviting them to resign their positions if they feel a need to apply salve their reddened posteriora dorsalis.

The net net: he is thereby hoisted from his own petard, placed in a position to prove to the world that he actually can do without them.

It’s a brave, but, oh, so cold, new world, as it were.

This represents a fascinating glimpse into the internal affairs of a world that has heretofore been very veiled, so say the least. Nevertheless, three tax rises have resulted from the need to meet a $100 million debt service on the bespoke built, privately operated Jack Harwell Detention Center next door to where these folks work.

Employees there are paid by LaSalle Corrections, an organization which acknowledged some years ago in open Commissioners Court that it would be obliged to transfer inmates to other states in case of extreme overcrowding.

It is not an unprecedented situation. Johnson County, Texas, once housed large numbers of federal prisoners in its Cleburne lockup who hailed from Washington, D.C., due to overcrowded conditions there.

We of The Legendary, who are hunkered down here amidst the oaken copses of the surrounding forest, shall certainly keep our readers informed of what occurs. Incidentally, Facebook tallied more than 3,300 page views of the two stories which have appeared so far regarding these matters. The numbers are tiny, but the percentage is significant for reasons our brothers of the three percent nation will readily recognize in terms of its relation to the magical number of 100,000,

Facebook, it is readily acknowledged on Capitol Hill, is by and large funded by the National Security Administration, those wonderful folks who tap your phones, monitor your e-mail, and in some extreme cases, pay certified peace officers to go through your garbage.

In all other matters, be it known to all men by these presents: The floggings will continue until morale improves.

So mote it be – The Legendary

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